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Chapter Sixteen: Oberland and Hangman’s Ally.



“Alyson,” squeaked the farmer, Tanja, as she saw her friend walking between the Minutemen. “I was about to give up.”


“They were amazing, Tanja,” said Alyson in a rush of words. “They took down the Raiders like they were children.”


“Then what took you so long? I was starting to get scared.”


“I had business in Diamond City,” said Nora, holding up a hand. “Sorry, but its true. But you’ve got her back, so how about it? Sign on with the Minutemen?”


“If it means we can call on you people when we’re in trouble, hell yes.”


“And can I use your workbench over there to improve your settlement?”


“I don’t even know what the damn thing is for. So be my guest.”


“One last question. Do you want to keep that tower you’re living in, or do you want us to build something else?”


“Hell yes I want the tower. Though it could do with a new roof and some wall patching.”


“Good enough. Then let us get to work.” Nora exited her power armor and started to lay out what she wanted.


Wilson had come back after his last trip to Graygarden, and she brought her cargo bots out of stealth to get some of their materials. The Handy constructed a QESS next to the red workbench, and it and the other Handies assembled a pair of Constructrons, turning them loose to build foundations. Nora had decided on a standardized central core building, holding her workbenches, generators, water purifiers, and other necessities. Further down the slope from the railway tracks a Constructron assembled a foundation for living quarters, also to be built to a standardized plan.


“I’ve never seen anything like that,” said Tanja, staring in disbelief. “How are you accomplishing this?”


“I have some miracle workers on my team,” said Nora, thinking that she needed to get back to Sanctuary Hills to see what those people had come up with since she had left.


“What is your position in the Minutemen, Nora?” asked a curious Alyson.


“Why, she commands the whole damn shooting match,” said Barb, beaming. “She’s the General in Charge.”




“Well, you need to take credit, Nora. Lord knows enough people are going to try and steal your thunder.”


“Will you stay the night?” asked Tanja. “I would love to hear your story. All of your stories.”


“Sure. We’re going to need to supervise construction through most of the day tomorrow. Then it’s to Hangman’s Ally and Diamond City again.”


“Be careful of Hangman’s Ally. And what’s in Diamond City?”


“We’ve established a settlement within the town. It will let me recruit people that we can send out to settlements to give you workers.”


“You really are the strategist, aren’t you?”


“I’ll tell you all about it tonight. Now, let me get to work figuring out where everything is going to go.”


One of the first things the farm needed was water. They had plenty in the river, but it wasn’t all that clean, so she set one of the Handies and a Constructron to building a water pump set into the river. After that the pair would erect power poles to run the electricity from the reactor she was going to build down to the river and pipe to brong the water up to the settlement. After the reactor was built she would be too low on Nuclear Material to build any more power plants, which meant salvaging more vehicles.


“I’m wondering if we could set Handies to stripping cars on their own and shuttling the materials back.”


“I don’t see why not,” said Barb, the expert Scaver. “You might lose one here or there, but you can always build more. Nuclear material is the limiting factor of much of these things, and I don’t think you have to time to strip every car you come to.”


“Then we’ll talk to Sturgis about it when we get back to Sanctuary.”


“And when will that be?” asked Heather.


“A week. Ten days. Then we can spend a week there before heading out again. No rest for the weary.”


That night they had a communal meal on the bottom floor of the new residence, Nora contributing fresh Radstag that Barb had taken down, the farm tossing in the vegetables. While sitting around a fire which was their only light for this night, Nora answered questions from the farmers, each answer leading to more questions.


“So Lt. Commander Adams,” said the smiling farmer. “What were you doing when the bombs dropped?”


“I was actually home in Sanctuary Hills, on maternity leave from the Navy. So I had nothing to do with the military on that day. Not that I could have done much with one fighter if I had been in the air.”


“I don’t think anyone is blaming you for what happened,” said Alyson, sitting with her arm around Natalia, the third member of the settlement.


“Sometimes I do anyway. But then I think that the most I could have done was get blown out of the sky by a nuke.”


“I think the Commonwealth is fortunate that you came out of that Vault,” said Tanja, nodding her head. “You’ve already done so much. Why, just the other day I was thinking how hopeless everything is. And tomorrow we will have flush toilets, showers and purified water.”


Nora thought about that. This settlement was well on the way to being a healthy place, with sanitation and clean water. Once she had it defended, with enough settlers to make it a strong community, Oberland Station would be another strongpoint on the way into Diamond City.


