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Maer 25 - Such is the Life





Yes? Maer turns to face her Master.




It was too good to last. Once again Maer is naked as they traverse Skyrim.


As they walk, Maer wonders how long is left of her enslavement. She lost count a while back, and her Master sometimes adds days as punishment for her failings. Maer considers asking, but she's pretty sure he'd beat her for asking pointless questions. She wonders if he'll ever actually let her go? It's probably naive to think he will. Why would he? What can she do if he doesn't? Maer sighs as the birds chirp in the sunshine. Best not to think about it.




"How much to fuck her?"


As they pass through smaller settlements, sometimes the locals want to fuck her. Clearly, her Master has no objections to whoring her out, but this time he just grunts and presses on. He must have some goal in mind, she supposes.




It being Skyrim, sometimes they're attacked. With Maer's hands being tied her back all she can do is hide behind her Master or run away from enemies. It's scary. While Dub is not a gentle Master, he's a known quantity. In  theory her enslavement is time limited with him as well. If he is killed, who knows what outlaws (or worse) would do to her when she's already naked and helplessly tied up?


Luckily, Maer's Master is an effective and brutal fighter and he keeps her safe.




"Filthy Orc, don't touch me!  You can't do this to me... unghhh... no no no... nggggaah... no... yes.... yes... please no... don't stop...."


Maer's Master never told her, but she can tell he enjoys her talking to him like this when they fuck. She's kind of proud that she figured it out. It's not even like she's really acting. It is how she feels. She is afraid of Orcs, she does resent being Dub's slave... and those moments are the only time she can release those feelings... but he does make her feel good and filthy and excited. 


As she lies there on the ground, her arms tied, her legs wide open all that exists is her body and the sensations her Master makes her feel. He treats her like dirt. Like less than dirt. But she looks at him and feels... best not to think about it, focus on the orgasm... there it is. Her moans turn into high pitched squealing as the climax shakes her body.




The walls of Riften appear in the distance. It's a beautiful town in the afternoon light, but probably the men there are as horny and cruel as everywhere else in Skyrim. But for a brief moment, Maer allows herself to think of Riften as a pleasant place.




As they approach the town, cold mists descend from the hills. It's one thing to be naked on a sunny day. It's another thing altogether to be naked on a cold, misty evening, but such is the lot of a mule.


There are a few formalities gaining entrance to the city. Handling them is, once again, is Maer's lot.




Maer sells everything they looted - and some potions she's made - and hands the money over to her Master. He lets her keep 10% and over time it's added up to a bit of a surplus, even accounting for the money she's had to spend on supplies.


Later that evening she goes to the inn-keeper.


"I'd like a bedroom please."

"I don't think you can afford it."


But Maer can. She's looking forward to finally spending a night in a proper bed.


She snuggles into the sheets when her Master slips into bed with her. That is to be expected, she's his slave after all. Normally she is fucked on the ground or the floor (in fact, that's what happened just ten minutes prior). It'll be a nice change of pace to fuck on a bed.


Instead - and to her surprise - he shoves her out of the bed. She lands on the floor with a thump and a yelp.


"Sleep on the floor," he says as he rolls over in bed.


It's uncomfortable and Maer feels sorry for herself. It seems no matter what she does, she has to adjust her expectations downward.




After the morning fuck, her Master demands that Maer shows him her money.


"You've been skimping on supplies to waste money on frivolities," he says as he pockets it all. 


Then he spanks her. It hurts, but at least it doesn't break her skin as the cane would. Still Maer feels it's supremely unfair, and she knows she shouldn't complain. That is the life of a slave. You think you have something, but you have nothing. She thought she was used to it... but evidently she isn't, not yet. Maybe she never will be.




As usual, Master Dub doesn't tell Maer where they're going. She just follows obediently.


After a while, they veer off the main road down a side path. Another outlaw camp, perhaps? No... it looks like a fort or something....


They approach the gates. Her Master shouts out something in the Orcish tongue.


