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Flame-Child: Part Two: Chapter Thirty - Taking the Castle



Flame-Child: Part Two:
Chapter Thirty: Taking the Castle


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Part One


Niyleen returned to the lair with one day left until the battle with the vampires and she felt at peace. She was ready for the fight, ready to do what needed to be done. Her mind was clear, her body was sound, and her pockets were heavier.
After entering, she felt somewhat down when she didn’t see the Breton twins there waiting for her. “Ah well, I guess they’re doing some last minute things to prepare themselves mentally.”Pt2_Ch30_002.png


Does it matter? Have you forgotten what I told you?


“Not at all…” Niyleen sat down on the slab of stone she frequently called a bed. “I’m fine with that.”
This is going to be tougher than you realize, and if I take over—


“It’s going to be absolute. I know, I know. It’s okay Nega. I’m ready,” Niyleen closed her eyes and let out a deep sigh. “Just let me be the one who faces Lucari… No matter what happens.”


Fair enough.
Niyleen then got up, and after taking one final look at the lair, departed from it for her final time. Nega’s plan was simple: go in alone, come out with Lucari. It was suicidal at best, but seeing as Nega would take over if things got out of hand… it didn’t seem too bad. The most glaring issue was that she didn’t have a weapon suitable to the task. She wanted to get Eorlund Grey-Mane to smith her something good with that SkyForge of his, but the chance of meeting the Syliel’s was too high… Far too high.Pt2_Ch30_006.png




Instead she opted for Riverwood. Alvor, the blacksmith there was no slouch with the fire, and like it or not he was her best option if she didn’t want to alert the vampires to her actions. Alvor looked like he was finishing up with some final touches to whatever it was he was working on before packing up for the day. “What is it sneak thief?”Pt2_Ch30_009.png




But Niyleen was all smiles and sunshine. “Alvy! It’s been a while! How’s the wife? Why the long face?”
She tried to keep up the act, but when the Nord simply stared at her completely deadpan, she discarded that mask. “Fine… I need you to make me a blade.”


“It’ll take a while…”
“It won’t take that long,” Niyleen snapped. She knew that for whatever reason, blacksmiths could roll out an armory within minutes with the right combination of materials, expertise, and coin. In fact, when she dabbled in it, Niyleen was able to start forging all kinds of stuff from forges, and those experiences never left her. “Just make this.” She placed a piece of paper on the workstation he was at that made him furrow his brow.
“This? Isn’t this something you people would typically take to the “great” Eorlund and his SkyForge?”
Niyleen nodded. “Typically, but I’m running out of time. Will you do it or not?”


“You made me look like a fool, thief. So no, I won’t be doing you any favors to—VAMPIRE!!”
“What!?” Niyleen turned around and saw a vampire standing in the middle of the town with a hungry look on his face. Her instincts told her to attack it on sight, but her mind wouldn’t let her body do what would have amounted to suicide. (What am I supposed to do? Without a weapon, I can’t hope to--)Pt2_Ch30_017.png






Niyleen blinked as she saw some runes appear on her body and then fade. (W-what was that?)
I just taught you a little magic trick I haven’t used in years. Now, go destroy him!


Niyleen calmed her breathing and felt for the spell in her mind. It didn’t take long because other than the rudimentary novice ones, this one was of the few spells that was at the expert level that Niyleen knew. She smirked as the spell couldn’t be any more perfect for her. “Heh, you’re really something… Aren’t you, Nega?”


I try.


Gathering magicka in her hand as quietly as she could, the Halfling molded it into the shape she wanted… that of a flaming sword. She thought the flames would seem warmer to the touch, but that wasn’t the case.Pt2_Ch30_022.png


Before she could completely stabilize her new weapon, the vampire saw Niyleen, and in a panic it tried to flee. However, Niyleen ran it down and was able to quickly pin it to a tree by driving her weapon through it.Pt2_Ch30_024.png






“Where is Teresa,” Niyleen said aggressively. She had half the mind to kill the creature just to release some of her built up rage.


“Even if I knew, you thought I’d tell—”
Niyleen twisted her blade in him making the vampire howl in pain. “I’ve no patience for you, bloodsucker! Tell me where she is RIGHT NOW if you don’t want to—!!”Pt2_Ch30_029.png


Suddenly a silver dagger flew straight into the vampire’s head, killing him instantly and turning him to ash.Pt2_Ch30_031.png

Part Two


Niyleen looked at the dagger and could feel that rage boiling up inside of her again. “You’re so arrogant as to approach me again Duraza?”
“You sound as if you’re my better, Apprentice. Just as before, I hold all of the cards in this little exchange of ours. So, be a dear now and dispel that little weapon of yours so we can talk.”