“There’s still so much to do,” she said in a weary voice. “There must be twenty or thirty small settlements scattered about the Commonwealth just like yours. Vulnerable, in need of help. I want to get to them all by tomorrow, but that’s not possible.”


“Just do your best. People will be grateful for your efforts when they come.”


Nora was thinking about how grateful they would be if she showed up right after one of their small community had been killed. They might curse her to the heavens while demanding that she leave. So far that hadn’t happened, but inevitably it would.


She shared the sleeping bags with her two buddies that night. After the intensity of the Red Seat it was good to get back to some more subdued fun and games. Not that it wasn’t pleasant. It was. Still, she had nightmares that night, coming across burned out settlement after burned out settlement. Sometimes with the perps running off in the distance, daring her to follow. She cried out in her sleep, trapped in the dream cycle, when pleasure rose from between her legs and she woke up to see a shadowy form in the darkness lying between them with face to her groin. The sounds of a mouth working over her genitals came to her ears, and her body clenched up as an orgasm overwhelmed her.


“Thank you,” she said in hushed voice, her hands running through Heather’s hair.


“No problem, Partner. You were having a bad one, and I thought an orgasm might take the edge off.”


“You’re such a good friend.”


“You know,” said Heather, propping herself up and crawling up to wrap Nora in her arms, making maximum skin to skin contact. “I thought we might travel together some, watch each other’s backs, and I would get in some sales. Haven’t sold much, and that’s okay. Being a part of this crusade. Seeing the faces of these people as their hope is restored. This is the best thing I’ve ever been a part of.”


“What are you really trying to say?” said Nora with a smile.


“This is really working for me. I would like to set up a small shop in Diamond City, maybe have a settler hawk my wares. Otherwise, I’m happy. Happier than I’ve been in a long time. Thank you.”


“Would you like me to do you?”


“No. I’m fine. Let’s just hold each other while we sleep.”


The sounds of the robots tirelessly working in the background lulled Nora to sleep. When she woke in the morning the core services building was complete, the reactor humming, the water purifier turning out totally clean water. As soon as everyone was up the robots descended on the house, one going for the bathroom and finishing it while the other started to work on the second floor.


“Will you look at that,” said Tanja, looking over her newly roofed tower, along with the pair of turrets up there. They were pipe turrets of course, but by the end of the day there would be a couple of full on machinegun turrets on the other buildings. “We’ve got real defenses.”


Nora jetpacked up to the top of the Core Services building and checked out the Settlement Recruitment Beacon, making sure it was sending out its signal of welcome.


“You should be getting some help coming along soon,” she told the farmers. “So be careful not to shoot them, and make sure they’re what they seem. I’ll bring back some from Diamond City as soon as I have them, and this place will be running on all cylinders.”


“Thank you again. And be careful in the Alley. The Commonwealth needs you.”


Nora took a shower late morning before leaving, shivering in the cold but clean water. By this evening they would have a water heaters, and showers would be much more pleasant. They then headed out, retracing their steps back to the outskirts of Boston.


“I feel really good,” said Barb as they walked along. “I’ve always lived by looking out for myself. You’ve taught me there’s more to life than just profit.”


“You were already taking on Raiders, dear,” said Nora, looking over and smiling at the younger woman.


“Not very effectively. Killing some here and there. Now I’m involved in taking down entire gangs, while helping the people they prey on. Thank God you came along.”


Nora was starting to feel uncomfortable with all the praise. It was one thing to tell her that she was beautiful and a great fuck. As far as she was concerned that was true of a great number of women. And if she ever failed to satisfy, there was always the next time. But people were starting to feel like she was some kind of prophesied warrior saint, here to save them from their world. Eventually she would disappoint there as well. It was inevitable. People would die, lives would be shattered, and then they would wonder what they had ever seen in her. And the biggest critic would be herself.


“I want to talk with this lady,” she said, egressing her power armor and walking into the stand.


“You’re back,” said the woman. “And this time I actually get to see the woman in the machine. So, what can I do you for today?”


“I’m thinking that you are very vulnerable out here on your own, an easy target.”


“Is that a threat?” asked the woman, leaning back from her counter.


“Not at all. I’m not in the business of threatening the people of the Commonwealth. But I do worry about you, and wonder if you might want to set up in one of my settlements.”


“Where?” asked the woman. “I’m Kathy by the way.”


“Nora, Kathy. And I have settlements, set up by the Minutemen, from Oberland to Sanctuary Hills, and several in between. You would be safe, have a customer base living around you, traders periodically visiting.”


