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OS Drive goes nuts... Windows 7 Rebuild under way.



So this morning after firing up the computer and freezing while trying to open a compressed file with Winrar. Like total hard lock freezing.

I rebooted and could not get past the Windows loading screen...


So I broke out a spare SSD drive that I ment to upgrade my OS drive to a couple of months ago...


And I'm doing a fresh install of the OS.

Windows 7 64bit Home Premium - Nothing fancy.


Old Drive was a Crucial M400 64GB, replacement is a PNY XLR8 128GB (about the same speed on read and write).


And I'm going ahead and doing a complete reinstall - vs - restore from a backup.



Some icon's are lost and bookmarks have to be recreated.

Fucking Windows Update showed over 150 primary updates with another 50 or so secondary updates (thankfully I set it to manual pick and choose, cause I don't like Bing and some of other shit LittleLimp push's as an update).



Fresh Install of all software on the OS Drive.

So Windows, Antivirus, System Drivers, Firefox, Paint.net, Gimp, Pot Media Player 64, etc.


Note: Steam is installed on a second SSD (240GB PNY XLR8 currently) so all my games are un affected.

All of Unified UNP stuff (testing material, and what not) are located on a third 500GB spindle drive (along with the zip files of all the mods I use). So no problems there either.

Hell I don't even keep my movie or music stored on the OS drive. I only use it for the OS and base programs... which reminds me I gotta go download 7zip.


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Well it has been an eventful day.

I went ahead and frag'd Skyrim (all 94.9GB's of it) so I could rebuild it in Mod Organizer.


So far I'm up to Skyrim Running and playing around in Bodyslide 2.3 / Outfit Studio (converting the Remodeled Armors 7B over to UUNP and building the tri files for Racemenu 3.1 in game morphs).


I currently have the Draugr, Daedric, Blades, and Vampire Armors done (including the boots, gloves, and thigh boots). The only problem is the remodeled armor is tbbp (so it has the extra breast bone and no belly bone) and not HDT. So releasing it to the public is a no.


But for those that know how to play in bodyslide get bs2.3, copy the unpconvert.xml from the bodyslide conversion folder and place it in the meshes folder. load that xml as a ref, set the body to bombshell high to cbbe. Then load up the high weight armor for that bombshell set. Conform to sliders then flip the slider to 100 and set base shape.

Then with the armor in a uunp/cbbe shape, load the UUNP HDT as a reference and do a conform to all sliders... now check the sliders for clipping... and then save project as (un check the add reference shape to body at the bottom, name the stuff and save).

Once you are done with the armors then close OS and refresh BS's outfit list (the stuff you just created will show up). No set the outfit to UUNP HDT and set the preset to "-zero sliders-", check the "rm morphs box under the build button and then batch build the outfits.

If all goes well you will have outfits plus tri files in the folder and if you installed bodyslide 2.3 correctly you should have the racemenu uunp morph esp that Cell created... and what ever shape you set your body to the outfits will conform to :)

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Ahh man i've been there, good thing you got your games and all in a different drive. Hope you dont encounter problems.

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