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Updates on development of any mods I'm working on + other random stuff.

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The Will of Atom - Dev Log #1

The current plan for the next TWOA update:   - 2 new mini-quests that push forward the main TWOA questline: "Enlightenment" and "An Offering" - New approach variations that showcase Anastasia's powers. - New greeting/farewell lines for Anastasia, so that she doesn't always give an exasperated 'Hello'. - Improvements to approach behavior so that they have less of a chance to bug out.   Status   Approach Variations   The first approach variati


Snapdragon_ in The Will of Atom

Getting Started with Animation

While working on the next part of The Will of Atom, I decided to get into animation so that I could make some custom scenes. There's definitely a very tall barrier to entry when it comes to Fallout 4 animations, but once you get acquainted with the tools, it's not too difficult. Before getting into anything, I'd like to thank @ShadeAnimator for his Fallout 4 Animation Kit, which is what made this possible.   I started off with something simple: a masturbation animation. In the process


Snapdragon_ in Animation

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