“Sounds like paradise, though Oberland Station? That sorry little place is a wreck.”


“That’s only one of the possibilities. And Oberland had been remade. Showers, electricity, turrets. And soon more settlers. I think you would like it, and I would feel much better with you safe.”


“Sounds good, but I like being independent.”


“Well, think on it. I’ll be back by in a couple of days and would be willing to help you move. And is that what I think it is?”


She left with the uneasy feeling that the trader would turn her down, and would end up being raped, robbed and killed. Well, she could only offer to help. She wasn’t about to force people to join the settlements. She wasn’t a communist, after all.


Hangman’s Alley was down a side street when approached from the West, a building front from the East, and through an alley between two buildings when approaching from the river. Nora did a quick recon out of armor, then climbed into the suit for the assault she had planned. From the West. She placed explosive charges on the iron door, grimacing as she looked at the Raider decorations. Two decapitated bodies hanging from meat hooks, what she assumed were the heads stuck onto spikes, all well into rotting. The smell was truly horrible, and Nora could see the setting of a large fire in this place’s future.


The charges went off, the people inside started to yell, and Nora went through the entrance with grenade launcher in hand, a shotgun shell inserted. She got two Raiders with the blast, shredding their bodies, then dropping the launcher to hang from straps while she pulled her rifle.


“You’re dead, bitch,” yelled out a Raider man running at her with a baseball bat wrapped in razor wire.


“And you’re a fucking genius,” she said, her armored left hand grabbing him by the head and snapping his neck. She was encased in almost a ton of invulnerable armor, and the idiot had charged her with a baseball bat.


She stomped in, gunning down another Raider. Suddenly a furious blast rocked her back, while pain laced her chest. “Warning, critical damage. Take cover.”


She was trying to take cover, but the legs weren’t working right. “Eject, eject, eject,” she called out, realizing that the power armor was trashed, a liability. She still wasn’t sure what had happened, though she was betting on an overpowered mine. Scrambling out the back of the armor, she looked down to see that the front of her nanoarmor, the part not covered by the Fortelisa chest pieces, had numerous small holes in it. Blood was seeping out, and if not for the chest plate she thought her heart would have been pulped.


Nora fell back, her head spinning, reaching for the pistol that was holstered at her side. A Raider ran down some stairs, bare breasts flopping in her topless long johns, waving a bladed board and screaming for blood. Nora fumbled the pistol up and put a round between those breasts, knocking the woman back onto her ass.


“Are you okay?” asked Heather, her words oddly distorted as Nora's ears tried to recover from the blast they had been proximal to.


“I got hurt, but I think I’m already healing up, But I sure trashed my power armor.”


“It can be repaired, or replaced. We can’t replace you, though you seem to be repairing yourself fairly well.”


Barb’s rifle went off close by, while the dogs barked and growled and a couple of Raiders screamed. “Go help Barb and the mutts. I’ll be back up shortly.”


Heather nodded and moved off, the sound of her laser rifle cutting through all the noise. Nora took a breath, crying slightly at the pain, then forced herself to her feet. She was already ravenously hungry, with a thirst that made her mouth seem like a desert. The price she paid for healing so fast, her body using up her reserves and demanding more. Glancing at the spot where the mine went off, she shuddered as she took in the shattered boards of the collapsed shack, realizing that it would have killed her instantly if not for her power armor. And making her realize that she was never invulnerable, a sobering thought.


She left the grenade launcher hanging from the suit while she detached her rifle, pulling the partially shredded web gear off so she would have her magazines. The rifle was dinged up a bit, but a quick pull of the bolt and letting it go home showed that it was still serviceable. Back up and ready, she helped her people clear out the space. By that time she was healed up, and plopped down on he ground to wolf down an MRE and a bottle of water.


“Remind me to watch for mines,” she told her friends. “That motherfucker almost put paid to me.”


“Hey, watch out for mines,” said Barb, waving a finger through the air.


They searched both the buildings that opened up to the central space to the river side, formerly the boundaries for the alley. The one on the right had three floors, each with plenty of room for settlers. The one of the left rose up four stories, with slightly smaller floors. Nora then sought the workbench and claimed the place as her own, her Handy constructing a QESS unit, then assembling the first of the Constructrons. The second Handy was soon up and set the task of pulling down the bodies and heads the Raiders had used to mark this place as theirs. No longer, and it would be the home of civilized people who didn’t decorate with body part. She and her people stripped the Raiders they had killed off everything they had, then let Nora haul the bodies to the pile they had established in the one clear area among the Raider construction.


