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Piper Becomes a Bad Influence (Piper affinity mod idea and testing)

Sgt. Marge


The other day I was hanging out in Diamond City with Piper after she helped me save the day in Concord.  As a side note, I was slightly disappointed by the lack of unique dialogue for her in the Museum but that's not unsurprising as the devs didn't expect you to go to DC before you rescue Preston.  I did notice that they slightly changed Mama Murphy's dialogue if you don't have Dogmeat with you.  But I digress.


Piper likes it when you pick a lock.  Which is fine, she's a reporter.  Sometimes you gotta be sneaky to find stuff out.  However, when I took a magazine out of a trash can, THATS where she draws the line??  I mean, really Piper?  no problem with me picking every lock I see, but steal one thing out of the trash and you frown?


I think Piper should be OK with taking stuff if no one is looking.  She's pretty devious when she wants to be.  She already likes it if you are mean to people.  So why wouldn't she like it if you take something that doesn't belong to you?  Furthermore, a little Breaking and Entering shouldn't be beyond reproach for a reporter.  Sometimes you gotta chase that story into someone else's office.  I'm on the fence about adding likes for pickpocketing.   Certainly murder is still a no go.  I'll have to take a further look to see if there are any other changes that could be made to balance things out.  I wouldn't mind adding 1 more thing she doesn't like if I can come up with something that makes sense.  If I add pick-pocketing, I might take away giving stuff to people 😛 Although that would make the Sheffield interaction weird.


So I just made a little patch for the B&E and thievery and I'm going to test it in the next few days.  Hopefully it will work fine. 🤞


If it works it might be a good companion mod for Boston Devious Helper.  I might have to reinstall that mod actually...


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Final Tweaks before testing.  Here's what the mod does currently.


Piper likes theft, Breaking and Entering, and getting addicted to chems.

Piper doesn't care if you pick a normal lock.

Piper doesn't care if you pickpocket.

Piper dislikes you entering Power Armor.

All the other affinity rules are the same as vanilla.


I felt like the 2 changes I made for likes needed some balance, and so I chose disliking power armor.  It makes sense to me because she supposedly opposes helping the Brotherhood of Steel.  Besides, how are you supposed to do crimes if you are making so much fuckin' noise, Blue?  Sheesh!


I thought about having her like nudity, but I feel like that makes it way too easy.  At least with the crimes there is some risk involved.  Honestly I should think about changing the regular lockpicking to something else since you are constantly picking locks in this game.  hmmm...  What if instead of liking lockpicking, she likes it when you get addicted to chems.  Not sure.  She does have dialogue about you going to a doctor and getting help I think.  It would go more towards being a bad influence.  Just getting likes for using chems or drinking beers seems too cheap.  OK I talked myself into it.  Also if you are always strung out on chems she can manipulate you into doing her bidding easier if you are being dominated by her via BDH. 


It shouldn't be quite as easy to get her affinity up with these changes through normal gameplay.  My character smokes like a chimney with Survival and smoking cigars hardcore save mod, so I'm usually getting addicted to nicotine (which was added by a mod so I wonder if it would count...) But I'm thinking it would be interesting to have encouragement to get addicted to everything, to try and get this woman to like you more.  Add the risk of doing a crime.  And the disliking power armor, so you'd be more likely to be wearing armor.  Could make it even harder and have her dislike making armor modifications o.o

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I've played through Nuka Ride now to the first quest that takes you to DC and just talked to Piper, so I'm ready to test the first iteration of the mod today.  I could have just started in DC with Another Life but I also wanted to test other things that are new in my load order, as I've just gotten rid of AWKCR and switched to ECO for crafting.  So of course now I've given more thought to what makes the most sense with regards to what Piper should like.


Thievery is way too easy to abuse for affinity points I think.  I saw a thread on reddit last night where someone detailed exactly where to go to steal a bunch and get one of the companions affinity up.  I think Piper should just turn a blind eye to Thievery.  It may seem slightly at odds with her behavior of liking when the player gives things to people, but sometimes you gotta steal from the rich to give to the poor.  And there isn't an easy way to express that without writing a bunch of dialogue and stuff.  It's too much work.  I want this version of Piper to be excited about breaking into someplace she isn't supposed to be.  It seems like there's a line of dialogue where she talks about the "Piper Suite" in the DC jail.  The wiki entry says:


"Piper had been arrested by Diamond City security so many times that, up until recently, Diamond City's jail had been called the "Piper Suite."


Do we know exactly why she was arrested all those times?  I need to research that a little.  I don't remember right now.  But the point is, she does things she isn't supposed to in order to achieve her goals.  So the whole point of this change to her affinity for me is that she either doesn't care if you commit crimes, or actively gets excited when you do.  And the thing that makes the most sense is simply change from regular Lockpicking to Owned lockpicking, among the other smaller changes.  The feeling of doing something that can get her into trouble causes an adrenaline rush.  Maybe she's sort of addicted to that in way, no wonder she keeps getting arrested.


I haven't ever pickpocketed in Fallout except during Raider Pet.  But I think that the NPC becomes hostile if you pickpocket them.  And if that's the case I wonder if Piper's AI would cause them to start shooting.  If the NPC dies does that count as murder which would then cause her to "hate" you a little?  That's a question I would have to explore if I was going to have her "like" you when you pickpocket.


Edit:  I also added Boston Devious Helper into the mix to see how well it would work with this.  I'm looking forward to getting dominated lol.  That might also be a vector to add dialogue for her to tell you to steal shit.

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I had a brief test of the mod earlier and the changes seem to work fine.  So I've tweaked it a bit to be more in line with the current vision and to make it slightly more difficult to spam affinity actions.

Here's what we've got for the next test, and for this I'll be starting a new game and will do at least 2 to 4 hours of testing so I can play around with BDH and see how they work together.


Version 0.2  (All of the flavor text is just my own RP justification, the mod has no additional dialogues)


Piper Likes:
Chem Addiction - Piper likes when you get addicted to Chems, because then she can more easily convince you to steal things to pay for more drugs.
Pick Lock Owned Door - When you pick a lock to a door and break into a place, it gives her a rush to be in a place she isn't supposed to be.  Sometimes you have to bend the rules to chase a story.


Piper looks the other way:
Theft- As they say in Nuka World, "If you can take something, it's yours."  Piper doesn't mind if you grab something you need, but if someone else comes along that needs it more, you should give it to them.  It's the redistribution of wealth.
Pickpocketing - It's a good skill to have, in case you need to grab a key or plant some evidence.


Piper Dislikes:
Power Armor - She is already not a fan of the Brotherhood of Steel, and so she does not like people using power armor.  Also, how are you supposed to sneak around wearing that stuff?  And if you are wearing Power Armor she can't see your cute bod!  So cut it out!
Player Encumbered - You can't run from Diamond City security lugging around all of that junk, Blue!  Stay light on your feet for crying out loud!

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