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Simflix & Chill



Simflix & Chill


David has invited Thomas, his friend with benefits, to spend the evening at his apartment and watch a good movie on Simflix. The two friends get along very well but have different tastes in the kind of movie they want to watch. 
David is going to have to be persuasive if he wants to see his romance movie through to the end. But maybe Thomas will be the one to convince David to watch a horror movie...


Featured sex animations by

@Khlas LINK


@wild_guy LINK

PS: This is my second attempt at making a video, there still are imperfections but I hope you'll enjoy it!

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Great Job on your 2nd video!  I love some of the camera movements, camera angles, and the music certainly got the mood pumping!  Those animations work so well with your story.  Sexy times!  

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