“Ash them, Heather. I want nothing of that trash left to pollute this place.”


Heather used up over a dozen fusion cells, but the trash was well and truly reduced to ash. There still being some hours of daylight left, the Sole Survivor started planning what she wanted for this place. She thought the two buildings would pretty much do as they were, and planned a large bathroom on the second floor of the building to the right, along with some common space, with a barracks and her and her followers’ quarters on the third floor. The building on the left was left as it was for the moment, though the pool table on the ground floor gave her ideas. She secured the west gate and left the barrier to the east chained, then planned a series of doors and barriers in the alley opening up on the road along the banks of the Charles.


She thought this would remain a contested area, and envisioned this settlement as a military outpost that could launch patrols to control this side of Boston. As such it would be heavily fortified, and though she didn’t have the energy or rifle weapon parts yet, she wanted to eventually cover the entire outer perimeter with turrets.  A quick run down to the river showed her where she wanted to build the pumps and run the pipe. She would have to defend them as well, and they might need constant repairs, but the place would get the water it needed to keep its residents healthy.


She set the now four Handies and two Constructrons to work pulling things apart, then retired to the floor she had chosen for her quarters and laid out the bags. Some of the portable lights that Sturgis had made up and sent through the QESS system gave her enough to see by, and the soft light even enhanced the look of all of them in the night.


“I’ve got a surprise for you,” she said in an excited voice, reaching into her pack. She had fully healed up by now, and her naked breasts showed no sign of injury. But she needed to remember that there was no healing from dead, and to pay attention to her surroundings.


“What’s that?” squealed Barb.


“Is that what I think it is?” asked Heather, a smile gracing her face.


Nora held up the foot-long object, thick and with molded penis heads on each end. “The double dildo,” she said with triumph. “I’m not sure where that trader got it, but when I saw it, I knew she had a sale.”


“Is it clean?” asked Heather.


“Probably cleaner than any of us are,” replied Nora. “The trader assured me that it had been sanitized, but I think it can do with another going over before it goes inside any of us.”


While Nora rubbed the dildo down with sanitizer, then dried it off, Barb and Heather started to rub their genitals together, tribbing, ratcheting up their excitement. “Who wants to go first?”


“I think you need to be on one end, Nora,” said Barb, getting a head nod from Heather. “You’re the only one who knows what you’re doing with that thing.”


“Okay. Barb, get over here with your legs spread.” Nora arranged herself with her own pussy pointing in at Barb. She inserted the dildo into Barb’s already wet pussy, then into her own. “Now push forward and back like this. That will drive it in and out. Let’s keep it shallow at first, then we can work it deeper and I’ll show you some tribbing moves.”


“Anything I can do?” asked Heather, watching the pair set up intently.


“You can put your sweet pussy over my mouth,” said Nora. “And play with our clits when you can.”


It wasn’t the smoothest double that Nora had ever participate in, but the women had their hearts in it. She licked and nibbled at Heather’s labia and clit while she and Barb drove the dildo in and out of each other, and Heather ran her hands over the genitals of her friends. Soon all were moaning in pleasure. Not long into it the orgasms started, first with Heather going off and dropping her emissions in Nora’s mouth, then Barb shuddering with an orgasm and sending Nora into hers.


“That is really tiring,” said a worn-out Barb, coming off the dildo. “Now I know what a man has to go through.”


“Don’t kid yourself,” said a laughing Nora. “They love every thrust. It gives them a feeling of power to pound a pussy. Now Heather, my sweet. You want to try?”


“Yes,” said Heather, moving into position and inserting the dildo.


“You want to ride my face, Barb?”


“Of course,” said the raven-haired beauty, her green eyes shining in the light. And so it went, the girls enjoying their orgasmic fun until they were all played out. They passed out on the bags, to awaken to the sound of dogs growling and people yelling.


“You fucking bitches. What did you do to our place? I’m going to fuck you up.”


Dogmeat yelped, and Nora was up and grabbing her rifle, running naked down the steps to see a trio of Raiders, one aiming a rifle at Dogmeat, who was floundering on the ground, while the other two were whacking at Dewey with clubs. Nora shot down the man aiming at the real dog, then swept a burst into the other two.


“What happened?” asked a bleary eyed Heather, also naked, though she started to shrug into a bathrobe.


