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Pretty sure I missed something important.

Storms of Superior


A few days ago, I found myself being aggravated by h=the fact that there are no Forsworn two handers. Naturally, I opened the CK and tried to make one handers into two handers. I changed the "one hand" option to "both hands," and increased the size of each.


When I tried to Use them in the game, they came out still only being held using one handed animations. What did I miss?


If I get help to fix this, I'll upload the mod.


OK, that's all fixed. Now, when she draws them, there is no mesh and texture. It is invisible. There seem to be no quick, easy mods to make. They also still equip in the one hander position, at the hip.


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IIRC you also need to change some settings directly in the .nif file too. At least, I know you do for armors, so I'm betting you do for weapons too.


Check out this mod... I believe that the two weapons are essentially identical, except one is figured for one-handed and one for two-handed.

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EDIT: Yep, I think that's it... take a look at these two .NIF files, and compare them.


Um, since I can't post pictures on a blog post, I'll go ahead and PM you with the comparison... but it looks like you just need to change the NiStringExtraData string from WeaponSword to WeaponBack. There might also be something you have to do to trigger the right animations, but I don't know.

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