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Diary Of Mine Tester Pacage V1



Hello evry one! :)


This weak to me a bit bussy not mutch time spent on testing :( sad thing but happens...

Instead i realized i can do mroe than testing to community so... i started to do things, looks of it others found out intresting things... ( like devloped TradersSellZaz mod...)

During this i see we need a new tool! I plan to put some juice test report here soon ( i mean within next 2 week i hope so :) )


Recently DoM author @TrollAutokill added keywords and function this keyword in DOM:


Note for developers:


DoM is aware of the following keywords, include them in your clothing mod or use KID to propagate them to your favorite mods,

  • ClothingPoor: this is a Skyrim keyword describing degrading clothes used on laborer slaves.
  • ClothingRich: this is a Skyrim keyword describing clothes used on favorite loyal slaves.
  • ClothingShame: this is a DoM keyword describing degrading clothes used on sex slaves.
  • ClothingSexy: this is a DoM keyword describing fancy clothes used on sex slaves. Well training slaves will consider this positive, while others might consider them degrading.
  • EroticArmor: this is a Sexlab Aroused keyword. Behave as ClothingSexy.
  • zad_Property_Humiliating: this is a Zaz keywork. Behave as ClothingShame.


To make easy test this function out i made this mod:



This baby come with 4 functions:

add zaz item to traders (similar my TraderSellZaz) compatible zaz 7.0se and higher (default riverwood)

add normal clothing to traders (default riverwood)

add special Sexy,Shame,Rich,Por keyworded items to traders (default riverwood)


This functions represented by each LSE flagged esp, 


i added a optional mod that makes all skyrim general traders, inns, blacksmitsh sell this stuff insted only riverwood vendors.

And included a patch that fixes compatibility with USSEP.


This mod created for testing out new dom functions (and having fun same time).

DOMTester V1.7z


Intended usage:

Start new game, this is the safest way. But not requered.. draw back is: the items show up after next trader inventory restock. So if you wish see and expereinece the stuff in it probably quickes way to use the magic word:


coc riverwood


WARNING: DO NOT USE FOR TESTRUNS! DoM not like this way of game start! 


if your se... akhm i wish to say adven... akhm so TESTRUNS happen to face some bug pls report here:




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