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(Very) short stories from screenshots



blog-0724356001410472380.pngI went through some of the better screenshots I took and could not really share, except here :)


They somehow turned into vignettes about the fate of a few girls from Skyrim.

  • Gwen was captured on the side of a road one fateful night and turned into a vampire Lord's new living ornament.
  • A simple farm girl, Valla was captured on her way back from Windhelm and marched down to the Citadel of Mistwatch to be sold at an auction, but not before she had to learn the duties of her new place in the world.
  • Svana was a young Nord, sold to a wealthy merchant by her parents. Alas, the merchant was a recluse Necromancer in disguise. She was promised wealth and security, instead she endured night after night of drunken orgies in the depths of the Necromancer's hideout.
  • Irene was a common whore, working the floor at the Inn in Markarth. She disappeared mysteriously after a night of debauchery with a mysterious traveler. Some whisper the man was Lord Sanguine himself, walking Tamriel to quench his thirst for the charms of human girls.
  • Erin was a spoil of war, the prized possession of a commander in the Imperial Legion. Unfortunately for her, she never broken down. Her disobedience and Nord pride caused her to suffer untold torments under the commander's crop, until one day the inevitable happened - she joined the lifeless collection of the Commander's previous toys.


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