Niyleen cursed under her breath and did as instructed. “Happy now?”


“I’d be happier if you’d face me with a smile, but that’s okay.” Niyleen could hear the sadness in her former Master’s voice. “What are you doing? There’s still a day before the battle. In fact I was going to pick you up—”
“Then what are you doing here now?” Niyleen turned to face the half-Orc. “You’ve been tracking me again, haven’t you?”


“Getting rid of your weapon to help that guard save face? Not a smart choice,” Duraza said mockingly. “It was clear that you’d either head to Whiterun or Riverwood to get a new one. I just waited to see whether or not you were going to head toward Honningbrew.”


Niyleen conjured her bound weapon again glared at Duraza.
“Calm down, calm down. It’s just a job by my last client, shorty. I didn’t hurt you then, and I won’t hurt you now.”


Just listen to her. She could have killed us numerous times and we wouldn’t have even known it was her. Don’t make things worse. Get the information we need from her, and then…


(I know.) Niyleen calmed her breathing and sighed. “If you’ve been tracking me, then you know what I want.”


Duraza rolled her eyes, and Niyleen secretly wanted to laugh. Whenever Niyleen was difficult in the past and Duraza didn’t want to aid her but would anyway, she would roll her eyes, sigh, and proceed to give Niyleen exactly what she needed. “I do… Damn it all… You’re lucky it’s nighttime and everything’s prepared!”
“So where is she?”


Duraza sighed. “West of here, past an abandoned shack. She’s in a big ass castle now. You literally can’t miss it.”


Niyleen raised an eyebrow. “West? Wasn’t she more south? Closer to Falkreath?”


“She believed that you may have gotten a bit antsy,” Duraza shrugged. “She didn’t want to take the chance of you getting a big head and trying to ‘rescue’ your little damsel.”
“The thought never crossed my mind…”


“I know, but you know how these Nords are.”


“Stubborn,” Niyleen, Duraza, and Nega said at the same time. The two former thieves looked at each other and shared a smile.


“Won’t you get in trouble for this?”
Duraza shook her head. “Not as long as I carry out my last duty to my client.” The Orsimer then waved at Niyleen before disappearing into the night.
(I wonder why she keeps calling Teresa by ‘my client’.)


Why do you always ask dumb questions? Let’s go, before she can get back to alert ‘her client’!
Niyleen started walking toward the west and could feel Nega begin to scream at her. “Listen, it doesn’t matter to be honest. If she was jumpy about me coming to rescue Lucari before, there’s no way she wouldn’t have her minions ready to attack me regardless of when I showed up. May as well not waste my energy.”


Haa… I can honestly say I hate you at times… Let’s just get there before sun up. Nothing’s worse than a cranky vampire.


Thirty minutes later, Niyleen arrived to the castle and couldn’t help but grin. “I wonder how many thralls it took for her to build this castle up in so short of a time…”Pt2_Ch30_040.png


We’ve got company!!


“I know…” Niyleen took a deep breath and addressed her onlookers. “If you’re going to attack me from the shadows like the cowards you are, that’s fine. Just know that either way, I’ll take you all down!”
Suddenly ten vampires appeared in front of her with the look of hunger in their eyes. With a smirk, Niyleen brandished her flame bound sword and stood at the ready. “Come and get me, you blood-sucking bastards!”Pt2_Ch30_043.png


On cue the vampires jumped at Niyleen and the battle was on. Weaving through their attacks… blocking, dodging, thrusting, and slashing, Niyleen made quick work of the rather dull welcoming party.Pt2_Ch30_045.png












Are you alright? You don’t feel funny anywhere do you?


“If you’re worried about me becoming a vampire…” Niyleen said as she relaxed herself. “I’m still me. That was pretty easy to be honest. Way easier than I would have imagined.”
You should stop yourself before something bad happens…


“You mean like me jinxing myself?” Niyleen laughed as she continued onward. “Ha! I don’t believe in that nonsense. If something bad was going to happen, it was already in the works. ‘Speaking it into existence’ is the most idiotic notion I’ve ever heard—”Pt2_Ch30_053.png


“I’m glad we agree on sssomething, you pathetic ssslave!”
Niyleen froze at the speaker’s voice. (She’s dead! I saw her body, I saw Lucari kill her!!)


“Turn ssslave! It ssseems we’ve got some busssiness to attend to.”
Slowly Niyleen turned, and her fears were confirmed. Standing there, although a bit different than her previous self, was Nanae, the Forsworn that all but caused Niyleen’s phobia to the people as a whole. The Halfling could feel the blood drain from her face, and her body turn cold as she slowly shied away.


