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In spite of what was wanted by the Selachii's creator, the first of it's creations took a different path, intending to into only imbue it's creations with the powers of magic that followed throughout Mundus, but a connection to other forces that it saw within the world, and they were to embody these concepts in part, but it was a hope of Nisshoku, that they would be so, so much more.



Nisshoku - The pride of the Spirit's creation, a confluence of duality - light and dark, sun and moon, etc. 


           Within the heavens and the depths of the seas, shall ring with the sound of Chaos, and the Echoes of Order.

           Kotone - Within her a heart of chaos, but it would take her time to truly understand the world around her.

           Hibuki - Born to the understanding of order, he would eventually see that it is a structure that must bend and potentially break with the passage of time.


           Within the forms of creation, there exists the wishes for the Fires of passion, and the Cold of peace, and so shall these forces be a part of them, and all that come after.

           Kaen - Occasionally understood as an infernal deity, but within his heart exists warmth, not merely raging flames.

           Kori - 


A point of pride and respect for a majority of Selachii, as nearly all members of the race hold such for their family. Some of the most well known of these hold their roots within the race's time in Akavir, and have either survived to this day with a degree of prominence, or in the least, still exists to some degree. Some currently existing bloodlines are the result of at least two of these lines intermingling, which the race has no bias against.


Shirogane(Primal Line) - The most prominent bloodline originating in Akavir, this line held the reigns of Royalty among the Selachii, lasting for several hundred years on the continent. Possessing several well known Selachii, including Himiko, the last known ruler in Akavir, the line is known as one of few to inherently maintain a connection to legend, as the line has seen a few members that may include a link to the race's connection with Dragons. Many members of this race commonly serve in matters of state, as members of the race's Navy, or in other professions common among the race.


By the Fourth Era of Tamriel, a number of bloodlines are known to have branched from this, some with even minor differences - but all of them harken to cores of courage, power, and wisdom.


Kai(Primal Line) - Second in prominence to the Shriogane line, this family has maintained a good relationship with the former since the race's time in Akavir. A consequence of the race's change in leadership upon arrival in Tamriel, this family has become just as prominent as their aforementioned allies since the late second Era, and have been known for their aptitude with maters of Military/Naval might and currency. 


Morimoto - The least prominent of the three bloodlines surviving the trip to Tamriel, this line is most well known for their affinity for diplomacy, and as such, many of the Selachii sent to serve on the Elder Council, or in other political matters, have hailed from this family. Currently, as of 4E 165, Daisuke holds the singular seat afforded to the race, and has doubled his efforts within the Empire, striving to instill upon the Council solutions to problems that benefit more than just his own race, where applicable. 


Kagasueki - Considered to be one of the most secretive of all Selachii bloodlines, but among those who know, understand that it has a relation to the Shirogane bloodline, and rumors suggest that this line was the only one to nearly entirely avoid the race's exodus from Akavir, with most of it's members residing on islands off the Akaviri coast.


Gozen - Originating in Akavir, this bloodline contains very few members as of the 4th Era, mostly consisting of a much smaller family than any other. 


Setchi - As of the Fourth Era, this bloodline is all but extinct. Records suggest much of the family settled within the heart of the Empire within the years following the beginning of the 3rd Era, and various sorts of conflict meant that there were few members of the family by the start of the Oblivion Crisis.


Hatoyama - Beginning during the first few years of the 3rd Era, due to a marriage of a member of the Kai bloodline, and a Tsaesci - possibly one of the first recorded instances of this, but scholars among the race know it is not the first. Viewed by some in the Empire as the same "snakes" they are spawned from, distantly or not, nearly all members of this line are decorated sailors. Somewhat unusually, this line seems to produce Selachii with snake scales.


Kamado - One of the first few bloodlines originating after the Selachii's arrival in Tamriel, this line is an offshoot of the Shirogane and Kai bloodlines. Selachii born of this line have a few commonly seen traits, such as varying blue skin/scale tones, and orange to red hair. The line's most outstanding member in recent memory served only in assist to the Empire during the Great War, commanding his own ship under the command of Akario Shirogane, who had been named Admiral shortly before the start of the conflict.


Nakatsuka - One of the most "renegade" families, at least by more Imperial standards. Related to the Kai family, this line equally favors Naval service, producing both valuable, decorated sailors, and those who turn to varying levels of piracy. Most notable in recent memory, are two sisters of this blood line, the eldest Junko earning her merits serving her race in the Great War - but she turned down a generous promotion, in favor of being able to captain her own ship. Naming her own sister, Kaede, as First Mate(based both on familial merit, and skill), and these sisters have not been seen on Same-Shuto since. 

Edited by Kuroyami


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