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Posing corpses



blog-0288654001410472021.pngWhen I wanted to add a few easter egg scenes to SexLab Stories, one of the first scenes I had in mind was the ritualistic murder from 'True Detective' - the symbolism in the way it was stage would fit perfectly in Skyrim.


That and the fact that there are many references to H.P. Lovecraft in Skyrim overall. It would be fitting to add a reference to the 'King in Yellow' as well.


The problem is, the main option to add a corpse to Skyrim is to mark them as dead in the editor, which causes the body to collapse in a heap. Posing an NPC as a corpse requires some trickery.


1- Create a Corpse race - this includes:

- adding new head part

- adding a set of hands, feet and torse

- attach them all to a 'skin' armor and then to the race


2- Make copies of clothing, armor, props - and make them compatible with the new race


3- Make the Corpse race immobile, with no interaction to the Player (check race settings)


4- Create a new Voice Type and assign it to the race (to make it silent)


5- Remove the 'Actor type NPC' keywork from the race definition (to prevent corpses from saying Hello to the player)


6- Create a new AI package with 'Do Nothing' as an action and a forced idle with a long duration (3600 seconds for example)

- This will cause the NPC to pose itself into the idle position and ignore any interaction with the player


You can use this for Necromancer rituals, dream scenes, dead prisoners, and so on...


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This works pretty well once you set it up. 


Of course, it would be better to be able to just move limbs around and place an NPC in exactly the position you want, but this is very close.

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This is probably a shot in the dark and wild guess work, but seeing that the CK and GECK share a lot of similarities this might actually work both ways:


If I want to place and pose a corpse in the GECK, I create a NPC that has 0 health. Then I place it in the world and while selected, enable the Havok simulation. Once the corpse is settled, you can move the limbs with ctrl+alt+left click, much like you can do in-game. Means you can grab the limbs or the torso and move it around.

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I love this idea, and it's a clever solution to the problem. I myself am a fan of H. P. Lovecraft, and I find ritualistic killings appealing (from a fantasy standpoint, I assure you!). You say this is for Sexlab Stories? Is it already in there, or are you working on this for an update? I haven't downloaded the mod yet, but now I'm definitely going to!

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It is in the update I just released.


For now, it is a static scene - more of an easter egg.


I am planning a small quest around it but that will take a while.

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Ooh, yes please! I like this sort of thing, and too few mod authors are willing to give it much attention. I really enjoyed the murder mystery questline Blood on the Ice, and I'd love to see more like that, with emphasis of the macabre and disturbing.

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