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The Vision



Hello everyone!


I decided to start this blog to let you guys know what I've been up to recently and to share some first impressions of my upcoming mod SexoutIntimacy Repopulated or SOIR in short.


The Idea


After the announcement of Fallout 4 I decided that now is a good time to get back into Fallout. I started with playing Fallout 3 for a while, but it didn't manage to get it hooks into me, like Fallout: New Vegas always does. I think I could write a whole blog as to why I think that is, but to keep it short and simple, I think FNV is the better game.


In any case, I updated all my FNV mods and picked up t3589's SexoutIntimacy (SOI) mod. The last time I've played it was way back in the early days of its existance and I was quite excited to see its development having progressed so far. I instantly liked how it adds a whole new dynamic to the game, one which simply has not existed prior. For those of you who haven't heard of it or never tried it, it is a framework mod, that adds a number of relationship and sexual dynamics to the game. Its focus is not on instant gratification, but on building relationships with NPCs or making activities that are otherwise implemented in a more simplistic way by other mods, quite a lot more immersive and challenging.


One of the main drawing points for me are NPCs gaining a life of their own. If they like (or dislike) what they see or how you behave around them, they let you know about it. Maybe someone heard a rumor about your exploits and wants to know if there is something behind that rumor. They form opinions about the player and will act accordingly. I'm only scraping at the surface here, but all of these features combined into a single framework really blew my mind.


One of the major drawbacks however was the dialog. Because of the nature of the mod and the fact that almost every NPC can be included in its mechanics means, that the dialog had to be kept simple. Add to that the time requirements to make fresh and non-repeating dialog for a myriad of dialog topics, with variations for every encounterable situation.


Another drawback was the fact that SOI was always meant to be a framework, rather than a mod that introduces new content to the game. It had some special mechanics related to a few vanilla characters, but overall it was trying to keep a light footprint on the game.


The Concept


This is where I now come in. The scope of SOIR is to expand on and utilize the framework that SexoutIntimacy provides. It will act as culmination of other mods and mod ideas, while introducing new and original content as well.


So, what will it include or what does it include already?


As the name suggests, it will introduce new characters to the game. If you played my previous mod SexoutAffairs, you might be familiar on how that will work out. These characters will feature complete daily routines, they will feature either completely unique or archetypally unique dialog, and they will blend into the existing world. Unlike WastelandRepopulated, it will not just place a couple of generic NPCs in the world who were basically doing nothing but hanging about, but actual believable characters that have a "life" and could exist this way in the Fallout universe. Some of them will be vendors, some of them will be able to repair your equipment, etc. pp.


All of them have a custom profile for SexoutIntimacy as well, so they will possess different personality types and quirks. I took great care not to upset the balance or look of the game either, so you won't find dolled-up super Strippers in Goodsprings, or level 40 Powder Gangers wielding light machine guns at the beginning of the game. There will also be the occasional vendor or repairman/woman who will offer their services to the player. Some of them will have secret features that can be unlocked by having a good relationship with them.


SOIR will also hook into the vanilla game and quests, without changing a single dialog topic or quest. This means that you will occasionally have the opportunity to solve a vanilla quest with SOIR mechanics.


One example being the classic "gaining entry to the prison as a female character". There are other mods that let you do that, sure. But SOI/SOIR doesn't stop with the sex. If someone is witnessing you having sex in the open, they will form opinions about you. Opinions that you might not want other people to have of you. The guard that you bribe this way will also let the guys know what you did to get into the prison. The inmates will assume that you are easy prey and will start to hit on you, or straight up ask you to do the same with them. Some won't take no for an answer.


This will all happen dynamically. I only set up a couple of parameters and tell SexoutIntimacy what just happened. Due to its dynamic nature it will let the AI behave accordingly, without me having to set up any scripted events manually.


Another example of vanilla integration is the very first major side-quest "Ghost Town - Gunfight". Once Sunny asks you to ask for support to help Ringo, SOIR will listen and you'll get a quest to ask SOIR Goodsprings residents to help out as well. Some of them need a bit of convincing, some will join right away, and some just won't fight. It doesn't touch any vanilla quest variables or conditions, it is solely achieved by reading out vanilla quest stages. Of course the fight will be a lot easier if you have up to six extra guns to fight at your side. None of these NPCs are majorly overpowered or have plot and/or magic DT30 armor, so there is a good chance that they might die in the fight, just like the vanilla GS NPCs.


(By the way, these two examples are already implemented and working.)


The Vision


There will be many other NPCs, and minor and major quests that will be fully integrated into the game. My aim is to be as lore-friendly as possible, without losing sight of the fun.


"Future plans" is usually the point where I stop reading other people's mod descriptions. I'm more interested in what is already there, instead of any lofty goals or plans which might or might not come to fruition at some unspecified point in the future. Rest assured, I have many ideas, but time will be of the essence. While there are "only" 24 NPCs in at the moment (GS, Sloan, Prison, Primm), testing is difficult, because of the dynamic nature of the mod.


I already asked and received a lot of assistance and permissions from other awesome mod makers, to whom I am very grateful for their support.


Once there is more to talk about or more to show I will continue this blog. I'll post a link to a screenshot album, in which you can get a small impression of the mod. If you want to play and test the dev-builds you are welcome to do so. Just write a comment on this blog post and I'll send you a link.




New! More screenshots:




Recommended Comments

An expansion upon Intimacy?  And it incorporates some of your SOAffairs?  Mark me as interested!


Since it uses SOI mechanics, it actually expands upon SexoutAffairs. Now you can do basically anything you could do previously, plus you get all the features that Intimacy provides. She's also not locked away with her dialog, so if you want to use other mods with her, you can now do that. Though if you "sexoutsex" her, that probably defeats the purpose.


While transferring stuff over, I also overhauled the Mojave Express, which you can now use as a small player home, if you solve the Sheriff problem in a way that Nash approves of. But if you don't and get into a relationship with Inga, she'll still share her room with you.


Edit: Can't tell if that is a "Mark me as interested in how this will pan out" or "Mark me as interested and I want to test it out right now" lol

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Sounds very interesting Bruce and I have to admit I'm hyped for this seeing as Sexout Intimacy is right up there in my top 3 favorite mods and longest play time and hours put in. I've very much enjoyed SexoutIntimacyRepop.esm that you released a little whle back so count me in - I'd love to help test the dev-builds. Thankies.

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Meant that as both meanings.  Always loved Affairs, it just went " quiet " for a bit so I went and cried in the corner.  Then I read your updated posts in support thread and now I see this so yes color me interested in helping in anyway.

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Been getting back into New Vegas, with Fallout 4 getting ever closer. Really liked the original SOI, and am looking forward to seeing it fleshed out. If it is still a possibility I would like to test out the dev build, Thanks!

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Brilliant idea. I absolutely love the idea that your small actions here and there could have potential consequences latter on in a dynamic way and I can't wait to see further deployment of T's incredible framework.

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