Slowly the gates creak open. It's an Orc Stronghold. Should she be nervous? Yes, it is very rational to be nervous. She knows Orcs are cruel and brutal. Her armpits and palms get clammy with cold sweat... what will they do to her?




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2 minutes ago, Lupine00 said:

Classic feature of Orc Strongholds: bound milk pumps? :) 


You might think so, but I couldn't possibly comment.


Well okay... I have heard that they are indeed a feature of Orc Strongholds, but Maer definitely hasn't :)


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Riften is a great spot for a play through, but I decided not to engage it with Maer. I have a notion of a game all about wanting to join the thieves guild and fitting in, and the various tribulations and potential pitfalls involved in that. But I don't think that's what Maer is all about.

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11 minutes ago, Anunya said:

Riften is a great spot for a play through

My first thought was Slave Auction House.

Then my second thought was Mistveil Keep.

Then... Oh... Orcs.

Devious Cidhna, and Slaverun both had orc stories.


I was recently looking at CBBE textures again, and I think that "True Daughters of Skyrim" might be a good fit for Maer.

It's scar-free and relatively dirt free, but is meant for someone who goes about half-naked in extreme weather, so makes sense in that respect.


Individual scars are in the Body Imperfect pack as PNGs that can be merged into any existing CBBE texture or normal map so you can build your own scar configuration.


The BI base skins are just increasing levels of dirt. Only 4K though ... in this era of 16K skins they seem so quaint.

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43 minutes ago, Lupine00 said:

True Daughters of Skyrim - preview from NifSkope - no ENB, no subsurface


  Reveal hidden contents




It looks really good - I agree the realism and the hints of wear and tear would work well for Maer -  but the SSE version on Nexus has been deleted :(


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31 minutes ago, Anunya said:

but the SSE version on Nexus has been deleted

That might be because it's just a texture* and the LE version will work perfectly fine in SE.


*Multiple textures to be accurate, but it's a texture-only mod. SE will load all LE texture formats.

The reverse isn't true, but the memory-saving benefits of converting to the newer formats supported in SE are only meaningful if you have some decent volume of textures to convert.

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29 minutes ago, Lupine00 said:

That might be because it's just a texture* and the LE version will work perfectly fine in SE.


*Multiple textures to be accurate, but it's a texture-only mod. SE will load all LE texture formats.

The reverse isn't true, but the memory-saving benefits of converting to the newer formats supported in SE are only meaningful if you have some decent volume of textures to convert.


Ah I see. So if I download the LE version and follow the instructions on Nexus for them I should be good? Sounds good. Maybe I'll give that a go next time I'm mucking around with the set up.


Thanks :)

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1 hour ago, Anunya said:

follow the instructions on Nexus for them

I think the instructions are (also) in a readme, in the download. They're a bit vague TBH, you need to have some idea of what you're doing.


It's not mod manager friendly, so you download CBBE main-45453-v2.7z, decide which bits you want to use, and install those somehow.

I usually drop stuff like this into my MO Overwrite folder, and then use the 'make mod' menu item to assign them into a new mod to manage them.


The "options" folder has a version of the main diffuse for head and body with no sunburn; if you think the sunburn looks silly, or ugly.

There's a more muscular normal map in the options folder too, if you want that kind of look.


But if you just take what's in "main", and put it in "textures\actors\character\female" it will be like my screenshot.


I don't think the author knew how to make FOMODs, otherwise it would have one, and you could just pick some options.

I offered to make one (actually several), but the author never replied, and I couldn't be bothered doing it just on the hope they were still active and might actually upload it.


Here's what the face texture looks like with the sunburn. It's high poly head with no morphs applied, so it looks a little strange ... that ... and no eyes.

I was tempted to put googly eyes on it. Sort of reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence actually. If she was bald. And had a bad complexion and sunburn.



Definitely a change from the Pale Skin Complexion look for characters that are carved out of white soap and gently tinted pink.

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Thanks for that, and thanks for the image as well. I'll probably try it out next time I mess around with my load order... though when I do it typically takes me out of action for a week or three, so I'm going to wait for the right time.

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