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  1. Great mod! I greatly enjoy the opportunity it opens to avoid combat entirely. I never been a big fan of the vanilla 'roleplay as a death-murder machine' that is a staple of all RPGs. On that note, your mod goes a very long way of addressing some of these RP problems. For example, I've been using the beggar-whore mode in order to infiltrate bases to complete whatever objective. However, no amount of snooping around and looting the place ever raised any suspicion with the gunners (and possibly other faction). Is that the sort of thing you would be expanding support for in the future? Where the BW mode is not used for its primary purpose but for deception instead? I could imagine a very simple way to monitor how many objects have been looted and how many different npc has spotted the player while remaining in the current location, raising suspicion and eventually forcing an interaction. Another mechanism (if you are going in the direction of using the BW-mode to integrate in vanilla quest) would be to parlay with kill targets in a location that you've been asked to clear (usually killing that target completes the objective). One could instead offer bribe to leave the town alone, offer to swindle the settler (share the reward) if they ease off on the settler, or something else. The offer might fail and offend the target, with obvious consequences. To complete the objective without altering the vanilla quest, one can simply kill the target via script and replace it by an identical new reference under a short blackscreen. So, this could be made into a generic mechanism to complete quests non-violently (with risks). Another aspect that could be addressed with what counts as 'non-threatening'. The presence of armor or weapons in inventory (maybe weapons larger than sidearms and knives) could be viewed with suspicions as well, possibly confiscated after failing an interaction. Anyway, your mod already give some additional sense of direction to the raider and gunner factions, rather than the pointless and senseless shoot-stranger-on-sight of vanilla with no motive behind it. The vanilla gameplay is even contradictory to the vanilla lore, in the sense that all these factions are known to parlay and take prisoners. Your other 'safe passage' mod is also great for the same reason. Great work all around!
  2. Congratulation Caden in completing the acronym RPG and best of luck in your additions. I'm very pleased that RP has been picked up time and time again and I'm very curious to see what you will come up with.
  3. This has evolved nicely! I especially like the animObject you (I think) added during the wench/waitress job. Very good. IDK why I didn't think of that. I haven't had a single issue with everything that happens at the (any) inn. However, I noticed there is also a new variant of the home delivery (not sure when it's been added). There is a strange issue that happened with it in Whiterun. The PC was sent to meet Anoriah (the wood elf) at the archery shop (can't remember the name). The initial interaction started normally but when the second couple showed up, only the prostitute was there. Anoriah and the PC then proceeded to the second scene but nothing happened after that and no dialogue were available to neither Anoriah or the prostitute. I then tried to look for the other NPC (with moveto ID). It turned out he was in a parallel universe version of the archery shop. As far as I know the parallel version could the result of another mod (I know 3dnpc has (used to have?) many such problems which show up during unrelated radiant quest since the alternate version of the copied cells are flagged like the original. However, I don't know how the second client got there while the prostitute ended up in the right version. That is very mysterious. IDK if you're planning on carrying on with RP but I thought I'd let you know of this issue. Good luck.
  4. Hi Goubo, A few suggestions: I understand the enemy types that can assault the player is controlled by the global sexlab animation availability. However, there seems to be a need for a dedicated filter (to allow certain races only), primarily because one may not want to disable animations globally, yet one may want not to be assaulted by certain creatures that do have animations. For instance, I'm not really into animal sex so I disable those but still like to have other humanoid creatures (troll, giants, falmers, rieklings) able to assault the player. However, certain mods may use these animal sex anim for a different purpose (for example, if the player initiates the act) and now they can't work due to the global setting, possibly breaking certain quests. Second suggestion has to do with placement. I very often find my PC cornered close to a wall or in a corridor due to the retarded way that the player seem to weight 1 gram while any other NPC weights a ton, such that the PC can't push them away. That's an engine limitation obviously. However, correct me if I'm wrong but it seems you start the animation centered on the player. Wouldn't it be better to start it centered on the NPC since the NPC has to path on the navmesh (which is always at least a foot from any wall). That might solve a lot of situation where the player ends up stuck in a wall during the animation or after. Good work with Defeat. I especially like the approach dialogue during surrender and the dynamics the NPCs have.
