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Base body for painting in Substains Painter



Hi all! I have a little gift for you :)


A lot of people ask me (here on LL and in personal conversations) how i make so good tattoos forms on body surface or seamless bodypaints. Without distortions, seams and etc. Answer is wery simle - Substains Painter. This is a really great tool for body painting but you will need something special for it - body without seams and with multiple UV tiles. Not all people understand how to do this in SP so i decide to do the base project file and share it here for you. 





What you will need


1. Substains Painter

2. Some knowleges how to use SP (creating layers, painting, exporting)

3. Fantasy :)

4. Projection tool in SP

5. Alphas for projection tool (black and white pics of what you want in png format where black - backgrount and image is white)

Example of "alpha" for better understanding



6. Any tool to resave your SP results in DDS format (Photoshop or Gimp2 etc)


What we have here


1. CBBE SE body mesh

2. Multi tiles UV (1 - body and feet 2 - hands)

3. Body textures - Fair Skin. You can change them to any others






Here is  SP project file with solid body (no head) mesh

Tattoos base SP.7z

Here is FBX file with solid body mesh and multiple tiles UV



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3 hours ago, FutaNemesislol said:

hey thanks for the mod again, it was super useful for creating futa slavetats, is it possible you can add a head mesh 

Yes, but which one head: vanilla, CoTR, High-poly? :)

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9 hours ago, FutaNemesislol said:

@TRX_Trixter hey I hope you haven't been to busy but just in case if you forgot( about the high poly head), if you can't do it thats alright

Yes i remember. End of the year is a real hell on my main work. I will do this dont worry. 

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