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Flame-Child: Part Two: Chapter Twenty Four - Overcoming the Past 2



Flame-Child: Part Two:
Chapter Twenty Four - Overcoming the Past 2


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Part One


“I don’t know if I like the feeling of blocking everything out… I couldn’t even sense when the old man left.”
Some things are meant to not be known. He had somewhere to go, and you know you would have only tried to stop him.


“I hate when you’re the voice of reason…” Niyleen looked around in the abyss of her mind, “Huh? There’s nothing here! I’m not going to act like I don’t know my own life. There’s no way that my only issues stem from my fath—”
Out in the distance she heard a shriek that sounded all too familiar. “Heh, another dumb bitc—” Niyleen stopped herself from completing that sentence and started running… but not to the source of the screams. She began running away as fast as she could. Regardless of her reasons for doing so, Niyleen did not want to face this again. She did now want to go through that all again.Pt2_Chp24_003.jpg


Remember the old man’s words… unless we tackle them head on, no matter how far we try to run from our demons, they’ll always catch up.


Niyleen stopped dead in her tracks and sighed. “So what? I’ve got to see myself get fucked by Nanae and a bunch of butch Forsworn? No… I don’t want to go through that.”
Turn…” said a low growl from behind her.
Niyleen’s skin began to crawl and she felt utterly compelled to obey. (W-wait! I know that voice.) She turned around and almost blanched when she saw a monster of a man standing before her. He resembled the man she knew, but he was no Briarheart.
Suddenly Niyleen felt fourteen years old again, and Eolri’s training immediately kicked in. She knelt before the lookalike. “I-I… I’m sorry Achinis. Please forg—”


Silence!” Niyleen looked up in shock and Achinis’s face faded and was replaced with someone foreign to her and much more terrifying.
She saw his hand moving but fear gripped her too tight, and she was struck to the ground with the Forsworn standing over her. “You know what to do…
Niyleen got back to her knees and found herself staring right at the Brairheart’s crotch with expectation. A warm sensation began to build from her loins that made her mind feel fuzzy, good, and familiar.
Niyleen! NIYLEEEN!! Snap out of it! Look at what you’re doing!!


Niyleen came to her senses just before she was about to tear off the Brairheart’s loincloth and possibly more. She backed up, got to her feet, and couldn’t still her heart. (What was I do—! Was I about to—)
Look at yourself! You are literally a slut for Forsworn! Is that why you’re afraid of them? You know what they’ll do to you, how they’ll make you feel!


(N-nooo…) Niyleen looked at the Forsworn and could feel her body get warm as thoughts of what the brute could possibly do to her began to possess her. “They d-don’t make me feel any kind of way… It’s not like I want to rip my clothes off or anything and let him do with me as he pleases.”Pt2_Chp24_013.jpg




If you strip off another piece of clothing, I’ll permanently take over and you won’t have to worry about anything anymore!


It took everything Niyleen had to not remove her top, to keep her sanity, to not become the Forsworn’s fuck toy. She didn’t think about it before, she’d always attributed her dislike of Forsworn due to her fear of what they could do to her, but she didn’t mean it like this. “This… this isn’t happening…”Pt2_Chp24_016.jpg


It is, and what are you going to do about it, said that sarcastic voice once again.


Niyleen drew her weapon and stood defiant before the Forsworn who simply looked at her with a faraway look in its eyes. She could feel her body reacting to him again, but she ignored it to the best of her abilities. “This is not who I am! I’m Niyleen Flame-Child!” She ran at the Forsworn and readied her weapon to attack. “I’m the damn Raging Inferno of the Rea—”
The Forsworn stuck his hand out towards Niyleen, and the Redguard immediately crumbled. “N-Nega… I can’t do this… I need, I need help! Please! PLEASE HELP ME!!” The Forsworn gradually got closer and with each step she could feel her mind become more and more fuzzy until he was right in front of her and she could stop herself from reaching out and—Pt2_Chp24_019.jpg





“Get off me Niyleen! This isn’t cute!”
Niyleen’s eyes snapped open and she saw that she was face to face with her companion that happened to be… “What a second, why are you naked?”
Trineiya kicked her in the face, got up, retrieved her clothes and glared at Niyleen. “What in Oblivion is wrong with you? You psycho!”Pt2_Chp24_025.jpg


(Wait I did that? But I thought I was…) Niyleen looked up and saw Trineiya redressed, standing there with her arms cross and a pissed off look on her face. “I-I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened. All I remember was that I was—”
“Meditating. I saw…” Trineiya said in an irritated tone. “If you want to call it that. What were you dreaming about that made you decide that stripping me and trying to get me off was a good idea?”
“I wasn’t sleeping! I was… dealing with my past…”
“Really?” Niyleen nodded and Trineiya’s anger dissipated. “So tell me, how did it go? It’s working right?”
“It’s…” Niyleen didn’t know if it was working or not. She was over her father’s actions, but now she’s dealing with this Forsworn thing. “I’ve got a problem.”


