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The Apocryphal Beast




Eldawen closed the heavy door behind her. She stepped into the clearing, a grand entry hall of what was once probably a proud ancient Nordic settlement, now merely a silent shell. It was perfect for her purposes - secluded, quiet, away from civilization. She brought with her a lengthy tome, "borrowed" from her parents. They had been studying Apocrypha, and more specifically the creatures that inhabit it, exploring new Daedra to harness. They had met with success in creating spells for the Lurker and Seeker, but other creatures eluded them. This book was one they had given up on, but Eldawen had no such intention. She believed she could make the spell work with a few simple tweaks, the kind of easy-to-miss details that weeks of work can blind one to, but that fresh eyes can pick out in an instant. Tonight she was going to prove that she could handle conjuration of creatures just as well as her parents could.

She opened the book and flipped carefully to the pages she had marked. Each page was a criss-cross of edits and revisions, correcting perceived oversights, fixing holes in the spellform, and expounding on Conjuration theory. She could only barely keep up with it as she read - a spectacular feat in and of itself, given her father's status as a master Conjurer and her mother's own immense knowledge. It took time, but soon enough she had gleaned what she felt she needed to perform the most basic safe summon.

Channeling the magicka within her, she traced the spellforms in her mind and coalesced the arcane energies of the text. The spell was rough and loose, but she could feel it working. She had latched onto whatever beast this spell was meant to bring forth, and with a final pulse of power, she completed the spell.

The book vanished from her hands as if ripped from this very plane, causing her a moment of confusion.

Eldawen focused herself. She spell had completed. The creature was in here, somewhere. But where? She readied a spell and raised her guard, in case something unexpected happened.

Movement. The bound blade formed near-instantly in her hand as she readied a second, turning to see what was making the sound.

From the mist leapt a horrible beast, with wrinkly black skin and a maw surrounded by tentacles and unnatural limbs. It roared a gurgling roar as it sped at her.

She was just fast enough to raise her blade in defense, blocking the first swipe. The creature was faster than her. She couldn't strike back between its blows.

It ripped and shredded pieces of her clothes, barely avoiding hurting her. It took every move she had to avoid its claws digging into her, but it seemed with each swipe avoided, the next took a piece of her clothing with it.

In the heat of the one-sided exchange, she noticed a peculiarly pronounced feature protruding between its legs. It resembled a phallus - no, that's exactly what that is, she realized. It was black and wrinkled like the monster it was attached to.

Eldawen grew tired as the creature continued its attack, finally rending her top asunder. The force of her top being pulled off staggered her, leaving the creature with a prime opening to kill her in one stroke.

It was a shock to her, then, that it didn't. It grabbed her roughly by the neck, holding tight but not choking her. Eldawen yelped as its eyeless head seemed to stare at her. What amounted to its mouth seemed to be watering. Gods, did it plan to eat her?

It pushed her to her knees. She stared straight at its eldritch cock, and a realization set in - it planned to have its way with her. Relieved to not be dying yet, Eldawen quickly decided that this is definitely the better alternative.

It grabbed her head and pushed her down onto its cock, and Eldawen, certainly not wanting to anger the beast, opened her mouth and willingly sucked it down. The best way she could describe the taste was a mixture of salt, stagnant water, and the smell of old books. It took full control, face-fucking her, and she merely let it happen.

She tried using her tongue, and to her pleasant surprise, it seemed to relax its forceful grip on her. Giving it everything she could, she slurped and sucked with its back and forth pushes. Spit and what was presumably precum dribbled down her chin and down its shaft, dripping off its sack.

It gurgled mightily as an unexpected torrent of briny cum poured into her mouth. She swallowed instinctively, managing to gulp down every drop.

It threw her to the ground after it was finished. She tried to crawl away, but the creature still had plenty of energy left...

It took her by the throat again and lowered itself behind her. "Stop-!" Eldawen yelped, but it did her no good. The beast only tightened its grip on her throat.

She felt its hot, flat tip probe her slick sex. Still wet from her mouth, the oddly shaped member slid easily into her tight passage. It was simultaneously satisfying and humiliating, being filled by this creature, but she gritted her teeth and resolved to enjoy it. After all, the spell was only supposed to last a short time. All she had to do was ride it out... figuratively and literally, apparently.

It pounded her from behind in strong strokes, gripping her still by the throat. This would be much more fun if he'd let me agree beforehand... she thought.

Its strong pounding forced her into the flagstone floor. Her mind began to cloud from the building pleasure. The beast's unusually shaped cock hit spots differently than a humanoid cock. Objectively, she found the difference to be rather enjoyable, if not something she'd want all the time.

But she was having a very hard time being objective at the moment. The creature was totally in control. There was no way she could do anything to try to make it last longer. Indeed, there was nothing she could do to make herself last long either, as the first orgasm rocked her core and shot up and down her spine. If she wasn't already plowed into the floor, she'd've collapsed right there.

The beast let out another gurgling roar as her second orgasm hit. She felt its cum fill her, a pitiful amount compared to the load she drank down. It seemed the beast's balls were running on empty. Good thing, too, as with the last of its cum, the last of its energy seemed to leave it as well.

It collapsed behind her, breathing heavily. Eldawen collected herself a moment, willing her knees to work after two quick and powerful orgasms. If she couldn't, it was surely either kill her or continue using her as a fucktoy. Quickly and quietly, she crawled away.

She stood and channeled her magicka again. Enough time had passed during her impromptu sex session that her power had flowed back. This time she would hold nothing back.

With an angry sound, the beast rose. Shaky at first, it regained its balance with uncanny speed and leapt at her, claws ready to rend her naked flesh. But Eldawen was prepared. With an explosion of power, she let her spell loose, engulfing herself in Daedric magic.

"Nobody face-fucks me without my permission!" was the most clever thing she could think to say as her bound armor and weapons solidified.

The beast was still weak from its release, its claws glancing impotently off the ethereal plate. Eldawen's legs stabilized much faster, and soon she was dancing and whirling her blades as deadly as she ever had. What before was a losing battle was now an effortless victory.

"Gross, ugly, disgusting thing..." she spit, putting an end to an unfortunate, albeit not wholly unpleasant, event.



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Interesting scenario, was fun to read. Thumbnails are a little on the small side, but the bandwidth deprived will appreciate it (been there)

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Interesting scenario, was fun to read. Thumbnails are a little on the small side, but the bandwidth deprived will appreciate it (been there)

Thanks! It was a challenge to write, given that I'm not usually a fan of non-con, but I've found some ways to do it that I can enjoy.


The thumbnails annoy me a little. Imgur used to allow large thumbnails that showed the whole image. Imgbox, however, only allows square thumbnails up to 350x350. It's big enough to let people know if it's something they want to click on to view the whole image, though, so it at least does its job.


The Ending was nice :D

Thanks! Good endings are basically the only way I can enjoy otherwise non-con scenarios. I'm glad others enjoy it, too.

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