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Eldawen Highmoss




Born in 4e65, Eldawen spent her first few years living in the Imperial City before Selune, sensing trouble in the future, moved them both north to Whiterun. Selune began teaching Eldawen alchemy at a young age, but she never took to it, greatly preferring her schooling in the arcane arts. Realizing this, Selune taught her daughter as much practical magic as she could, but was concerned to discover her daughter preferred Destruction and Conjuration. Still, believing it best to follow the child's interests, she resolved to teach Eldawen how to master these schools safely.



Magical learning was hard to come by in Skyrim. The Jarl's court wizard only had so much to offer, and the Nords' attitude towards magic in general made it difficult to pursue openly. This frustrated both to no end, and when Eldawen was old enough to strike out on her own to pursue her arts, she did just that. But before she could, Selune insisted she learn to protect herself with more than just magic. To than end, she hired a member of the Companions to teach Eldawen a martial art in whatever weapon she fancied. She learned to fight with two swords, a deadly flurry of keen edges and blazing purple blades that caused her blood to boil in excitement. Being up close and personal was so much more fun than killing with magic, she discovered. Realizing this feeling could become a problem if left unchecked, she resolved to keep that part of her well under control, and has managed to do so effectively so far.



With a means of defending herself, mastered, Eldawen could finally start setting out into the world to learn about Conjuration and Destruction. At first her expeditions were largely on her own, exploring and learning about Conjuration in particular. Selune would join her adventures occasionally. This was where Eldawen was first exposed to necromancy, an art she found at once ghastly and fascinating. Soon enough Selune had reached her limit, and Eldawen had to pursue her research on her own.



It wasn't until she met her father that she began to truly become more adept. Though he hadn't been around while she grew up, she never really hated or resented him for it, deciding at a young age that he must have had a good reason for not being there. She took to him quickly, and before long began to love him as a father. She enjoyed having a father-figure in her life, but more than that, she enjoyed learning everything he had to teach. With Maechen's guidance, her mastery of Conjuration grew more complete.



Though outwardly she seems to carry herself as a rebellious teenager, this is merely an act that amuses her. Internally she is very much like her mother - calculating and sharp. Her decisions are occasionally impulsive, but never without some understanding of the ramifications. At times she can be aloof and melancholic, the veil of her act slipping away in these moments.

(Nude and naughty info in the spoiler!)



Eldawen considers herself bisexual. She favors men but has no issue with women and actively enjoys both.


She has little in the way of a sense of taboo. If it sounds fun and is consensual, she would probably do it - up to and including incest (though neither of her parents would ever do such a thing, and she has no sibling or close cousins).


Much like Kallista, Eldawen finds performing oral sex, especially blowjobs, to be intensely satisfying emotionally. However, she is less likely than Kallista to forgo other forms of sex in favor of blowjobs.


While the idea of animals and creatures hold no special allure, she is perfectly open to both, and has had a few different creature and Daedra partners in the past. She has never had an animal partner, however.



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Eh, the second last paragraph (before the naughty bits) seems to cut off abruptly :o


Yeah... about that...


For whatever stupid reason, I thought I had more time than I did before it was scheduled to go up.  I noticed it when I went to check LL while I was on break today and realized what had happened but wasn't in a position to fix it.  Work's got me by the balls the next day or two so I can't do much with it yet, but it will be filled out properly before the next series starts.


Sorry about that, y'all.  ^^; 

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