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Upcomming changes 2.5



Greetings all,


the next version is still in progress and will have some new great changes!


- New Baby Item
- Growing into a child
- No Sexlab Required, but still SexLab
- Sex without Sex(lab)
- Couple maker


New Baby Item
The first thing I want to present is, the new wearable baby item!
Baby Items are now defined as Armor / Armor AddOn, instead of MiscObject. Lactina, a great forum member, made a realy cute baby. With help of Vader666 and Vioxsis we could implementate it to skyrim so we got a cute baby that we can carry around!


Take a look at the screenshots.


But right now there are only 4 races supported. Nord, Breton and Imperial that use the same texture, and one Redguard.
It's planed to make all reaces available.
The Nord Baby will be the "Fallback". That meens, when you play as a not supported race, you will born the nord baby.


Btw: It works great in combination with the mod "Immersive First Person" and other First-Person Mods


Growing into a child
It's planed to let the baby grow. Now that we've got a wearable baby, I can make a script that checks if a baby should grow into a child.
But well, what's when the baby was only a fallback. If you play as a not supported race (like now: Khajiit) you will born a nord baby, that's right. But when you use RCOTS and the AddOn for example, the baby will grow into a Khajiit child. This may looks like a bug, but actually you are a Khajiit.


Since a few weeks there is a new Framework that should handle the Breast and Belly scaling for multiple mods.
The projekt name is CANS and with it it should be possible to run BeeingFemale, Estrus Chaurus, Fill her Up, SexLab Hormones, Faites des babes, and all the other mods that scale the belly and breast nodes, at the same time.
For that, the modder has to implement some code. Well, Beeing Female will give an option to use CANS.
So you can the Visual scaling option to:
"None", "Skeleton Node Scaling (Net Immerse)", "Skeleton Node Scaling (NiOverwrite)", "Weight Scaling" and "CANS Framework"


No Sexlab Required, but still SexLab
I've read so many comments about "I want a pregnancy mod, but I don't want SexMods" that I want to make this possible!
At least, nothing will change for SexLab users. They will have all functions that exists before.
But now, you can Use BeeingFemale without SexLab! There are now some alternative ways to become pregnant (read the next part for more informations)
But I also have some bad news for the non-sexlab users. If SexLab isn't running, you will have some functions less. For example:
- You won't have an undress animation.
- There is only 1 voice for pains, when you give birth
- ...


For the SexLab users: BeeingFemale will automaticly detect if sexlab is running. If not it won't make use of SexLab.... if yes, you will have all functions


Sex without Sex(lab)
Well, how is it possible to become pregnant without having sex(lab)?
I made 2 new Systems, a new Widget, and spend a lot of work.....
Ok the first system is for the player. Lets say you came home to your husband after having some many difficult combats and now you want to relax.... After you enterd the bed room, you already see your husband sleeping in the bed and you will lay down too. The screen turns into black and you are 'sleeping' (next to your husband) ... This is how you will have 'sex' without having 'sex'
Depending on your settings, it works only with your husband, or Followers, all NPCs ... and all NPCs that are 20m around you.


The second System is for NPCs.
Useing the new Couple-System the NPCs may have a bit fun at night. Here you can also check who with who.
You can configurate the NPCs that they only will act with her Husband, ... affairs... friends....
In the night, up to 20 NPCs may act.... But only once a day... they need some rest, too. Bad news: only already loaded NPCs may act.... When you never meet Ysolda for example, she won't have sex with NPCs
After you meet her the first time, she is added to a list and now she will act.


You can disable this feature for sure. But those who don't use SexLab, for them it's the only way to become pregnant / having pregnant NPCs
And for sure you can use this, even when you are using SexLab


Couple Maker
For the new system I made a new Widget and named it "Couple Maker". When the Couple Maker was activated, you will have a large Display on the right with a list. Actually 2 lists and 1 one liner.
The one liner text field is for the Husband. Here her Husband is written. The 1 List is for affairs. Here you can add all affairs she may have
And the third I named "Partners" but actually it's more "Friends" ... maybe I will rename it.
Now you have to select a woman first using the E key and hold it for 2 seconds. Now the Widget will display her name. Another thing that happen is... the widget is searching for her husband... If the husband was found, it will automaticly add it in the 'Husband" text field.
If there isn't realy a husband but you want her to have one, you can look at a male actor, press and hold the "H" key for 2 seconds. Now it will be manually added. But only actors she like are able to be added.... so you can't "marry" enemys.


Same works with affairs. After a woman is selected, go to a male actor and press G (getaway). Now the male is added to the affair list. You can have more then 1 male in the list..... and for the last list "partners" you can do the same with the P key
When an male is alreadyin the list, he will be removed.


But anyways.... BeeingFemale will already contains above 100 pre configurated female NPCs! There isn't a city that doesn't have a couple... many womans got Husbands and some of them have an affair. Don't worry, you don't need to run through all cities to create couples, before you can start skyrim with BeeingFemales


Recommended Comments

Looks amazing, I can't wait. Think of the possibilities with the baby model! You could potentially give it needs, like feeding. Maybe it could even integrate with one of the various milking mods so you have to keep your baby stocked with breast milk.

