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Intermission - Real Life and Recharge



Dear reader,


To be blunt about it; Starting tomorrow, Real Life is about to drag me off for a few days. So no updates until Wednesday I think... I'll be allowed a few bites of internoms I think, so I will be around-ish...


For those of you who are wondering if I haven't got anything pre-written; No, I write scraps at best if I'm not sitting down specifically to write.

Truth be told, I'm interested to hear your opinions. I doubt I have more than a few folks following the misadventures of Thermis the Wicked, but hey... Most people are here for the latest SL version or and updated Zaz An Pack. I certainly came here looking to spice up my game...




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I know all about rl. Maybe some day I'll have time to get back to modding. >.>


But, yeah, the brain needs rest from time to time. :)

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