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    Life is what you put into it, until the bottom drops out...
    Then you have to pick everything off the floor.

    Wisdom is making sure it doesn't happen again.

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  1. I miss this user

  2. Impressive design. It fits well with the cobbled together hardware look that is signature to the setting and its 'one-size-fits-all' design convinced me that it could actually be a piping fixture of some description. That said... The locking mechanism does not look like it would withstand tampering and I'd probably be able to force it open. That's just the nature of an exposed mechanism. Adding a housing over the retaining-clip would solve this and make it more tamper resistant. Great work nonetheless.
  3. 99/100 says that he's already supported under the generic rewards.
  4. That makes about as much sense as tits on a fish.
  5. I wholeheartedly approve of this. It would be a shame if SOS rolled him a 1 though xD
  6. I support this. I can see it happening that my PC would one day find Aerin alone in the house while Mjoll is out on an errand... He wouldn't stand a second and would end up in bondage before one puny yelp crossed his lips... A nice wood bit between his lips... a bit of spittle would be his allotment before she'd 'bury her bone' in his virgin backyard. Mjoll would come home to Aerin with a DCL Huge Plug, a matching set of leather restraints and tied securely to the bed. My PC would hand Mjoll the keys to his harness and tell her that he can live a worry free life in her hands now. ... I have to write this one properly now... damn it.
  7. Neener neener neener, beat you to it! It's alive! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha! I only put that there as a teaser! I will never updated it again! Meany! I hope a dragon eats you! D: And your little dog too!
  8. Neener neener neener, beat you to it! It's alive!
  9. Thermius


    It helps that you can hot-swap overlay textures... Or at least... I can keep my instance running while changing the .dds files instead of having to reload all the time.
  10. tbf... CoCo's usual Alpha testers aren't all that Alpha *nudge nudge, wink wink, 'Yes, my Housecarl...'*
  11. It isn't a question of what is better, it's about what is supported. The only fix for an outdated version is to update.
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