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I am not sure where to post this but I tried this mod because I really want to use it but when I try to select or even move down to the books in my inventory that come with the mod I get CTD. Anyone know how to fix this

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This is more something for the forum. But have you installed the mod correctly? For me it sounds the textures or meshes are in a wrong directory

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Please make the Baby-Armor work for custom races in a future update  :)

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Now that the new forum's stuff got deleted, I think this is the most appropriate spot atm to post something about Alpha and Omega without cluttering BF's forum:



You can begin writing A&O before Fallout 4's official mod support program start and the creation of mods that would facilitate visual interpretation of pregnancy, as I'm sure you know.

This would, however, be a prefect chance to modularise your pregnancy framework.


The framework itself can be a masterfile coded in a more efficient language (machine-wise) than papyrus, and deal with the whole fertility thing in a separate capsule. Once the (GE)CK is released, plugins could be made to fork data between the game and the mod. Thus, the mod would be universal and easily adaptable for sex mods, as SexLab (and the proposed SexTec) are not the only ones out there, and projects such as 0S promise to provide a better visual experience. Also, other plugins might then have read only access to A&O's variables to implement game responses to A&O's fertility cycle (enemies sparing a pregnant woman, increased attention from the lover, NPCs sensing the ovulation phase)


Now I'd like to put in some ideas to expand the feature list:


- mechanical contraception: Skyrim's BF mod lacks its own condoms and doesn't recognise other mods' stuff (understandably). The mod could use some (but a scarce supply)

- breastfeeding: you're don't make animations, unless I'm mistaken, but the community that keeps close eyes on your mod could help out. On your side, the surrounding code is needed.

- hardcore changes to the body: BF reverts everything back to normal, just the breasts are enlarged for the time it takes the female body to recover from the ordeal of pregnancy. There could be an optional mode that would leave breasts slightly enlarged (and possibly other changes done) permanently after the first pregnancy in the game (disregarding previous lore, there will be alternate start mods).



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Again I will rename this blog  to BeeingFemale & Alpha and Omega.

I think this will be the best. :)


Maybe this is the wrong spot so I will post it into the Forum, too. After talking to the nexus Admin I need to change the Beeing Female Title image to make BeeingFemale unmarked as Adult Mod.

So I think I will make a photoshop Dress-Up.

I feel realy sorry about this because I know, everyone loves the beautyful and decent act image I made as a title image.

And it realy tooks a realy lot of work. There are above 50 Layers in Photoshop and everyone know "This image beyonds to BeeingFemale. I will keep it on LL but ingame and for Nexus it's planed to remove the nudity.

Please don't forget, I love this title image too. But I think it's more important that the adult flag will be removed.

Maybe I will keep it for everyone who has LoversLab installed.... so when LL is installed, in the MCM Menu the original version will be shown.

This will be part of a small update and will contain the removement of the Menstrual message "bug".


Well, maybe you ask why it's important for me to release it on Nexus and without Adult-Flag. Well, there is so much work in BeeingFemale. I'm happy when you all like my hard work and for sure the work of all who helped me.

I realy hope there will be more featback on Youtube, and Google Image searches... I liked that there was a parodie image on google for BeeingFemale as well :)

When the Adult Flag is removed, even more users on Nexus may use my mod and the chances are even bigger.


It got something good for you as well. Maybe some other ppl may release AddOns for BeeingFemale.


Another reason is, I like it to teach the younger generation, I'm above 30 years oldand don't have children. I'm traveling a lot from city to city, started a new life in another city, and after a couple of years I had to travel back to germany.

BeeingFemale is like many biology lessons in school but with even more details :)


For sure, when I release it without adult tag some more "bad" commentswould be post. On google I found a forum post where someone recommanded BeeingFemale... and another user wrote something like "Just another modder who spend month to make a mod for his own fetish". This was realy bad >.< BeeingFemale isn't a fetish, it's one of the most powerful Skyrim mods (with a bunch of bugs I must admit ^^)

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It is a very awesome mod !

Why this mod is compatible with creatures , if you can't birth creatures then ?

I know this is totally unrealistic, but , hey we are in a world where MAGIC is everywhere !

The idea is to give birth to a mini version of the last creature that deposit its sperm in the belly.

For a beastess rp it should be awesome !

Please do this !

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BeeingFemale got a complete own Mod System. I've only included basics. It's possible to make even other contraception, other babys, scaling the duration of anything, make a race have less pains then another, and even including new babys.

So it is possible to give birth to a dragon, when you have the AddOn for it and there is an AddOn out there :)

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Hi Milz! One viewer on the BF video, asked if a FO4 version is in your plan. I remember reading I was thinking about going F04 a while ago... but not totally sure.


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I have one idea that could be added into this mod. How about assisted birth?. Like if you are with other NPCs perhaps one or more could help assist in birth. Please make the helper a man. Or perhaps the birth could happen in a bed with the person helping.

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Well something like that was planed as another mod.... (BeeingFemale itself shouldn't make any changes to NPCs or Locations)

But I've stoped it right now. There were to many problems with BeeingFemale i had to fix... there are still some problems with Beeingfemale I have to fix, I have another mod running now and at least my HTC Vive is comming soon :)

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Hello everyone. Can someone give me a version with equipable baby itens only(all races)? The full mod is too heavy for my actuall skyrim. I would be very grateful :)

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