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Intermission - Simple Slavery



blog-0909479001428323801.jpg"Next!" the woman at the door says and beckons me to approach.

"Your invitation and name please." She says in a rather commanding tone.

"Here you go, Nume is the name you'll be checking for." She checks the list on her tablet.

"Lets see, this seems to be in order... Numenor... Ah yes, single, sub... Is this your first time here?" She asks.

"This is indeed my first time here, yes."


The woman swipes the list away and types something on her tablet.

"Right, go through the door, down the hallway and wait by the black door on the left. It has a descending stairs symbol on it. Your appointed guardian will join you shortly." She says gestures me to proceed.



As I walk down the hallway I hear what can only be described as a busy crowd through a door to my left. It is not for me to enter there though. Half-way through the hallway is the black door with the correct symbol on it. As I wait for my contact to appear I notice a few people entering the door to the busy crowd. One of them gives me a glance, but she doesn't linger or approach me.


It isn't long before someone meets me at the door. He extends his hand... His grasp is firm, mine is not...

"Numenor right? I'm Alex. I'll be your guardian for today. I hope you are better rested than I am." He says with a smile. I nod and ask him what ails him.

"Oh, you know, too many energy drinks, too little to eat... We put a lot of effort in organizing today you know... I hope everyone likes it."

He seemed to be riding his caffeine high while it still lasted... I had slept well, but the early bird in me had woken me up rather early.


"Right, follow me and I'll show you the changing room." He says and leads me through the door, down two flights of stairs, into a large room.

Lockers line one of the walls of the changing room, but for the most part it was just what your average changing room looks like. Benches and lockers to the left, showers and a toilet to the right, exit straight ahead...


He grabs his tablet and opens my profile. "Just some questions before we start, just answer yes or no..."

"Have you cleaned yourself on the inside?"


"Are you medically healthy?"


"Have you got any reservations other than what you filled out on your application?"


"Are you alright with your appointed guardian?"



He looks at me and sighs at my mischievous grin.

"Keep up that attitude and you'll wish you felt as good as me right now..."

"Yes sir." I reply. He just sighs in response.

"You have your laugh while you can, Numy... Now... I take it your gear in in your bag. Were you able to bring the restraints on the list?"


"Good, we've had two others who had a few pieces missing."

"The information said that I didn't have to bring a collar, so do you have one for me?" I asked and watched as a devious grin grew on Alex's face. "I'll take that as a yes..."

"The idea is that, when everyone has the same collar, you all look uniform. Well... as much as possible. I'll go grab it when you are done changing."

He says and shows me to the benches.

"Now then... Quick as you like..." he says and slaps me on the bottom.




I slip out of my clothes and stow them in one of the lockers under the watchful eyes of my guardian. I pull my apparel from my bag and lay them out on the bench. A pair of pony boots, four leather shackles with padlocks, an armbinder and bit-gag with head-harness. Alex picks up one of the boots and examines it.

"I read you had a something special on your profile, Where did you get these?"

"Internet, where else. They were hand crafted in Italy for me."

"Nice... Oh look, they even have horseshoes underneath."

"I'd let you try them, but I guess you are more of a 'giving' kind of guy, right?"

"Yeah, but I get to have fun in other ways... I'll help you with the armbinder and gag."

"I thought you would..." I smirk.


When I finish changing and lock my restraints on my wrists and ankles Alex presents me a stainless steel collar with a label dangling from a ring on the front. The number five is engraved on it in black.

"Right, now kneel and I'll do the collar and gag." Alex says and I comply.

He locks the collar around my neck and picks up the gag.

"Nice details by the way, Numy. This will match really well with the boots."

"Before I forget; I have reins to go with the gag. Could you use that instead of a lead?" I ask.

"I'll attach them, but the lead stays I'm afraid."



"Hey, before I lock this gag... What do you want your safeword to be? Some of the events we have planned for today will require them. I'll make sure to remove the gag beforehand."

"I'd like my safeword to be; 'would you kindly'."

"Ha, classy... Are you ready then?"

"Yes sir."

Alex locks the gag harness around my head, depriving me of speech for a while. The armbinder is quickly fitted and Alex makes sure to attach the reins and finally the lead.


"Alright, that is you all done. Before the auction you will have two place to visit... First of all I'll take you to be examined, though we might need to get a vet for you... Second we'll go to the display hall. There, guests will browse the available goods and get an idea of what to bid on. By the looks of you, you'll probably fetch a pretty penny under the hammer."

"hm hohhn howaht ho he" I manage to murmur with the gag spoiling my efforts.

"Good. Now let's go see the nurse... No matter how good you clean a slave, they always seem to gather more dirt. She'll give you another good, thorough rinse."


A tug on the lead signaled the start of the rest of the day... Oh, happy day...




To be continued...




Disclaimer (thanks to thebookdesigner.com ;) ):

This is a work of adult fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


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