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Intermission - The Inspector



blog-0617150001428399927.jpgThe 'hooves' under my boots clatter on the concrete flooring, announcing my presence well in advance. Alex leads me from the locker room into a large open hall. To the right are a few cages and holding pens and to the left are a couple of porta-cabins. A couple of strategic space heaters keep the hall at a decent temperature, good enough to be walking around naked comfortably. With a tug on the lead, Alex directs me to the porta-cabins.


"I'll drop you off at Dina's, she handles the new arrivals. I'll be inducting the next slave while you are getting the once-over, but I'll be back shortly." He says as we near our destination. The door to one of the porta-cabins opens and a girl exits. She two is bound and gagged. Alex grabs her by the collar and pulls her closer.

"Five, meet Four. She's a first timer as well." Alex says. The girl bows her head slightly and I nod to her in respect. "You can get to know each other in the pens in a bit."

The girl, Four, blushes a bit and turns away. A slap on her rear announces Dina's presence.

"There are two new ones waiting by the entrance." Dina says to Alex.

"I'll leave Four here for now and pick both of them up when I get back." Alex says and turns to Four. "You get to watch Five's inspection."

That said, Alex turns and leaves.


My attention is drawn by a firm grip on my testes...

"Hello sweetheart, Come in and have a seat..."

I manage a muffled gasp as she leads me by the balls...


The seating available to me is a gynecologists chair. Dina removes my armbinder, sits me down and raises my legs in the stirrups.

"Just a quick feel and a bit of a rinse according to your profile..." She says while putting on a pair of elbow-length latex gloves.

"You won't mind if I spread you open a bit, right?" She teases and picks up a speculum from a tool-cart.

The cold metal speculum brushes against my sphincter and my response is rather obvious...

I flinch as Dina slaps my erection rather forcefully.

"Down boy... Mommy is busy..."


I can see Four standing in a corner of the room with her hands bound in front of her. By the looks of things, she is having a bit of fun on her own... Not fair!

The speculum goes in unimpeded and Dina gives me a satisfied and playful look.

"Looks like this little one is too easy for you... I'll let you have his bigger brother instead." She says with a rather wicked smile on her.

She quickly replaces the speculum with another cold metal instrument... This time it is a spring loaded spreader...

Another slap punishes my growing excitement.

"I'm going to have to make a note in your profile, Five. Next time, bring a chastity device."


"Four, do you want to see a trick?" Dina asks Four, who looks inquisitive and nods.

Dine then pushes her hand inside of me and presses down on my prostate. Needless to say that this only added predicament and it earned me another slap in the balls... At least Four seemed amused...


After a bit of probing and another few hard slaps to the groin, Dina pulls out and rinses her hands in a nearby washing basin. She snap her fingers and beckons me into a tiled room with a drain in the middle. Quick as I'm able, I dismount the chair and take my designated place.

"Now, hands on the wall and don't spill a drop before I say you can release..."

That said I feel a very much above average nozzle pushing its way into me... The sound of water flowing and the sensation of filling up don't really help my erection, but at least now Dina can't hit me in the testes...


When she withdraws the nozzle, Dina makes me wait an agonizing minute before she allows me to release into a white bucket. Dina bends me over further and says; "Hold still while I make you smell a bit sweeter."

She covers her hand in an oily lube and roughly opens me up again. The other hand grabbed me by the nuts once more.

"You look like you are easy to milk, Five... Maybe I'll place a bit for you as well..." She says before ruining my excitement with a tight squeeze.


After re-equipping my armbinder Dina leads me and Four outside. "Wait here, Alex will be back in a bit." she says and closes the door behind her.




For the moment Four and I are alone. At first she attempts to cover herself up, but with her hands bound that effort is in vain. I squat and struggle against my armbinder. If anything, it seems to fascinate her... She has a cute red ball-gag in her mouth, it matches her red hair... Before too long Alex comes over with two more slaves... Numbers twelve and seventeen, both female, both bound just like Four. Twelve hides behind Seventeen when she nears me. She's either just terribly shy or not charmed by my flaccid member. 'Sorry miss, but I can't hide it with my arms like this' I think to myself.


