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Maechen Yv'Nalaryn




Maechen Yv'Nalaryn was born in 3e83 a small village outside the city of Dusk on the Summerset Isles. His father was a lowly boar hunter, his mother a simple housewife. His older brother, Sendoril, aspired to be a ship's captain, and was rarely at home, having signed on with the Summerset Isles' navy. Maechen grew up using a spear to hunt, but quit the trade when a boar viciously gored his leg. He was bedridden for weeks with fever afterwards and may have been rendered lame if not for the near-miraculous work of the local healer. It was during this time that Maechen received a storybook, the tales of a heroic Conjurer. This would be the catalyst for the passion that would drive his journey through life, though he wouldn't take the first step for many years.



Quitting hunting after the boar incident, Maechen took up an apprenticeship as an alchemist. He learned much and greatly enjoyed mixing concoctions, but his heart wasn't igniting by his work. His master would later die under mysterious circumstances, and though Maechen was suspected, he was ultimately cleared. Taking his knowledge, he moved back home and started a small alchemy shop. Though he ran the shop well, there just wasn't enough business in the area to keep him afloat.

During this time, the War of the Isles would break out. Sendoril perishes with much of the Summerset Isles' fleet as Orgnum Thras attempts to invade, though it ultimately repelled with Imperial intervention. The news devastates Maechen, who was very close to his brother despite their not seeing each other often.



With his business failed and his spirit dampened, he decided to seek an apprenticeship in another area that had always tickled his imagination - Conjuration. He found a master, a Dunmer named Korvyth. Maechen had no real talent for conjuring Daedra, and while he had a knack for conjuring inanimate objects, he had a great deal of trouble summong anything more complex that a small statue. It would take many years under Korvyth for Maechen to begin to see improvement, but his determination would not let him stop.

It was while under Korvyth that Maechen first encountered necromancy. At first he took to it well and was able to raise corpses effectively. A tragic event involving a close friend and Korvyth's circle of necormancer friends, however, would swear him off the dark art forever. He would never forgive his master, and saw to it that the authorities were alerted. This could come back to haunt him in later centuries as some surviving members of that cabal made attempts on his life.



Maechen spent many years in Morrowind, eventually growing to think of it as a second home. There he studied Daedra and Daedric summoning in while serving briefly in the Imperial Legion. Morrowind was what he felt to be the purest environment for his studies. Littered with active shrines in old ruins, it was the perfect place for him to pursue his work. There, he met a woman, but a summoning accident would cost her her arm and leave Maechen with his distinctive facial scar. The woman, Lunaeda, was the love of his life, but now missing an arm, her vanity and pride prevented her from allowing Maechen to love her. Heartbroken, he soon left Morrowind to study at the Arcane University, where he'd first meet the most important woman in his life - Selune Highmoss.

At the time, Selune worked at the University as a teacher. They would date briefly, but it would not last. He accidentally called her Lunaeda. Selune, insulted by the very idea of being merely a stand-in for another woman, dumped him. Maechen would stay at the University for a while afterwards. Ultimately this is where he was when the Oblivion Crisis struck. He participated in the defense of the Imperial City during Mehrunes Dagon's incursion, putting his skills to use in banishing as many Daedra as he could.



During and after the Crisis, he and Selune would make a sort of reparation. Maechen had always loved her for who she was, not as some replacement, and Selune slowly came to understand this. Still, they butted heads on many things, particularly involving magic. Ultimately, they proved to be well suited to each other, and they became a couple again for a few years.

Soon, stirrings would reach Maechen about unrest in the Summerset Isles. Wanting to use his vastly increased power for some good, he spent one last fateful night with Selune, and with a few other Altmer expatriots, set out for his old home. He would not return for over a century.

In that time he ended up fighting a small guerrilla war against the Thalmor, hoping to destabilize them in their war effort against the Empire. He even earned a nickname that quickly became feared, whispered like an urban legend from Thalmor soldier to soldier - the Binder of Shimmerene, a powerful Conjurer and villainous Imperial sympathizer. It was not to be, however. He was nearly discovered one evening, costing the lives of a woman and her young son who had taken him in. Maechen avenged them, trapping the one who killed them in a soul gem and subjecting him to eternal agony. He knew he could no longer stay, so he fled to Hammerfell.

He hadn't heard from Selune in many years and tried desperately to find her. Eventually he learned she was living in Skyrim, and so he headed there as quickly as he could. It was then he learned something that would change his life. He had a daughter. The revelation caused him to totally shift his life's focus. No longer would he seek Thalmor blood. All that mattered now was his family, passing on his knowledge, and getting to know the daughter he never got to see grow up.



Nude and naughty info under the spoiler!



Maechen is heterosexual. Though he has no attraction to the beast races, he isn't necessarily exclusive of more monster-like women, such as succubi and Dremora.

Maechen was quite the womanizer in his youth, and has had numerous sexual encounters. After Lunaeda, however, he slowed down greatly.

He and Selune are not exclusive, though they prefer each others' company to anyone else's. Occasionally they involve a conjured third party, sometimes male, sometimes female, depending on who is feeling more generous.

Maechen is a switch with a preference towards light submission, a fact that at times annoys Selune, who is similarly a submissive-preferring switch. They make it work, of course.



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Quite the creative backstory :).

Little typos here and there:
"With his business failed and his spirit dampened, s
he decided to seek an apprenticeship in another area that had always tickled his imagination...",
and "...
costing the lives of a women and her young son who had taken him in"

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Quite the creative backstory :).


Little typos here and there:

"With his business failed and his spirit dampened, she decided to seek an apprenticeship in another area that had always tickled his imagination...",

and "...costing the lives of a women and her young son who had taken him in"


lol, thanks for pointing those out.  Taken care of.  :)

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