“I guess these were out Raiding,” said Nora, looking down on the bodies, then kneeling by Dogmeat. She ran a hand over his head, eliciting a whimper, then started to strip him of his armor. Running her hands over his body she found no wounds, though his ribs on the right side seemed tender. “I think they shot him, but his armor prevented penetration. Please work your magic on him, Heather. Barb, help me.”


They soon had the Raiders stripped and piled on top of each other. Nora borrowed Heather’s rifle and soon they were a smoking ash pile. Nora carried Dogmeat upstairs after making sure that Dewey was not badly damaged. The dog was soon sleeping soundly with some of Heather’s restorative herbals in him.


“I’ll take first watch,” she told the others. “Now get some sleep.”


The next morning continued the project to reclaim the Raider base as an outpost of civilization. By mid-morning they had water pumping into the settlement, working showers, even a hot water heater. The robots had built one fusion reactor during the night and had a couple of laser turrets assembled and ready for placement. Nora jetpacked up to the top of the buildings and emplaced the turrets, running wires to connectors and powering up the weapons. By midafternoon the robots were working on laying a concrete foundation over the floor of the alley, readying it for further construction. She put up a recruitment beacon and got into her power armor, which a Handy had worked on through the day to make mobile again, if not really repaired.


“Let’s go to Diamond City and check out Home Plate. The robots can finish up here.”


“You look like you’ve been in a fight,” said one of the security guards.


“The other fellow got the worst of it,” said Nora as she walked up to Home Plate and went in. A few minutes after she had parked the armor in one of her stations a loud knocking came from the entrance door.


“We heard you beacon signal and thought we should wait until someone was home.”


“I appreciate your patience,” said Nora, looking over the five people. “We’re going to be recruiting people for farming and industrial settlements out in the Commonwealth. They will be well defended, but you might be called on to fight. Some will be trained to run this place and vet new settlers. As the first, you can choose what you want to do.”


One young couple decided they wanted to stay in Diamond City, while the other three wanted to go to a farm. Nora thought Oberland would be perfect for them, while doubling the defensive force of that settlement.


“I think I’m going to go out and earn some more caps,” said Nora, taking a shower, then getting into her slutty ensemble.


“I suggest trying some of the other bars in town,” said Heather, frowning. “The Red Seat sets off all kinds of alarms. I think he drugs his girls, and too much time there and he’ll have you hooked as well. The Dugout had working girls, but there never seemed to be enough of them, and I think the Bobrov brothers were letting them keep all their earnings, as long as they brought in people to eat and drink.”


Nora thought she would give it a try, and if it didn’t work out she could go back to the Red Seat tomorrow. After all, she didn’t have a contract with Liemanto, and though she got along famously with the customers, she didn’t like the way he sat in his cubby like he lord of the manor and watched everything.


“Wow, what are you dressed for. Are you a..”


“I’m going out to earn caps for the settlements,” Nora told the settler. “If you can’t handle that, then leave.”


“You be you,” said the man, looking at her with lust in his eyes.


“Well, look at this,” said Yefim Bobrov, his eyes widening as he took in Nora. “Weren’t you here before, not dressed so, suggestively.”


“I’d like to work your place, Yefim,” said Nora, smiling at the man. “My friends are merely here for my protection.”


“Talk to Vadim,” said the man, looking toward the bar.


“So, you would like to sell pussy in my establishment. From what others tell me you were quite the hit over at Red Seat. So why here?”


“I don’t trust Liemanto,” said Nora. “The man has an oily feel. While you seem honest enough.”


I honest alright. So, we set up a room for you while you working, though you might want to work the common room some to get customers aroused.”


“You don’t mind me fucking in your main room?”


“This Diamond City, Great Green Decadent Jewel of Commonwealth. Go outside at any time, day or night, and you find whores fucking clients in every shadowed alcove. Or even benches in open view. So no. If it don’t bother customers, it don’t bother me.”


Yefim showed her a room and Nora shook her head. “I would like a clean room at least. Even if I have to rent it from you.”


“I show you first class room. Eighty caps a night, though I discount it to forty if you see to my needs first.”


The room was fine. Most of the garbage had been removed, and the bed was clean, with sheets and covers. There was even a sink with running water, guaranteed to be clean and rad free. “So, what do you want?” she asked the younger brother of the pair.


"Blow job fine, since you want to make money with pussy.”


“Okay,” said Nora, getting to her knees and unzipping the man, pulling an above average dick out into the air. “Nice.”


Nora started by licking the head, then up and down the shaft, concentrating on the knob.  While she was working she unbuckled the belt and pulled Yefim’s pants down, then started to play with his balls, using the longish fingernails on her hand to tickle the testicles. She went down on him in earnest then, sliding the shaft into her mouth, stopping at the entrance of her throat, then bobbing up and down.


