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You said I should take my job and shove it ... where, exactly?



A recent report commissioned by the Penitus Oculatus highlighted concerns regarding a marked increase in the use of conjuration spells by general populace, where the practice is on the rise, even among those otherwise untrained in magic.


One reason identified for the increase was the increasing use of summoning spells when disciplining uppity adventuresses. It seems the practice of simply conjuring a pillory or whipping post out of thin air has risen sharply since the start of the Civil War in Skyrim, leading to concerns that the trend, if allowed to continue unabated, could result in a weakening of the barriers between the Realms. In an official statement, Falion of Morthal said ... (continued on page 97)




Our top tip to help preserve the integrity of the Realms: Just remove the fittings from an X-Cross or whipping post and attach them to convenient heavy object such as a wagon, guard tower or wall. Now you need never be far from the means of disciplining your slave. Better yet, by doing so, you reduce the chances of the fabric time collapsing resulting in massed daedric incursions. Don't you owe it to yourself to help prevent a Second Oblivion Crisis?


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