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LL Mods I like.

Game Goblin


If you read my last blog entry, well y'know I was venting fustration. Pbbth, and the vote to strike is right around the corner.


But I'm not cries like like a bitch goblin, NO I'm the Game Goblin! So let me ramble about the good stuff. And that my friends is a few kick ass mods here on Lovers Labs. Seriously I'm on auto-pilot for 10 hours a day cutting metal into precision aerospace parts while hovering over carbide blades spinning at 5600 RPMs... So naturally I would think of sexy mods! Today was one of those days where my mind wandered to modding awesomeness.


There are alot of damn good modders here in this community. So here's just a small sample platter of mods that grabbed me by the nuts and demanded a taco salad with a side of feather juice.


-> Slaverun Reloaded by Kenjoka


Normally player slaver mods are not my thing. I know right. Usually it is a test of patience to see how long I can last before I fire up puppet master and go on a bloody rampage ruining the day of every NPC possible. Something like obey me slave! Okay... whip - sex - whip - sex - torture - sex ARRRGH GOBLIN MUST KILL!!!


Granted a few things here and there feel slightly illogical, but overall, this retelling expands on what is already done. And does it well. Adding in branches right from the start after a wee mini-quest to kick off the new slave laws was imho a good move. The true submissive can volunteer as tribute right away and others have their own start. Right there I wanted to delve deeper into the mod, It took about an hour before I broke the law playing with magic in town... whoops. And it was indeed a retelling of the Slaverun story... Then I hit a spot where slave dova had to go out and help enslave other towns.


That's where this mod got a win in my book. It doesn't feel like just another sit and watch sex loops. Yes it has tons, metric fuck tons of sex, but at the same time it holds true to a different angle of questing. Even as a slave there was enough going on that I wasn't spamming the wait button to wait around for orders, and oddly I have yet to lose my shit and kill everyone. Worth a look ya'all, still a WIP right now, but I smell potential.


Speaking of slavery mods...


->Sex Slaves "Mias Lair" By Fishburger67


Yeah, I think everyone here has tried it at least once. I personally put it off... Well player slavery mods... But one can only do vanilla quests for so long.
I admit my first run was aggressive... I yawned a few times. Then I got to chapter 2... Well done you Daedric fucker... well done. I should have seen it coming. Heromaster (RIP you awesome guy) pulled the same thing on me in one of his mods. Player temptation... curiousity got the better of me and when Dova rolled out of bed and purple glow... I sat back and laughed at my foolishness while muttering GAH ya got me!


My second run through was more fun as I tried to play the heroic good guy and found the choices I made led to other branches and NPC responses. While truly the same mod core story, I was able to play it in two very different ways. Although Andrew is dangerously close to finding out the secret power of puppet master... that and a new mod would let me impale him to show my Dova isn't anyones bitch.


Still, if your like me and looked at a wall of text and recoiled in horror. Calm down, read the wall of words, download the optional stuff. It's worth the playthough. You can play it as a hero (kinda) or as a royal dick fluffer, and is one of the few slave mods where you can play the part of master.


->Haunted House by Delzaron


I think he may really be two people tag teaming the creation kit. One sleeps while the other codes. While I have good things to say about all his mods the newest addition to his portfolio of madness was genius on many levels and reminded me of old school gaming where brains counted for more than how fast you could mash dem buttons. Typical quest start hired by NPC A, go to location, do stuff, reward... right? RIGHT?




I had to quicksave so much, this house had an impossible amount of hate for me... I died so much. And loved it. It didn't feel like a failure when I got the reloading screen... it felt like a learning curve, figuring out puzzles or trashing the place looking for a key... or that damnable drum. In the end of chasing chests, running from badass charuses, and accidentally winding up in the stew, it felt like an accomplishment. I suggest it if you want a challenge, it is a sure bet you will die or be left reloading a previous save due to an inescapable death trap.


There are many many more mods here I like, some go in my "everygame" list. But I felt it would be a change of pace to speak of the quest mods that got my attention as of late and helped wash the abomination of Fallout $ err 4, from my eyes.


Off Lovers Lab and Skyrim topic.


I despise alpha/beta pay to play early releases.


Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut... Steam sales roped me in on this game called Rogue Galaxy. I put in an hour here and there from time to time. It's mindless fun, like the bastard child of Diablo and Eve Online that was left for dead in a dumpster behind the local gas station. You have a space ship, which some of them look fucking sweet. Endlessly grind out an array of typical space missions... kill those guys... deliver cargo... rescue freighter... and the big selling point is being able to broadside another ship just like in 2D naval combat.


*slow clap*


But where the game really pumps a load of awesomesauce into the uterus? The sound track. Think Cowboy Bebop or Firefly and your getting there. It's a country rock blend that amps you up to haul ass and open up the laser tubes and unleash flaming death. Turn out the lights and on a ginormous LED screen and your a space cowboy riding into battle on your cruiser. Like I said it's a mindless grind for credits to buy bigger and meaner shit for your spaceship... but the soundtrack makes it a fun grind.



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