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This is a small mod centered around a new companion from the Children of Atom named Anastasia, who has the ability to hypnotize the player character.


Anastasia can be found in the Crater of Atom - a quest will start once you enter the crater pointing to her exact location. Once she becomes your companion, she has a chance every few gamehours to approach the player character and try to hypnotize them. (How often this occurs can be configured with MCM.) If you submit to her too many times in a row, your character will lose the ability to resist her. As of v1.1, once your character loses the ability to resist Anastasia, the main quest will proceed on to the new content.


Note: This mod is designed for a female player character. It will work with a male character, but the animations may not make sense.




Far Harbor DLC

Advanced Animation Framework

Snapdragon Animations (v1.1.0 or higher)

AAF Themes




Mod Configuration Menu

Other animation packs: Leito, Atomic Lust, SavageCabbage




Iris Harman for the voice of Anastasia

Seddon4494 for his great CK tutorials

EgoBallistic for helping me understand how AAF works


Other Links




Edited by Snapdragon_

What's New in Version 1.1.2


- Added a missing dialogue line back in.
- Made general improvements to overall mod stability:
    - If an AAF scene fails to start, a warning will be displayed & the mod will now properly skip to the end of the scene.
    - If the Enlightenment AAF scene is ended prematurely, it will no longer cause a permanent black screen.

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