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The Tutelage of Neloth - Selune's First Field Test




Selune fidgeted uncomfortably in the daylight as she followed her new master over the grounds. This was the first time he'd led her from the tower in her "uniform". In and of itself, walking around mostly naked didn't really bother her. Being outside made her a little more self-conscious, but no one else was around, so she tolerated it.

"Selune, did you notice the strange pillar and stonework near the road on your way in?" Neloth asked.

Selune thought for a moment. It sounded familiar, but the memory was hazy. "I believe so," she replied. "Yes, yes actually I do. I remember now. I intended to ask about it, but I..."

"You forgot."

"Yes, Master, I did..." Selune said, rubbing her chin. "Strange. It's almost like it faded from my mind the moment I could no longer see it."

"Precisely," Neloth said. "I only remain aware of it by virtue of a scry I have constantly watching it. But what is more fascinating is the people."

"The people?" Selune asked. She didn't recall any people there, though now she wasn't sure she could trust that memory.

"You'll see," Neloth said. "And do remember to take extensive notes. Cover every detail - you won't remember any of them by the time we return to the tower."





Indeed, there were people at the strange monument. Selune suddenly felt incredibly self-conscious, distracting herself with observing and taking notes.

"Look at them, working tirelessly and without question. Imagine what I could do with that power..." Neloth mused aloud. The potential of an army of unquestioning slaves was not lost on Selune.




"I've been running numerous tests to determine the limitation of their trance-like state," Neloth said. "To date, no stimulus applied has been able to pierce this trance. Attempting to dispell it is useless. Pain only momentarily stops them and does not break the spell. Noise, threats, loud mockery, nothing seems to work! There is one other thing I haven't tried, however, and your arrival has finally given me what I need to carry out the experiment."




"Take off your uniform," Neloth said matter-of-factly.

Selune hesitates for a moment. "W-what experiment am I participating in, exactly?" she asked.

"It's simple," Neloth replied. "Sexual stimulus."

"You're going to make me have sex with one of them?" Selune said, more than a little uneasy at the possibility.

"Oh heavens no, they'd never even acknowledge you if you tried," Neloth said. Selune sighed with relief. "No," he continued, "we're going to have sex in an attempt to elicit a response. Now, your uniform, please."




Selune stripped obediently. She'd been naked in front of strangers before, but had only ever been a participant and never the center of attention. Not to mention, those situations weren't outdoors in broad daylight where anyone travelling the road nearby could see her. She stood there for a long moment, leaving herself uncovered. Her nerves settled as she realized none of the workers were paying attention to her.

"Hm, yes..." Neloth said, looking her over and grinning. "As expected, this doesn't seem to be getting a reaction from them. We'll need to move on to the next phase. I'm going to disrobe as well, then I want you to orally service me. And make a show of it."




"Yes, Master..." Selune said, kneeling in the ashen sand. She began teasing his rather large cock with her tongue, sighing and moaning in an exaggerated fashion. She felt like a fool, but knew it would be unwise to half-ass anything Neloth told her to do.




"It's so tasty..." she said, her gut twisting as the words left her mouth. She didn't mind being his plaything, she didn't even really mind slutting it up to make him happy, she just wanted to be behind closed doors. She licked and slurped on his shaft regardless, "mmm"ing and "ohh"ing as if his was the most delicious piece of meat she'd ever had in her mouth.

"Still nothing...!" Neloth muttered. If it wasn't for his raging hard-on, she would never have guessed he was aroused at all, he spoke so evenly. As embarrassed and self-conscious as Selune was, even she had to admit to a certain degree of arousal. "Perhaps we should try something more extreme. Bend over, I'm going to rail you."




"Yes, yes, harder!" Selune moaned.

"You can do better than that!" Neloth responded angrily as he pounded her. "Come on, make them believe you're a cock-crazed nymphomaniac! For the study of magic!"




"More! Fuck me harder, Master! Master! Yes, Master!" Selune shouted. She hated this act, but he felt so good inside her that it wasn't as hard as it had been to fake. She hadn't realized just how horny licking his cock made her.




"Gods, I'm cumming!" she cried out as her orgasm shot through her core. She let out a long, loud moan as her body shook.

"That was passable," Neloth said. "But we aren't finished yet, or rather, I'm not. I'm going to use your tits."




"Come on, Selune!" Neloth groaned as he pumped her modest tits. "You're supposed to be making them believe you want this, remember?"

Selune shook off the haze of her climax and slipped back into character. "Yes, fuck my firm breasts, Master! Use them however you like!"




"Better," Neloth said. "Gods, you've got a body like those Redoran trollops I used to make sport of kidnapping..." It was a strange compliment, but Selune took it as one regardless.




"Open up, I'm going to cum and I want you to swallow every ounce!" Neloth commanded. Selune obeyed, and as soon as she sealed her lips around his shaft, he unloaded a remarkable amount of jizz into her throat. Experienced in this sort of thing, Selune didn't lose a single drop as she gulped down the thick, hot fluid.




"Thank you for my meal, Master," Selune said, forcing a smile at him and licking her lips happily. "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. I can't wait for my next meal..."




Neloth got dressed. "Nothing. You were acting like a desperate new hire at a Vvardenfell whore house and not even a curious glance from any of them!"

"Whatever spell is on them is incredibly strong," Selune concluded.

"If it's even magic as we know it. Whatever is going on here is clearly going to require a great deal of study and involve a lot of thinking outside the box. I'm... confident you're up to the task, Selune."

"Thank you, Master," Selune said. Her embarrassment at walking back to the tower naked was diminished just a little by the pride she felt in this genuine praise.




"May I put my uniform back on, Master?" she asked meekly.

"Of course not," Neloth replied.

Selune sighed.



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Final few lines:

"Thank you, <aster,"

"Seline sighed."

Fun story!
Can't help but read Neloth's lines in his voice, one of my favourite characters (along with the VA) in the whole game :)

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The way you play over the selfconsciousness of Selune over the public situation, and Neloth's detached, clinically focused attitude are the best parts. With his scathing last replica being a killer ending. ^^


Malicia : « Why does professor Neloth doesn't have a uniform too ? He's very macho, uh ! :classic_sleep: »

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