“Shoot straight with me, that’s what I’m here for.”
And so Niyleen did. She told Trineiya about everything. Her fight with Eolir on the bridge, her subsequent capture and enslavement, her rivalry with Nanae, her partial Ascension, and the numerous nights that Nanae and other Forsworn took to in order to break her physically and mentally.
Trineiya gave her a worried look. “How… how are you alright? After all of that, how can you even put up with everything?”
Niyleen shrugged. “I just have to. Apparently that’s all I’ve been doing throughout each cycle anyways.” She gave a weak smile. “To be honest, if it wasn’t for Eolri I wouldn’t have made it this far. I would still be getting passed around Karthspire if not dead.”
All of a sudden Trineiya wrapped Niyleen up in a hug and refused to let go. “Wha-wha-what are you doing? Let go, LET GO!”


“You poor thing,” the Altmer said soothingly. “It’s okay now, it’s all going to be okay.”


Niyleen didn’t want this, it felt more like pity than anything else, but she didn’t shy away from being babied. She needed this more than she’d ever admit, especially to Trineiya. When the Altmer decided to stop being all mother hen to her, Trineiya gave her one last squeeze and then stared at her with a worried look on her face.
“You’re trying to deal with that alone? Why didn’t you come back to me? Why did you try to tackle this alone?”
Niyleen shook her head. “Nega’s helped me through this as best she could. I don’t believe we’d be talking here if it weren’t for her.”
Trineiya looked like she was going to chastise her but thought better of it. “So I can guess what that has to do with you coming on to me…”
Niyleen nodded her head. “Yeah… apparently I… I’m not afraid of Forsworn for the reasons I had thought…” Niyleen bit her lips as she hesitated to respond. “It… it seems like I’m attracted to them… or at least my body is.”
“You’re WHAT!?!”
“I know, I know. I didn’t think this was the case either, but… I can’t deny what’s so… obvious…”
Trineiya frowned at Niyleen’s flustered face and shook her head. “This is bad. Is there… anything else you can possibly free yourself of? Anything at all?” Niyleen let out an embarrassingly frustrated moan and Trineiya couldn’t look at her in this state any longer. She turned from the sight and muttered, “Because I don’t know if we’ll be able to fix this in time,” before walking away and leaving Niyleen to tend for herself.Pt2_Chp24_043.jpg



Part Two


About an hour later Trineiya returned with a change of clothes to a panting Redguard with not a shred of clothing covering her who clearly hadn’t completely satisfied her urges yet. “So, you better now?”
“Haaa… haa… y-yeah…” Niyleen knew she looked like a mess, but there wasn’t much she could while these urges gripped her so. She got to her feet but could barely stand due to her quivering.
“Here,” she said handing the clothes to Niyleen. “Just sit down, you don’t have time to act all tough.” She eased Niyleen back to the ground and after helping her into her new attire, knelt beside her. “Listen, I commend you for being able to overcome one of your past traumas, but you need to tackle all of them if you’re to stand a chance against Ruby.”
“I… I know this!” Niyleen just couldn’t calm down. She had an itch and no matter what she did, she couldn’t calm it. “I know this…”
“Then let’s think. Even if you can’t fix your bodily reaction, you should be able to control your mental state of mind.”




Trineiya’s brow furrowed. “I think because of your past experiences you believe the Forsworn to be stronger than you.”
Niyleen raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean think? I know they’re stronger than me! Didn’t you hear me when I said what they did to me? I… I couldn’t do anything against them. I…”
Trineiya slapped the Redguard and looked straight into her eyes. “Yes, I heard everything. And from what I gathered, you were just a victim of circumstance.”
Niyleen’s anger trounced her arousal and it took everything she had not to punch Trineiya in the face. “A victim of circumstance? A fucking VICTIM OF CIRCUMSTANCE!?! I was raped you bitch! Why can’t you understand—”
“You got taken advantage of at one of the weakest points in your life. You say you couldn’t make a move against the Forsworn? Of course you couldn’t. And it wasn’t because they were stronger than you, you literally simply didn’t have the strength to do so.”
Niyleen raised an eyebrow. “What are you talking about?”


“Your mind can only envision your past self taking on the Forsworn. You who couldn’t move a muscle after your botched Ascension. It can’t even fathom your present self breathing the same air as a Reachman.”


