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Skyrim: Lydia's Adventures: Who will pick Lydia's fruit?



NB: In this issue I'm using a comics style layout. I hope it's comfortable enough to read for you.

If not suggestions are welcome.

Also, I know that not everybody has huge monitors or use a pc as device.

I personally use pixxxels.com as image host,

so if anybody knows how to post a pics in larger resolution,

please let me know.
























Recommended Comments

MOST BRILLIANT!!! I'm very thrilled. Excellent story and pics. Congrats.

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The text itself is a bit too small, for old eyes. Nothing fancy, just an idea. The rest.. I always knew that Lydia was more than that humanoid donkey, sworn to carrey my burdens... she had that look in her eyes.

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There were a few issues with syntax but this is not bad. I would suggest making the background (the part that the pictures are arranged on) black as opposed to a grey blue as black kind helps to "set the mood" and also makes the pictures stand out a bit more if that makes sense, and I would also do the same with the text boxes (leaving them slightly transparent as they are now) but also making a white or black outline around the text boxes of about 5 or 8 pixels (depending on the size of the page), I would also look for a good comic or drawn art filter to run the images through. The only other thing I saw was the direction in which the story flowed with regards to narration (which might look good in yellow or hot pink/purple text as opposed to white, assuming the back ground colors are black as described before), I found jumping around instead of being able to move from left to right down the whole page to be a bit disturbing to the flow of the story.


Anyway, those are just my thoughts. You can of course do whatever you want, but over all I liked the story concept and the comic style layout.

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Thanks for the support guys!




I guess then I'll try to experiment new layouts. I plan to reduce the images per page, maybe to 2 or 3, so that I can add more nice filters, and also this would allow me to increase the size of the text, making it more easy to read. As the syntax part, I'll try to improve as I spend time on writing down my stories.  All the other suggestion that you provided me are invaluable, and I'll try to treasure them, thanks.

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The number of images per page is fine as far as I can tell. I think decreasing the number of images per page would seem out of place though, since you are going for a comic style layout. Definitely experiment with different looks and layouts though to see what really clicks. Also, always save an unmerged version of the file so that it's easier to change things or just in case, I can't tell you how many times I have worked on a project and got lazy and decided to skip that step only to regret it later, or just plain forgot to make an unmerged save.

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About the layout, in occidental comics I believe the direction of reading is from left to right, THEN from top to bottom. So some vignettes feel a bit off (for example precisions on Dibella's book appear before Lydia and her uncle are talking about it, rather than after which feels more logical). =)


Aside of that, you made quite a thing out of her first time, nice job. :)

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