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Chapter 3: The Bloodstone Chalice

bodabira 01


After Leandra could walk again she was ordered to fill the Bloodstone Chalice, an ancient vampire artifact, at the Bloodspring in Redwater Den where less respectet members of society live.


The Bloodstone Chalice




She arrived at the evening where the Redwater Den was supposed to be. Wait this is just a burned down house, not exactly that what I expected. To be sure I should ask this guard. She thought while walking towards the woman. Hey is this the Redwater Den? She asked. Yeah go on in.




She walked into the basement and approached the barkeep. What stuff do you do here? Leandra asked. The barkeep laughed until she recognized that Leandra was serious about this question. Well mostly skooma. But not just simple Skooma, oh no! It's the best Skooma in all of Tamriel. Since you're the first time here you and your friend get a sample for free. Choose a room and enjoy it. The woman smiled and gave Leandra two bottles of Skooma. Beor what do you think? Should we drink it? She asked. Ah one time can't be that bad. He said and drank the bottle. Leandra drank hers and both fell unconscious.




As they woke up they were in a cell, guarded by a vampire. As he found out that they were awake he said to Beor: Your blood better tastes good. You were so heavy we already considered drinking your blood in your room but we didn't have hunger. He smirked and turned his back to them. Hey do you even know who I am? Leandra asked furiously. You're a little whore with a nice armor. We will have fun with you before we drink your blood. Ah I don't think so. Leandra thought while quietly opening the door and drawing her blade. She stabbed the vampire in the back took off her helmet and said. Now tell me what am I? A pure-blooded vampire. The vampire said taking his last breath. Damn right I am. Leandra mumbled.




She found a lever to lower the bridge and continue into the direction of the Bloodspring.




Leandra continued through the cave, slaughtering undead, death hounds and vampires. Eventually she found the Bloodspring where she filled the Bloodstone Chalice. After that she was attacked by two vampires who were sent by the Vingalmo and Orthjolf. She killed them both and filled the Chalice with their blood. After that she returned to Castle Volkihar.




Garen I've retrieved the Bloodstone Chalice. She said slightly bowing to the old Dunmer. Good. I think you killed those two vampires Orthjolf and Vingalmo sent after you? He asked and took the Chalice. Leandra nodded. Yes they were no match for me and my companion. Good. By killing them you've established Harkon more power over Orthjolf and Vingalmo. Ah Lord Harkon wants to speak with you. She smiled. Then I shall visit him.




Ah Leandra! Come sit down! You're a pure-blooded vampire, aren't you? Well that is good. You want power and if you're loyal to me you could be a powerful knight. Harkon smiled. Yes I am. The ritual wasn't pleasant but I believe you know that from you daughter and your wife. Leandra said, looking in his eyes. Yes I know of it. As you know Serana has an Elder Scroll. There's a prophecy wich says that one day the tyranny of the sun shall end and vampires will rule over Nirn. I will announce something to my court and you should hear it too. He stood up walking to his balcony and Leandra walked down to the hall.




You all know that my daugter has returned. She has an Elder Scroll wich contains the prophecy that the tyranny of the sun will end and we can walk freely outside. I've spread false rumors of an Elder Scroll to lure an Moth Priest to Skyrim. Spread out! Find him and return him to me! Harkon said returning to his cambers.



The court favorite




As Leandra wanted to go to search the Moth Priest she was approached by Orthjolf. Ah you're the new vampire. You know I could make you to one of Harkon's favorites. He said and smiled. And why should I trust you? You've tried to kill me. She turned away. No, no, no. You've got that all wrong! I wanted to proof you. You know if you're worth something in a fight. I see. So what should I do to be one of Lord Harkon's fovorite vampires in this court. She asked. He laughed. Ah well that's easy. You know we have cattle here. We also use them to satisfie our needs but they all don't endure for long. So since you're a vampire you could become Harkon's concubine. She tought about this offer. If I was I could maybe manipulate him, so he won't eliminate the sun. Okay Orthjolf I'll accept. He smiled. Good now you just need to convince me. CuSith come here! Okay follow me


(warning bestiality)



They went to a low visited hallway. Orthjolf sat down and told Leandra. Okay first of all you must pleasure CuSith. When he's finished you only need to show your art to me and then you can go to Harkon. She nodded, stripped her armor and bent down.


CuSith slowly approached he seemed not sure what he should do. Leandra took his member and pulled it to her pussy. She moaned as it filled her. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. It was cold and thick. Now he knew exactly what to do and rammed her faster and faster.




Orthjolf watched Leandra beeing fucked by CuSith.




After a few minutes Leandra felt CuSith's cum inside her. It filled her whole and dripped out.




She tought that he had finished but as he turned around he again sticked his cock inside her.




After five minutes he again let out his cold, sticky load. After that he was finished and walked away.



Orthjolf clapped. Now that was impressive. No one ever pleasured CuSith like you. Now it's my turn. He took off his armor. Okay turn around.




Leandra could feel the member of Orthjolf trembling but he didn't put it inside her. He just rubbed it at her butt until she could feel his cum dripping down her cheeks. Okay now you can go to Harkon. He said.




Leandra approached Lord Harkon. My lord? Yes? What is it? Do you want to enjoy yourself with me? I guess you didn't let out your... stress for a while. She smiled at Harkon. Oh! I didn't realize you wanted me to do something with you. How could I ever say no? You're pretty and I believe your body won't disappoint me. I'll just prepare myself you can get comfortable here.




After a while Lord Harkon came back. Ah like I said your body doesn't disappoint. Now come here. And so Leandra lay ontop of him. They kissed and proceeded.




Okay turn around and get on your knees. He said to Leandra. Yes Harkon. She moaned as she felt his tongue at her lips. I-I didn't know yo- aaah- could do some -nghhh- thing like that. She said while trembeling of sensation.




After a while he finished. Leandra could now feel his cock sliding in her wet pussy with no resistance.




You -nghh- know the only thing I don't like about the sex with vampires is that they -nghh- are cold inside but your cunt -nghhh- renders it harmeless. He moaned loud as he released his load inside her.




But they hadn't finished after this. Harkon hadn't had sex in more than 200 years and now he wanted to satisfy his lust.
























After twelve hours Harkon said. Okay Leandra. I thank you for those incredible hours but I think I've head enough for now. You can go now. She smiled. As you wish. If you ever get the desire to fuck something, call for me. With those words she took her armor and went away.





As always I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave feedback! (Yes I know that there was lots of sex in this chapter. ;D)


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I like the size of the pictures this time. They are getting better to follow.


Yeah I finally realized how to get them to this size. :D

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12 hours???? O.o Holy moly... Nice chapter! I'm loving the new photo size; it makes your screens look even better!

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12 hours???? O.o Holy moly... Nice chapter! I'm loving the new photo size; it makes your screens look even better!


Yeah I mean he didn't do it in a long time. :D Thank you so much! ;D

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