“That’s a lie! That a filthy—”
“There’s a Forsworn behind you,” Trineiya said completely deadpan while pointing behind Niyleen.
Niyleen visibly tensed and her breathing became haggard. She was torn between running from the spot and laying down for the Forsworn.
“See, that’s what I’m talking about. You destroyed an entire Forsworn cell by yourself and yet you not only get afraid, but you get weak at the mere hint, nay, the mere possibility that a Forsworn is near. You can’t deny this Redguard.”
“Then what am I supposed to do,” Niyleen said with tear stained eyes.


“Face your fear.” Trineiya stood up and distanced herself from Niyleen. “You ready?”


“N-now!?! I-I can’t even stand straight!”
Trineiya grinned mischievously. “This is what you get for being so difficult for this last week. Besides, you’ve got to finish this up quick. You’ve less than a day before Ruby comes.”


“Wait, what!?!”


Trineiya said no more as she summoned a Forsworn from seemingly out of nowhere. “Well then, play nice. Oh, and Forsworn, if you beat her you get to have the spoils.” The Altmer then walked off leaving the Redguard and the Reachman alone.

Niyleen unsteadily got to her feet and faced the man before her. She felt like she was being torn every which way with her emotions and how her body was reacting to his presence, but running wasn’t an option and neither was losing.
The Reachman looked around and tried to get his bearings. “Where am I? What am I doing here,” he laid eyes on Niyleen and grinned. “Well I guess I’ll deal with that later. Taking my spoils comes first!”Pt2_Chp24_060.jpg


He rushed at Niyleen with sword in hand and as he attacked her with a flurry of attacks it was all Niyleen could do to block his onslaught and not to fall over. Little by little her guard weakened and when it had all but dwindled away, the Forsworn kicked Niyleen hard in the chest and sent her flying.Pt2_Chp24_064.jpg












Like a predator stalking having wounded its prey, the Reachman slowly walked towards Niyleen while licking his lips. “It’s been a while since I’ve laid with a woman. The things I’m going to do to you…” He got to Niyleen and rose her to her feet. Rubbing her crotch, he laughed. “Ha, I see that you’re already good and ready for me. How sweet of you.” He continued rubbing her and as she began to squirm from arousal couldn’t stop himself from grinning. “Now don’t think about struggling girl. Unless you want me to ruin that pretty face of yours.”Pt2_Chp24_072.jpg






Niyleen rested her head against the Forsworn’s arm and closed her eyes wanting to at least not to see what was to come. (It’s over… I really can’t do this… I’m… I’m—)
You’re a disgrace to both your mother and father. Why are you afraid of him? What has he done besides being a Forsworn to make you fear him so? Are you THAT weak?


(W-weak? But his attacks were so…) Niyleen thought back on what had occurred and realized that his strikes weren’t all that strong, in fact it was her that had put up a piss poor guard in the first place. Even the grip he had on her now wasn’t anything to write home about.
Seeing a smirk appear on her face, the Forsworn began to get a bit more confident in his victory and pushed her against the tree. “Your breathing is staggered and your face is flushed. If you’re telling me that you didn’t want this after reacting this way… you’re only lying to yourself.”
“You’re right. I must have wanted this.”
Suddenly she head-butted the Forsworn and kicked him away from her, stunning him more than anything. “Y-you bitch!” He yelled in anger. “Who in Oblivion do you think you are?!”Pt2_Chp24_079.jpg




If she could, Nega would have palmed her forehead. Haa… Here we go again…


(You know me too well.) Niyleen’s smirk got a bit bigger as she gathered flames in her hands. “I might not be able to handle how my body feels about this,” she said as she groped herself to relieve some of her built up tension. “But, I am NOT weak. And…” She continued to draw in flames until they were surrounding her body. “And I will not be blinded by the past.”Pt2_Chp24_083.jpg


“Who… are you,” the Forsworn asked again this time more in awe of her display of power.
“My name isn’t important, but you probably already know of me. For I am,” she showered the Forsworn in a sea of flames and within seconds he’d been reduced to ashes. “I am the Child of the Flame, destroyer of Karthspire.”Pt2_Chp24_086.jpg


Oho! Someone’s got a new moniker? What happened to ‘The Raging Inferno of the Reach’? Too grandiose for your tastes now?


Niyleen blankly looked at where the Forsworn stood in his last moments.
Nega to Niyleen? Are you there?


She looked at her hands. “I don’t know…”
If it helps, at least your body wasn’t lusting to be ravaged by him once you realized he was weaker than you.


