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New Child Skill Menu



Ok here are 2 screenshots for the new child skill menu.

This is just a design, nothing implementated into Skyrim. This is how I thought it should look like


The Perks will be dynamic so you can create your own perks anytime. You just have to create the perc and register it via script, and adding the position.

I think the function will loooks like that:


System.RegisterPerk(MyPerk, 50, 60)

With this little function call the perk will be placed into the map at position 50 x 60 and now you can add this perk to your child.


But again, nothing is developed and i'm not sure this will be included in the next release.... but somedays it will!


There are 3 Tabs

- Info Tab: This will display some basic infos like the childs first name, sur name, dot, age, mother and father

- Skill Tab: Here you can train your child. When ever the child gets a level up, it becomes 3 or maybe 5 (don't know yet) skill points you can spend in Destruction, Archery, One-Hand Weapons, Two-Hand Weapons, .....

- Perk Tab: For each level the child will get 1 perk point you can spend in some perks like "Fire Damage", "Magica cost reduction", ....


The Yelow stars in the Perk tree are enabled perks, the grayed one are disabled perks (the child got a to low level)


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Wow, so this is what you've been slaving away at? Wonderful!


Exciting to see a fleshed out child system. Guess there's a reason to actually care for your children now lol.

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It is a new perk system only for the children. All default menus stay untouched and no changes for the player.

But this new menu needs some PlayStation3 and XBox tests... i hope it will work :) i give my best.

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Glad you like it.

The menu is already 40% done. Right now i've got some problems with the key and controler handler and with the background image you can see on the second screenshot.


I had to overwrite all the ActorValue functions. The children now have got some new ActorValues + all default ActorValues.

ActorValues are things like "SpeedMultiply", "Destruction Skill", "Alternation Skill", "Illusion Skill", "Poison Resist", ......... And now they got a few more :)


Another thing i can report: many bugs are already fixed... and Yes, the problem with the 3rd Trimester was the typing bug >.< Thanks for the report.


But... still can't say when the next version will be released.

I'm realy busy @office for the next month. I already had to abort my holidays.

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For the object baby would be no simpler to create a discount thanks to the numbers of days than the child was born then the child is transformed or with a fate(spell) or not but he is transformed into an actor. I think that it is not necessary to make so that the child increases until the size of the actor but the pass of the state baby object to the state Actor. But this change would be irreversible. It was just an idea ^^

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This is not possible. The object is unloaded when it's just in the inventory.... it has to lay on the ground to be active.

The only way to do so, would be using the "Beeing Female spell" and "Beeing male spell" that must check if a baby actor is in the inventory and if so, how old is it.... This could be a solution, but right now this got low priority

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Ive installed this several times, Ive used the required mods but Im getting no menu, on loaded saves or new games. ;A; Am I doing something wrong how should I be installing this?

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this child skill menu is still in development.

The Perk System is still unfinished.


I've also planed to make a complete leveling overhaul for the children.... so they get a complete own level system. This isn't done in a few days, this takes a while.


Soon i got some holidays .... i hope i can finish te next version then.

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I've probebly tried about 3 different skins pregnant oriented while "giving birth" about 5 times. each time the body doesn't change with the trimesters like its supposed to. anybody have any skin suggestions or ideas to make the skins I do have work? I have the beeing female, xp32, and then unbp bbp preg body. I'm a little lost. these mods are installed through NMM

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Hi, milzschnitte,


I have a demonica lilith version of serana, how come the conceiving chance for her is just 6%? Is it that she is a vampire? or that she is a custom race?



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Thank you for the wonderful mod! I wish you all the best for next year. I hope we will soon see the continuation of this mod.

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Hey can you help me I downloaded this mod but when I open skyrim with this mod on skyrim just crashws can you help me?

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I kinda have a problem. Everytime I give birth to a chilld, they are balded with little hair strands, is there a reason why this is happening, and what can I do to fix this?

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Really nice!

I would like to see a patch for The Kids Are Alright (Although, it seems to be hosted by the 'mod-sitting' account on nexus now?) I use them for less potato-y children, and I'm not sure if using the RS children patch while using TKAA would blend well or even work properly. 

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