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Onward Dragon Soldiers Part 11



It's me again, run for the hills. So last part ended in a threesome. Now that's not so bad, except it had to be in a dank, disgusting tomb, where naked bodies are rubbing up against, who knows what. Bleh. But, now that Velina has been initiated into the "Spread Legs Women's Club" (name pending), we can continue on to...well, who ever else Averna decides to put her hands on. Who ever that may be.


Anyway, with vampire in tow, Onward Dragon Soldiers!



Averna and her two busty babes continued on their quest for...stuff. Of course, they had to down several healing potions, as Sha's legs were numb from constant sex. I mean really, who wants to have sex in a tomb for 3 hours? God damn horny bitches.




Averna: I feel like I could get lost in here. Good thing no one knows how to make dungeons out of anything beyond linear design.
Sha: You're doing it again.


Averna: Let's of dead stiffs, but not any bones I'd want to jump.
Velina: Please, make it stop.
Sha: Please Averna, don't resort to puns.


They came across a vampire and a dead spider. If you were expecting a lovely lady to be getting violated by a spider, well I got some bad news.


Averna: Damn, I was hoping to see it pound his ass.


Vampire: What's that? More prey?


Averna: Oh, I guess sight seeing is over.


Averna: Alright you ugly bastard, let's go.


One amazing fight scene later.


Averna: Wow that was disappointing. Here I thought you'd be threatening.


???: For the last time, I'm not telling you a damn thing.
??? #2: Fine, we can go the rest of the way without you.


Averna: Does anyone else hear violent arguing?
Sha: Yeah, sounds like more enemies might be ahead. Be ready.


Averna: Hey, there's a bloody guy down there. Wanna see if he's dead?
Sha: That's awfully insensitive.


Except they managed to attract the group that left due to Averna's massive torch light.


Averna: Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't be waving this thing around so much...


Averna: Damn guys, I just wanted to see if he had a decent dick on him.
Sha: ...You have the worst intentions at times.


Averna: Nope, still too small for me. Sigh...


Suddenly, they came across a device of sorts.


Averna: Hey now, this looks dangerous.


Velina: That's it. That's what the vampires are using to seal the treasure. It's like a weird puzzle.


Sha: I don't know, it looks a bit dangerous. Maybe we shouldn't be messing with that.


Averna: There's a spooky red ring thing around this button.
Velina: I'm not sure what that might be, but I know if you put your hand on it, the rest of the puzzle should come to life.
Sha: Please don't do anything that'll get yourself killed.
Averna: She says to put my hand on it but...


Averna: ...This thing looks really ominous. Is this a good idea? Well, here goes nothing.




Averna: SHIT! That hurt. I'm gonna fuck Velina real deep for that one.


Averna: Okay Velina, it stuck my hand, now there's this weird purple shit everywhere.
Velina: That's good, you're doing great. Now just operate all the pillars, until they match up with the purple rings. They should start responding if you connect them all together.


Sha: Velina this is getting out of hand. What if this is a trap?
Velina: That's why we're over here. If it is one, we can be more useful outside of the trap than in it.


Averna: So I push this thing into place. Here's hoping I don't die.


Averna: Hey, that actually worked. I should keep doing that.


Averna: Oh boy, I've set off something terrible.


Averna: Yep, I've done something terrible.


Averna: Look, I don't know if you just have serious OCD and don't like your pillars touched, but I'm just trying to make a living here.


Averna: Is that it? It looks like I can open this. Is there a world changing, world ending device of ultimate power? Or even a fancy weapon? Money?


All of those options were wrong, because there was a naked woman inside.




Averna: Alright, I'll admit. Naked lady inside some ancient puzzle in a dark uninviting tomb. Didn't see that coming.


Averna: Yup, not a shred of cloth on her. That means her bare body must be covered in filth. Ewwww.


Averna: Hey um, miss nude lady. Are you uh, okay?


???: Oh, so someone did manage to free me after all. I hope it didn't take too long.


Averna: You're not even remotely embarrassed about being in the nude.
???: It doesn't even bother me. You get used to it.


???: But, the blood in your veins seems to be rushing uncontrollable. Strange, I usually only have that effect on men. No matter, I only ask that you remain still and don't resist.
Averna: Don't resist? Don't resist what?


???: You have very firm nipples, and your breasts are unusually large.
Averna: This is rape Sha, I'm the one being raped here. Remember that.


???: I thought I said to keep still. Now cease your resistance, I need to tend to your lower half.
Averna: That mouth of yours is unusually good.


???: Strange, it doesn't look like a man's, but it reacts like one.
Averna: Why are you so casual about all this?


???: Mmmm, my instincts were right, it does feel like a man. Good, this makes things easier.


???: Why are you fidgeting so much? I can smell your blood flowing rapidly, so you're obviously enjoying this. Why do you have an interest in women?
Averna: Why are we having a normal conversation with you bouncing on top of me?


???: Don't answer my question with another. Answer me.
Averna: Dammit, this feels good. Uh, I have sex with lot's of girls, guys too. I don't really care, so long as they're fun in bed.


???: I see, then you might have the same qualities of the women I used to know. I think I finally found a decent mating partner.
Averna: Excuse me?


Averna is continuously raped(?) by a very calm and collected woman. But who is she? Why was she naked? And why is Averna her mating partner? And why is every woman in this story a whore? Find out next time!



More parts, more lewds, more naked people. Woo!


Source: Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

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