“I feel… like there’s something else I’m missing. Something that’s very important…” Niyleen sat down, relaxed herself, and took a deep calming breath.
You’re about to meditate? After everything that has happened!? Are you insan…Pt2_Chp24_091.jpg

Part Three


This time Niyleen blocked off everything including Nega and when she entered the realm of her mind this time she saw the Giant Forsworn again and didn’t feel anything towards him good or bad. (Something’s off.) She continued to search for something, anything, in this sea of darkness and then finally she saw it.Pt2_Chp24_092.jpg




It was a bright light that she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t drawn towards it. Running full speed towards it, Niyleen was surprised when she ended up coming out and was in a familiar area.Pt2_Chp24_095.jpg








“Karthspire?” She said seeing the place and the people she’d once grown accustomed to before Nanae changed everything. “But I destroyed it. There should be nothing here… Noth—”
“Silly girl, did you forget that this was all in your mind?”
Niyleen quickly turned around and almost collapsed when she saw who was standing there. “E-Eol… Mistress!”
The Breton gave her a gentle smile. “It took you long enough to get here. But I must say, I was impressed with how you did it. One hundred points. Well, ninety points. Have to take ten off because of your tardiness.”
“This… these feelings… The reason why I was afraid of the Forsworn, why my body reacted like that to them… all of this was a test?” Eolri nodded and unable to handle it, Niyleen broken down and fell to her knees. “Why Eolri? Why would you do this to me? I thought I meant more to you than… than just being your damn slave!”
“Do you remember my promise to you?” Eolri said with a gently. “To make you strong, quick, fearless… Or to be your worst Nightmare to haunt your dreams from now until well after you reach that place the Nords think they go when they die?”
“What does that have to do with anything?”


“I liked you Niyleen, I can even say that I loved you. I loved you so much, that I sealed part of my soul in you in order to temper the more base feelings you developed for the Forsworn while under my care; an act that ultimately cost me my life. I had hoped that I could not simply quell these feelings, but make you forget about the whole ordeal, but I guess I didn’t have enough power left in order to do so.”


“But why Eolri? Why this…”
“I know how you are Niyleen. If you weren’t afraid of the Forsworn you may have ended up repeating that ordeal all over again. Other camps… other cells had stronger members than me and I couldn’t bear the thought that you could possibly be defeated again, that you could be enslaved again, that you could be…”


Eolri’s words trailed off and Niyleen knew her unspoken words. “Can you tell me why I didn’t feel anything when I killed that Reachman?”
“I did as promised. You see, this fear of the Forsworn had been limiting you for so long that gradually it began to harm you as a fighter. Although you kept trying to use that flashy style of yours, you got weaker, slower, and if it kept up you were just going to get in way over your head and end up dying. But once you killed him, once you overcame your fear of my people and proved it to be baseless, you broke through.”


“You’re lying.”
“You ever feel like you should be stronger? Faster? That your reaction time should allow you to do things people wouldn’t believe? That although you were besting your foes, that it shouldn’t require nearly as much effort?”
Niyleen nodded. “But you know I’m kinda cocky. I just passed it off as me being arrogant.”


“No, that was your body telling you that there was more to you than either you or Nega could ever realize. And now you’re ready to go and show all of Nirn who exactly you are, Child of the Flame.” Eolri stuck her palm out toward Niyleen and a soft light enveloped the Redguard. “May Julianos guide you and keep you.”Pt2_Chp24_110.jpg


When the light dispersed, Niyleen felt lighter and her thoughts became clearer. “Wha-what did you do?”
“I gave you your future back, a future without any ties to your tragic past. A future where no one and nothing would ever take hold of your mind again.”
“E-Eolri! What’s happening to you?!”
Eolri looked at her arm and saw that she was becoming transparent. “Ah, so somehow I’m alive again. This is a wonder I’d never have imagined. Don’t worry about me pup.” Eolri pointed toward the distance. “Go, she’s waiting for you. Waiting to tell you everything you need to hear, everything that’ll make you be a peace…” And without another word Eolri vanished.Pt2_Chp24_115.jpg









“Come on Niyleen, you’ve got to hurry…” Trineiya paced back and forth waiting for Niyleen to come out of her meditative state. There were only eleven hours left until the show down with Ruby and there was no telling if the Redguard would be ready. “This was a mistake… I shouldn’t have sicked that Forsworn on her. I shouldn’t have—!!” Niyleen began to stir and tears started falling down the Redguard’s eyes, and moments later the Redguard was back with her.Pt2_Chp24_119.jpg




“By the gods you gave me a scare!”
Niyleen slowly got to her feet and asked, “How many more hours do I have?”
“About eleven, but Niyleen you need to rest. You haven’t slept or eaten for so long. You’ll be at a disadvantage if you face Ruby without restoring your—”
Niyleen gave the Altmer a fierce look at shut her up instantly. “If I’m not finished by the time Ruby gets here, then I’m not going to win anyways. You should get some rest Trineiya. Thank you, and I’m sorry.”
“Sorry? Sorry for wha—”
Quicker than Trineiya could react, Niyleen punched her hard in the temple knocking the Altmer out.
Whoa! What in Oblivion happened to you?


Niyleen ignored her and sat down once more ready to delve into the depths of her mind one last time.Pt2_Chp24_130.jpg


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