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Crash course - getting started with SexLab



blog-0176494001410472338.pngI wrote this summary as an answer to a question in the forum. It could become a more elaborate tutorial if I find the time.


Question: How would I even add sexlab calls into a quest or script, when the ck doesn't even let me select it due to a multiple masters error?


There is a .ini option to update in order to allow multiple masters in CKeditor. I can't remember it but look it up with google, it is fairly well documented.


In order to compile scripts with SexLab, you will have to extract source scripts from SkyUI into your Data/scripts/source folder, otherwise you will get errors.


Adding SexLab as a dependency in your scripts is simple.


- First add SexLab.esm as a master

- Add a property to your script. If you are using the menus to add a new property, type 'SexLabFrameWork' as the type of property (it is not in the drop down options... you have to manually type it), and name your property 'SexLab'.


That's it... this allows you to call methods associated to sexlab objects.


For examples of scripts, look at the source code for one of the many SexLab plugins out there (depending on what it is you are trying to do).


Oh... and if you are getting started with CKeditor, make the official wiki your friend - especially the tutorials and links to YouTube videos.


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