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Post-mortem Analysis: Books of Skyrim

Misplaced Reality


There's always a certain aspect of Skyrim that may be overlooked by most players; the books within the game; from the popular "Lusty Argonian Maid" to the famous "Black Arrow" tales. However, a modder here, on LoversLab didn't overlook the books and he actually went ahead and made his own mod that introduced a whole new set of books into the world of Skyrim, adding further into the immersion of the game.


So, I was able to meet Thulas through the recently-made LoversLab IRC channel and he was willing to discuss about his mod; Books of Skyrim. The mod was released in August and to this date it has almost 1,700 downloads and over 10,000 views on LoversLab alone. The stories on their own are interesting and despite their fallacies they have had success to strike interest.


What went wrong

  1. "The main problem relies on spell-checking, grammar and vocabulary; even in my own language, and with English being my second I need a peer review for all my mistakes to submit a correct text, and this inevitably slows down the release schedule of each book and all the lost time could be spent into writing more instead of spending days to correcting a single book."
  2. "Throughout development I experienced a lot of times where I would hit a wall and I wouldn't be able to write. I had to force myself, and most notably this happened during the development of the third part of Vampiric Corruption, and that still took a very long time to finish."
  3. "I was actually let down by the lack of requests, especially by other modders."
  4. "As I mentioned earlier, the language difficulties sometimes stress me out and perhaps even drive me mad, despite receiving compliments about my writing skills being above the top."

What went good

  1. "Developing Books of Skyrim allowed me to improve my writing skills. Every time I submit a story I do improve a little despite all the frustation that comes from spell and grammar checking and constant back-and-forth with the peers which review my stories during development of each story."
  2. "I really love how I have a wide range of subjects covered, from fairytale books to more scientific ones; all set in the fantasy world of Tamriel. I think the diversity of each story is my favorite part of my work so far."
  3. "With each story I have improved my character development and generally my characters started forming up properly, such as Marina. However, I don't think this can be easily noticed by the reader of the stories."
  4. "I had the expectation that the mod wouldn't have had more than 200 downloads. However I am happy to see that people read my stories and that they seem to enjoy them."

What would you suggest to other modders out there that may be working on a similar mod as yours?


332/275, they are the best values for pictures in books and notes. Other than that, the CreationKit is a playground; the real work takes place on Word.


Well, thanks Thulas for the post-mortem interview and for sharing his thoughts about Books of Skyrim. If you haven't gotten the mod yet then you can find Books of Skyrim over its very own download page.


If you want to suggest any mods, authors, or even want to be interviewed next then do not hesitate to contact me. : )


Have a good day and week,

Misplaced Reality


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