“You thought that I’d ssstay dead? Jussst because that bitch of yourssshot me with an arrow?” Nanae said with an insane looking smile on her face. “I’d do anything… ANYTHING to take… you to Oblivion with me and avenge my cell, you worthlesssssow!”


Aren’t you over this? Didn’t you train to prepare for Ruby against this very same thing? Nanae is dead! She has no power over you!!Pt2_Ch30_057.png


Nega’s words weren’t getting through. The Nanae the she knew may well be dead, but the woman before her was alive and well. (I can’t… I can’t do this…)


Then move aside and give me control! I’ll be done with her in an instant!


“Now then, time…. To DIE!!!” Nanae lunged at Niyleen, who luckily tripped, otherwise she’d have been split in twain. “Every time I sssee you, you dissssappoint me… fuel me with rage! No matter. There’sss no one to sssave you thisss time! You came alone, and the archer is oursss. Now ssstop sssquirming, and let me enjoy thisss…”Pt2_Ch30_058.png


Nanae inched closer to Niyleen, when suddenly a spear pierced the ground before her stopping her progress. In fury, Nanae let out a wretched screech.
“WHO DARESSS INTERFERE!!!?!”Pt2_Ch30_061.png

Part Three


“That would be me.” Nanae looked past Niyleen and the Halfling could see the disbelief in her eyes. “Long time no see.”


“This is insane…” Eolri walked up and lifted Niyleen to her feet. “Niyle! Are you afraid of me?”
Niyleen blinked shockingly at her words. “Wait, what? Why would I be afraid of—”
“And aren’t you over that silly fear of Forsworn that had plagued you?” Niyleen nodded slowly. “Then what in the world are you afraid of HER for?” Eolri said pointing at Nanae.


“Misssstressss! Why are you on her ssside? Ssshe killed you!!”


“Niyle, listen to me,” Eolri said ignoring her. “You’re stronger than this! Better than this! You beat Ruby with no problem, so what’s she gonna do to you? As a matter of fact, has she ever beaten you?”
Niyleen stared at Nanae and something about the Breton had changed. She didn’t seem nearly as imposing or intimidating as before. In fact, Niyleen could actually see how weak and fragile Nanae looked and was shocked. (When did she get to be so weak?)
You’re done being delusional?


Niyleen conjured her flaming blade and answered Nega with a nod. “Hey corpse! How about it, a duel like old times? Winner gets Mistress!”


Eolri blushed. “W-wait, I’m a prize now?”
Before the Breton could brace herself, Niyleen was on her. That fear, that trepidation that had engulfed her whenever the Halfling thought about Nanae, about the Forsworn... was absent. In its place borrowed a deep hatred towards this particular Forsworn. All the pain, the fear, the agony, the restless nights, the trauma… Niyleen was letting Nanae experience her answer for all of that and more, and no she wasn’t about to make this short.Pt2_Ch30_069.png








Nanae never even had an opportunity to defend herself. The longer The Halfling played with her, the more twisted the Forsworn could see her becoming.Pt2_Ch30_074.png






“P-pleassse! H-h-have mersssy,” Nanae said as Niyleen stepped on her head, burrowing it further into the ground.
“Mercy? MERCY!? Did you ever show ME any mercy? Did you ever once think about how what you were doing could possibly screw with my head forever?!”
“You were taking… you took everything from me,” Nanae said through tear stained eyes. “All I had wasss the Forsworn… wassss Missstressss… YOU TOOK THEM FROM ME YOU BITC—”


Niyleen pushed Nanae’s head further into the ground, and was about to stomp on every part of the Breton’s body when a voice finally got through to her.
Regardless of the situation presented to you, remember your mission! Remember why you’re here! Stop wasting your time with this corpse and go get her!!


“What? Getting bored with the competition?”


Niyleen looked over, saw the grin on her former Mistress’s face and sighed. “I’m… content. More or less.” Niyleen took her foot off of Nanae and began walking towards the castle again. “Hey I need a favor.”
“Oh really,” Eolri said sarcastically. “Let me guess, want me to keep my pupil company while you go off gallivanting and saving your distressing damsel?


“Oh of course, Niyleen! Can I get you a warm meal and a mug as well?” Eolri looked into Niyleen’s eyes and her expression quickly changed. “Don’t worry about anything, my love. Just go get Lucari. I’ll hold down the fort.”
Niyleen nodded and then continued towards the castle without looking back. For her sake, and Eolri’s…Pt2_Ch30_084.png



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I'm not using any mod to make my NPCs' faces look like high poly meshes. All I've done is use Racemenu and sculpt their faces. I'm grateful that you thought so though.

Hi. Great work. Thank you.


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