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Getting Started with Animation



While working on the next part of The Will of Atom, I decided to get into animation so that I could make some custom scenes. There's definitely a very tall barrier to entry when it comes to Fallout 4 animations, but once you get acquainted with the tools, it's not too difficult. Before getting into anything, I'd like to thank @ShadeAnimator for his Fallout 4 Animation Kit, which is what made this possible.


I started off with something simple: a masturbation animation. In the process of making this, I learned some useful tidbits about 3ds Max, such as the existence of the link tool and IK Targets - together, they make it much easier to make the hands stay where you want them to.



After importing this animation into the game, I learned that the default F4AK body doesn't align quite right with CBBE (or at least my preset), as the fingers were floating in the air instead of actually touching the character's genitals. So I imported my preset into 3ds Max and used it as a reference to make a new animation: masturbation version 2.



In version 2, I also used 3ds Max's curve editor to try and make the movements feel more natural. I'll leave it up to you to decide if I succeeded in that endeavor. I am currently working on an FF animation next, and I look forward to seeing what else I can learn as I polish that animation up.



I'll most likely release these in a pack once I have ~5-10 decent animations done. I'm mainly going to focus on the stuff that seems to be lacking in Fallout 4 - FF/Creature animations. Creatures are harder to work with than humans, since only a few of them have publicly available rigs, so I'm currently looking into creating my own rigs for them.


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