  5. I was referring to the dance show at the wrangler (which now seem to require the "wang dang atomic tango" quest to be completed) and the gommorah work which seems to require "bye bye love", a quest a never managed to complete due to its very high skill checks. But you're right, I guess I didn't necessarily look at it the right way, one doesn't have to be hired to work in the casino, though I liked the dance performances: It's not prostitution but could naturally lead to it.
  6. Hi t3589, Is there a reason why all the dancing/prostitution hiring opportunity in the casinos have been hidden behind a quest-wall. I find it makes using these options to get a few caps early (or to start rumours) in the game impossible since all these quests have some sort of high requirement skill check. Some of these I never manage to get my skill high enough due to the high difficulty setting in my game but I guess that's my business. I preferred how it used to be where one would get some benefit after these quests had been completed but could still use the option regardless. Is there any reason for the change? Again, excellent mod.
  7. Brilliant idea. I absolutely love the idea that your small actions here and there could have potential consequences latter on in a dynamic way and I can't wait to see further deployment of T's incredible framework.
  8. Good work on adding tons of quest options throughout. I have one small suggestion though: very often, I find the initial list of options (which include the one added by this mod) but I don't want to be too forward about it, so for the sake of RP and all and I'll try first to persuade the NPC... and maybe, once I have run out of options, I would consider offering sex or something. However, in many cases, the sex option disappear if it is not chosen right away. In some cases one can exit dialogue and reenter to the starting branch and it reappears but sometimes one cannot do that (for example with the random thief holdup). Is that something you are considering to add?
  9. While an interesting idea, it'd add a fair bit of work more than you'd probably expect. Keywords would need to be added to either A: Every invalid armor available or B: Every valid armor available. This would also irregardless make all modded armor invalid unless the mod author added the appropriate keyword compatibility themselves. It's 100s of times easier to just do it in your head than to go through the effort of sifting through hundreds of items in CK to just add a tag or two to it. I don't think it would require much work actually. The reason is that the keyword already exists: they are ArmorLight and ArmorHeavy if I am not mistaken. There is also ArmorCuirass which is only set on armor, light or heavy. Clothes and robes don't have these keywords. Now, I'm also guessing that the mod register for update every so often to update the belly size and other things. It would be a simple matter to check if the WornHasKeyword and to otherwise monitor when an armor is equipped on the player with the activemagiceffect already present. Incidentally, I took that into account in my suggestion. I had used this in Radiant Prostitution in an attempt to determine how "threatening" the player looked. Edit: @Content Consumer: Thanks, I'll look at this.
  10. Hi, I installed this mod a while ago and it seems very well done so far. I only have one question/suggestion, I noticed that the belly scaling armor pack covers pretty much all armors. However, it doesn't seem to make much sense with rigid armors like iron, steel, etc. and so I decided not to install these and only have the clothes subfolder and see what happens (I'm guessing what will happen is just that the belly won't show if I was using armor). However, what I was looking for was some option to make usage of armor uncomfortable or impossible in the late stages of pregnancy, such that one would be more or less forced to remove it and wear "expansible" clothes instead. However, I couldn't find this option. Is there something like that or is that the sort of thing you would consider adding? Of course, one can simply roleplay it as such, but a little reminder that it's time to swap out of armor would be interesting. Good work.
  11. I think it's unlikely to be a performance issue for 2 reasons. First, all other mods with dance and music work in the same environment. I'm affected by the same issue and I tried removing some mods but to no avail -- I didn't do a complete thorough screening though, I just went with those I deemed more likely to conflict. It became less bad than it used to be some time ago during an update (not during the partial screening) so I decided to tough it up. Anyway, the second reason seems to be that the animation works perfectly when the camera return to the player and for a few second after, the dance remains and it is very smooth. I can't remember if there is still music at this point. Maybe you could have a look at how Odessa implemented the little dance part in Soliciting. However, even though it uses the anim and some music along in certain context (and all seemed to work on my side for that), I don't think I've seen one that add both at the same time for a duration as long as yours, so there may be special precaution to take in case the anim breaks in your case (things that wouldn't matter for a 5 seconds dance). In any case, glad to see your back in the saddle. Great work and good luck.
