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Computer problem is problem.



So ya, I haven't said or done anything in awhile, that's because I was having random shutdowns and crashes on my computer, with well, EVERYTHING I was trying to do. Knowing what I know, I left my computer on all night and left a temperature monitor running and sure enough, my CPU spiked to a high of 97C ( 206F ) while the damn thing was IDLE. So ya, looking into I found my CPU heatsink was dying ( working on and off ). Ordered a new one but had to wait. Used my wifes computer here and there to surf around the web and read, but didn't really want to say too much since I couldn't check anything really on my computer since I didn't want to turn it on. Everything is back on track now and working fine.


No clue when v7b will be released, I've been set back.

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Welcome back, at least you nipped the problem in the bud, before it turned into something really damaging.

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