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Good Morning, LOVERS LAB!

Storms of Superior


OK! I have asked this in a previous blog entry, but can anyone name the scripts used to build simple, generic quests?


Please, oh please, oh PLEASE!


Yes, I'm in quite the mood today.


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Also, I'm looking for a page that hosts the Morten Hairs mods. I have both files, but I'm looking for permissions.


I downloaded CPU's Follower Tutorial today, and I would like to try to build my PC and release her as a follower for fun.


If anyone can help  with that, I would appreciate it.


P.S. Morten Hairs is no longer on the Nexus.

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I think what you're looking for is the story manager.


That kicks off radiant quests in response to things happening in-game. For things like a simple fetch-and-carry it's all about how the quest aliases are filled. You wouldn't need a script at all except maybe for some dialogue fragments.


Otherwise, look at the SM in the CK and find a quest similar to the one you want to make and see how it's scripted

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