  12. We never know, there are always surprises. But seriously, I doubt I'll retake the lead on this project (i.e. I'm certain I won't). I'd much rather start a new one with a more solid foundation and a slightly different concept, which might be what CGi, Heromaster et al. are doing with APPS, idk. On that note, anyone is welcome to reuse bits and pieces of my code and/or concepts from the original RP (thought I can't speak for Kori's contribution). The main problem at the moment is pure lack of motivation: Idea pool: Overflowing Know how: Pretty high Spare time: Low Motivation level: Critically low.
  13. To CK: I've had it once at the beginning of the Gomorrah sequence. The first guy disappeared and if I remember correctly I eventually had to reload. Then the next time everything when through as expected. This lead me to believe that it would be something very hard to pinpoint, seeing as it is not even reproducible with a save made just before.
  14. Here is an prototype branching for the level of the dialogue: Casual : Dialogue is cheerful, refer to your sex partner by gorgeous, common nickname, etc. but not too intimate and caring like marital branch. Marital : Dialogue refers to spouse by honey, lover, darling, etc. Affectionate dialogue. That sort of thing. Reward : For these situation where the sex partner give sex as payment. Not sure how to formulate without being too specific but the dialogue might refer to something like: "I think I deserve such and such for what I've done", etc. LowEndProstitution : Could refer to the receiving end as whore and may be more sneering, though not too much. Still the buyer knows he's not buying high class and there is no pretense. HighEndProstitution : Could refer to the receiving end in a more polite manner e.g. Buyer suggests things instead of demanding. Not referred as "companion" because that would be too confusing. Maybe things like: "I saved my gold for a month for this night"... bla bla bla...
  15. Hi, I agree with the OP on "why so insulting?". If you'd recall, my original RP dialogue was much milder and respectful, sometime humorous. Ironically, some complained that it was too mild. Kori had different tastes which is fine by me. When I let him carry the flag I didn't intend on policing. In any case, all the quests that run in the inns, the events and the home delivery job worked quite well as far as I'm concerned but I initially sort of took a tangent with the other radiant quests and some of them were too easy to break. That was a mistake. I'm not sure if that's what people called stability. RP is very stable but some of the advanced quest are too easily breakable. In any case, I'm thinking of revisiting the concept of RP some time in the future and maybe the level of the prostitution would be more suitable to your taste. The following is not a promise, just things I think are missing or have gone astray and I want to fix them when I'll be able. The first thing that is needed is a sort of sexlab wrapper that would let modders start a complex scene with dialogue in one line. The job of the wrapper would be as follows: Say you completed your quest (whatever it is), the damsel swoons and says: "Oh, a big hero like you deserves some special reward". The modder who wrote that line, instead of calling Sexlab.StartSex(blas bla bla) would call the Wrapper.StartSex(bla bla bla) which would then automatically prompt the player with generic and random dialogue for: -where should we go -what should we do -let's do it here, -(if prostitution) demand payment -etc. Depending on the parameter, I would add dialogue for consensual sex and for consensual prostitution sex. This whole thing wouldn't make much sense for forced sex. The advantage would be in consistency across mods and by adding many more complex option very simply. The wrapper would also make the whole thing much more simple to debug and expand. I think skyrimll also made a library of immersive dialogue which could be useful in such an endeavor. With that in hand, I would then revisit the inn mechanics. The server quest is quite nice and Kori has had some good idea to bypass the limitation of the text replacement system. There is also the normal prostitution quest and I think the home visit was quite nice and was closer to the high-end escort idea. All in all, the central focus should be on the inn mechanics and city centric. At least, that's my thinking atm. Again, not a promise, just thinking aloud. MF
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