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  1. I assume that the AI isn't so lucky and you wind as the lone island of sanity in a tentacle empire anyway?
  2. Man, have to say that it seems like once tentacles get into your kingdom there is no way to get rid of them and they eventually take over even with the lower encounter rates. Is it just me, or did I install the mod incorrectly? Withing the first year I went from Queen of England to a full in indoctrinated tentacle slave and had found others in my court with the same situation.
  3. Let me know what you have in mind and the kind of content that you want written up and I will be more than happy to have a crack at it.
  4. I'm curious, is it possible for the AI to use mind control on the pc? Is there any content around that?
  5. In the case of Skyrim, I would omit any mention of hypnosis. In this case, I would have a magic user approach the player and mention how they look tired or work out. Kind of like the random skooma dealer you can run into on the road. Then they can off to cast some healing magic on the player that would allow them to life their spirits/ revitalize them. If the player agrees, the mage cast the charm spell, or something similar on the player. After that, they can use the spell to try to program the player to respond to a specif trigger word.
  6. You know, back in the LE version, I was trying to put together a mind control mod that expanded on the power of Miraak that would allow him to mind control and enslave the DB. He would then direct the DB to help expand his influence though out the island and then to Skyrim. Unfortunately my HD cratered and I lost all my progress, and never got up the motivation to start from the beginning again. You might want to try that if you are interested in making a submissive player mod.
  7. I don't know if you have done something like this before, but have you considered doing a story line where the MC is captured by a mad scientist for breeding experiments and they use mind control tech to ensure the co-operation of the MC? The scientist could use the mind control tec to program the MC as a kind of sleeper agent that will slip back into a trance and breed with certain types of animals when she encounters them. Just an idea., it's probably on the crazy side.
  8. Looking forward to seeing the next update. I've been looking for quest expansion mods both here and on the nexus. Honestly, I prefer this one more than some of the ones on the nexus. You are doing a far better job maintaining the atmosphere and tone of the fallout universe than some of the more mainstream modders are.
  9. Hey, just an idea that came to mind for something that you could do. You remember how you have the brainwashing maid armor? How about creating a trapped power armor? When the player gets in, it locks shut and displays hypnotic visuals and uses subliminal messages to program the user. You could tie that into another one of your existing storylines, maybe a bounty hunting contract for a mad scientist?
  10. IF you need help with QA for the mod, let me know.
  11. Just an idea, but the Charus could release a pheromone that acts on the female mind while they are asleep and compels the sleeping body to seek out the source. The victims of the pheromone would basically be put into a trance as they try to find the charus who is emitting the pheromones.
  12. Just an idea, but you know that spell that Brelyna cast on the DB when they are doing her personal quest? The one that puts a green filter on the screen? You could use that one and make it pink instead.
  13. If you don't mind my asking, what do you have planned for your next content update? Will you be focusing on just one section of the mod, or will the content be spread out?
  14. At the moment there is no one path that is complete. In fact most just start and allow you to go a little bit into the plot for that path.
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