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"Call yourself a Wizard?"



Something that really gets my goat is the wizard challengers that pop up once you're enrolled in the College. "It's no fun unless you use magic" they taunt, while they hide behind an unbreakable ward and fire spells that can easily one-shot my poor character. Try to block their spells and they just wait until you run out of magicka, while they apparently have a sixth sense that lets them raise their shield the instant you start casting.


So when this latest one appeared in Riften Marketplace, I didn't hesitate. I struck her with my best slave training crop, (smeared with paralytic poison), and then snapped a collar around her neck before she hit the ground.


Actual training had to wait until we got to a place of comparative safety. I'd have used the Ratway, but it's still occupied by Drahff and Hewnon Black-Skeever who always seem to give me more trouble than they're worth. So hence why I'm now in Fort Amol - to collect the Bound Bow tome which makes a great equalizer in these circumstances. And now, having subdued the one female defender and collected the Bound Bow spell tome, I'm taking advantage of the peace and quiet by taking it in turns fuck first one and then the other.


Also, (purely to speed up the training process you understand), I've cast a spell on them that takes their arousal level and pegs it to maximum. Which means she really can't help herself: there's nothing she can do but cum on the cock of her Master, until he decides to stop fucking her.


Which just goes to show, I suppose: sometimes it is more fun if you use magic!




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