Dina emerges to take the girls inside and Twelve seems to lighten up a bit... Must be a woman's girl... Alex grabs out leads and guides us towards the cages and pens.

"I checked your profiles. You are both listed as obedient, so you won't be going into the cage."

Alex opens the gate to the holding pen.

"Come here Five, I'll take your gag off for now." He says and frees my speech. He hangs by the gate and turns to Four to free her from her gag as well.

"It is still early and most of the guests haven't yet arrived, so you get to talk to each other for a bit." He says and dons a stern look. "One rule; No touching the other merchandise. comprendé?"

Both Four and me nod silently.

"Good, there is clean water in the trough to your left, but I'm afraid room-service is out of the question. Any questions?" Alex asks, his stern tone gone like snow on a sunny day...


"Who enforces the one rule?" I ask.

"Astrid should be around here somewhere. To be fair, it is more of a courtesy to the other slaves on your part. You'd probably enjoy the punishment and you'd probably make Astrid's morning a bit more fun. Just be considerate of the others, OK, Five?"

"Yes sir."

"I'll be back shortly." Alex says and exits the holding pen. He locks the gate behind him.




As elegant as I can manage I take a seat on one of the blankets that cover the floor. Four sits down opposite me and asks; "Are you Thespian1990 from the forum?"

"No, I go by Numenor on there. I'd shake your hand, but I guess I'll bow my head instead." I respond."

"Yeah, you look good in that though. I'm Flora, nice to meet you Numenor."

"Like wise. Are you here with someone?"

"No. I'm here on my own. I talked to Thespian on the forums and he talked me into going. I signed up as a servant, but from the looks of things you signed up for a bit more."

"Well I signed up as anything except servant. I'll tell you, Dina is my kind of woman..."

Flora laughs and points to me. "Your friend agrees."

I look down... She's pointing at my boner... "Why boner?! Stahp!"

Flora laughs heartily...


Alex returns to lead Twelve and Seventeen into the pen. When he is removing their gags I stand up and walk over to them.

"Sir, is there a slave named Thespian list of participants?" I ask Alex.

"Hmm... I'll have a look... No there is no slave by that name, but there is a guest with that name upstairs. Is there something wrong?"

"Wasn't there something in the rules that servants should be in chastity?"

"Yes, but you didn't sign up as a servant..."

"Isn't Four supposed to be wearing a belt then?"

"But she isn't enrolled as a servant... What is this all about?"


I turn to Flora and ask her; "Did you enroll yourself? Or did Thespian enroll you?"

"He said he'd enroll me as a servant." Flora says and joins Alex and me at the gate.

Alex sighs in exasperation. "Every time... Right, I'll change your enrollment, I think Dina could use a servant. Are you some kind of detective Five?"

"No, I just have a good memory... It struck me as odd to see Four without a belt."

"I'll have to keep an eye on Thespian I guess. Thanks for making my job that bit more 'fun'." Alex says with a very sarcastic look on his face.

Alex grabs Flora's gag and leads her back to the porta-cabins.


So there I am... I think I made two friends already... Also... Why is Twelve still hiding behind Seventeen... I'm not that scary!




To be continued...




Disclaimer (thanks to thebookdesigner.com ;) ):

This is a work of adult fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


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Your writing is simply excellent, reminds me of when I try to be eloquent. I'm also guessing Thespian is the kind of guy that would easily fit into Devious Skyrim.

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Your writing is simply excellent, reminds me of when I try to be eloquent. I'm also guessing Thespian is the kind of guy that would easily fit into Devious Skyrim.


Thank you very much. :D


Most of my characters in this story are stereotypes, but they have their origins in people I know and people I have heard about. I have met a few of Thespian's model... Not very memorable people...

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