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Update 1.0 Status Update (3/6/14)



This should be a much more convenient way to update you guys without spamming up my own thread with constant edits. Instead, I will be trying to make much longer posts that should have much more interesting information on them. I'll also probably move a lot of the progress stuff off of my thread's OP in order to make it take up a lot less space. Come to think of it, the OP needs a huge revamp soon. Get on that, future me.


At any rate, the format of these blogs will be something similar to this. First there will be an introduction, where I'll ramble on a bit. Then there will be a picture of something related to the update (sometimes). Then, I will be talking about the current progress of the features I will be adding to Sexlab Breeder in the next update. If a feature is marked as 100% complete, I will not mention it in any further posts unless I change something about it. Updates will be in two categories, Guaranteed features, (stuff that i will NOT release a new version without completing), as well as Potential Features (stuff I would like to add, but it isn't a huge priority. It may or may not be added.) Finally, I'll list stuff like bug fixes and other stuff like that that most of you probably won't care about.




Anyways, on to the stuff that will actually interest you guys. It seems like I can never just release a "small" update, without a lot of new, awesome features to mess around with. Here's just a couple of my plans for the update, along with thoughts and other stuff that will come along with my rambling writing style.


WARNING: Thar be spoilers ahead!


Guaranteed Features

New Feature 1- 100% Completed

If that picture hasn't already revealed it, there is now a brand new way to start up Tigras's quest. I figured this was the perfect way to add in a little bit more lore. I like adding stories to a mod whenever possible, for the people that are interested in such things. This mod will explain a couple of the flaws in the original mod, namely the following:

1. The player knowing who Tigras was before really getting to meet him. I wasn't really sure how to go about this, but leaving a journal that once belonged to him seemed like the best way to go about doing it.

2. The player knowing where Tigras was. First of all, the cave Tigras is in will be completely inaccessible without reading this, as a female player, without using the console to cheat your way in. Reading the journal entry will open up the cave I created for Tigras, as well as turning it into a point you can fast travel to.


Furthermore, it gives me some freedom to accomplish a key story point about Tigras, namely, his past. I wanted to give people a hint at what Tigras was once like, while leaving a lot of anonymity for the user to make some guesses.


New Feature 2 - 100% Completed

Tigras now has his own cell. It's actually a relic from the past when I was working with interior terrain building. I took it from that mod (which I never released), and then significantly improved basically everything about it, including new lighting and some basic functional features for the player to use, that would make (reasonable) sense for a cave to have.


It is fully navmeshed, and Tigras will patrol through it, like you would expect for an alpha to do. Followers should go through it as well. I'm looking forward to letting you guys see this, but no pictures. You guys will just have to see it for yourselves.


New Feature 3 - 0% Completed

This update involves slowing down the corruption process. You won't be able to be corrupted within a few hours anymore. Instead, there will be some, dare I say... fetch quests the player will need to do in the meantime in order to progress. It isn't just a fetch quest though. Completing these quests will give the player some more information ingame about werewolf hybrids. That way the player will be able to learn more about what they are becoming as they are in the process of doing so, and will have the chance to accept their fate, or reject it. I will probably move the "cure me" text until after the first quest is finished.


These quests will have some radiance, and as such, /should/ never be quite the same. I think that will add more more intrigue than having it be in the same place... Then again, having them be in the same place would allow me to have more control over the environments, which would be good for the storytelling aspect of the mod. Then again, for some reason, I can't make NPC's without them looking horrible, so we'll see.


Potential Features

Potential Feature 1- 0% Completed

Tigras as a follower. Yeah, I'm working on it guys. Right now I'm trying to figure out how the vanilla follower system works, but I have no leads right now so it may take a while. He will use unique follower dialogue instead of that vanilla garbage that would make no sense for a werewolf to use. He'll also (probably) carry stuff for you, but you're going to make it worth his time, whether you want to or not. (But then again, if you've gotten this far, I'm sure most of you wouldn't turn him down. Don't do it guys, Tigras is too awesome :( )


Potential Feature 2- 0% Completed

Interactions with Tigras as his beta. A lot of it will actually have a lot of warmth to it, versus the "rape" content. I kind of want to stay away from that when possible, as I'm not the biggest fan of that concept, but will, of course, use it when necessary from a story aspect. One of the ones I've been thinking of would use Frostfall actually, and involve using Tigras as a hot water bottle to warm you up in the icy reaches of skyrim.



At any rate, there haven't been any bugs in the last release that I have been aware of, so no bug fixes. Right now, my quest needs a lot of restructuring. I was kind of lazy in the redesign of it, so I will need to tweak some of the scripts to allow for new quest stages. However, because of that previous redesign, adding it will be possible. (Back in werewolf hybrid, I was using the same quest stage for the first three stages of corruption, which just doesn't work.)


Anyways, thanks for listening... err.. reading my huge, ramble-y wall of text. Hope it was informative.


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Great new way to keep us updated, a more convenient way in my opinion.


Looking forward to reading your updates!



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I am interested in the mod and some of what you have above continues to be intriguing, but the SLB animation did not initiate  in ivarstead and i was able to get animation to play by using sex chat and not slb, but did not advance the story any. 

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