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Decided to finish my ENB



So ya, as some of you may know, I've been working on an ENB for a LONG time now. ENB's are a pain, and getting everything JUST the way I wanted it has taken me a LOOONG time. It also didn't help that every time I felt it was just about done and was ready to release it, Boris would release a brand new version of his d3d9.dll ( now at .229 ) and I would have to adjust everything all over again for the new options ( ok I didn't HAVE to, but why wouldn't I work with the new options? ). Lately I've wanted to release something I could put someplace rather than just LoversLab. Don't get me wrong, I love this place, but I wish I could share some of what I do with more than just you guys. Nexus has such a stick up their ass attitude that most everything I've done would make them shit on themselves in holier-than-thou happiness. My ENB I THINK fits all the exact criteria they require to release, and I'm hoping I can get some of what I feel is " good stuff " out to a broader range of people.


There are a LOT of ENB's out there, and I've tried almost all of them, and I've had a problem with most all of them. Most are just too damn bright, oversaturated messes, or too dark, and make me feel like I should be playing a zombie shooter instead of a fantasy RPG ( don't get me wrong, if you LIKE that, more power to you, I don't ). Some look good, and are close to what I wanted, but maybe the DoF was WAY too strong, maybe the performance hit was more than MY machine could handle, and some of them are just plain SHIT. I decided to build my own for these exact reasons.


I feel mine retains the original idea of what Skyrim should look like as a fantasy RPG, while not overly doing it. I wanted to just enhance what was already there and try to, well, just make it look better.


Anyway, since I appreciate you guys that read my blog so much, as always, you get the first sneak peak! It's almost done actually, and you can expect to find it both here on LL AND on Nexus within the next few days. I want to take some more shots, need to get a bunch of dungeon shots I didn't get the chance to take yet, plus I need to pretty much outfit my character in something Vanilla otherwise nexus admin ( or "dicks" ) might yell at me for posting screenshots of something they have no control over......


Anyway, enjoy the following shots ( I hope ) and tell me what you think! I made side by side comparisons so you can judge for yourself what you think of my ENB :


Shot one, Vanilla with NO ENB :



Shot one, Shaydow ENB with NO DoF:



Shot one, Shaydow ENB WITH DoF turned on:



Shot Two, Vanilla with NO ENB:



Shot Two, Shaydow ENB with NO DoF:



Shot Two, Shaydow ENB WITH DoF turned on:



Shot Three, Vanilla:



Shot Three, Shaydow ENB with DoF ( I missed the no DoF one, no idea why ):




Would you use it? If not, why?


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Oh ya I forgot to mention, I finished a guide I was writing to help people with CTD issues this morning. You can find it in the Skyrim General discussion section of LoversLab. I love to frequent the Skyrim Technical Support section to see if I can help anyone, but got tired of having to retype the same reponse to " Help I keep CTD'ing when I do X " posts. Hopefully this guide can help out a lot of people and all I will have to respond now is a link to the guide :P

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