“You very good at this, Nora,” said the man in his heavy accent. “Very very good.”


And you’ve haven’t seen anything yet, thought the Sole Survivor, pulling him into her throat and working him in and out. She came off the cock for a couple of moments and started licking his balls, finally pulling one gently into her mouth and sucking on it. After he was groaning from that she went back to the cock, taking him down into her throat and massaging the head, her tongue licking his balls as they nestled up against her chin.


“I cum,” he growled as his cock head swelled. The cum shot out and directly into her throat, the woman greedily swallowing the seed. She worked her way off the cock, cleaning as she went, until she sucked the last of his semen from the head, then let it pop out of her mouth.


Yefim helped her to her feet, a wide smile on his face. “That best blow job I ever have. Where you learn?”


“Place you’ve never heard of,” she said in a whisper. “So, am I better than most out there.”


“If there more of you, you put those tired whores out of business. Not just technique, but you seem to enjoy. That go a lot to making man feel good.”


Doc Crocker was her first real trick of the night. She pushed him back on the bed and mounted him, riding him slowly, letting him feel every inch of her tight wet pussy. She stopped with him lodged the entire way in and went at it, gripping and releasing his dick with her tight vaginal muscles, then pulling up and slamming down, over and over, until he brought a huge load into the enveloping organ.


“Whew,” said the Doc. “That was the best pussy I’ve ever had. And you might think about coming to the Mega-surgery Center.”


“Something wrong with me,” she asked, cleaning up the semen that had dripped over his groin, licking and sucking it up.


“You’re almost perfect. Almost.”


“I’ll think about it,” she said, taking a wet rag and cleaning herself out. There was no way in hell she was letting anyone take a knife to her face. With her augmented biology it might not even accomplish anything, her face healing any surgery in less than a day. “Now be sure to advertise me to your friends. And help the Commonwealth.”


“That is an original spiel you have there,” said the Doc with a laugh. He sobered when he looked at her serious expression. “You mean it, don’t you? The money you make is going to help settlements.”


“Oh, I enjoy doing this well enough, and you were very good. But yes, take some comfort in the fact that you are helping people while you plow my pussy.”


Crocker left two hundred caps for her, seventy-five over what she had asked. She did nine more tricks that evening, sedate compared to what she had been doing at the Red Seat. Still work, and still she got her orgasms for the evening. And every single person tipped her, so she ended the evening with fifteen hundred caps, even with paying for the room. She still wanted to hit the Red Seat a few times while she was in town, just for the excitement of performing in front of an audience.


“You have moment,” said Vadim as he stood at the doorway to the room, a sly smile on his face.


“Sure, Vadim. What do you need?”


“I think of refunding you room rent, and giving it to you free from now on, if you perform service.”


"Blow job or straight fuck?"


“Straight fuck, of course. Some customers were raving about pussy, and I want to try.”


She gave Vadim her best, and after they lay in bed together, Nora playing with the hair on his chest.


“You strong woman, yes. Make muscle for me.”


Nora flexed her right arm, the bicep standing out in relief. Vadim ran a hand over her arm, cooing. “You very strong. Stronger than any other woman. So, I have a deal for you. You hear radio? Diamond City Radio?”


“Sure, what about it.”


“DJ is awful, yes. I think you do the city a service by taking him out into the Wasteland and shooting him. He make commercial on air and it drive customers away.”


“You want me to murder a man just because he isn’t very good at his job,” said a shocked Nora. “Okay, I’ll do it. But no more pussy for you.” She let the words sink in for a moment. “There is no way in hell I’m going to murder that poor boy just so you can get someone who reads the ads better.”


“Okay, okay. I don’t really want him killed. Travis is good kid. But I have plan to boost confidence. Fool proof plan.”


Nora knew how fool proof plans went. There was always a better fool out there who could throw a wrench into any plan. But it had to be better than killing someone, and she was afraid this man might actually go through with that plan if he couldn’t get Travis to improve.


“You good in fight, yes?”


“Well, I use a mean auto rifle, though I’m still a little weak with lasers.”


“No, no. I mean bar fight. You hold your own, yes?”


“I hold my own, yes.”


“Here my plan. We stage bar fight, Travis beat up some people I bring in, and you back him up. Make sure that he win.”


“And are you paying these patsies?”


“Yes, of course.”


“Then I want to get paid for my part.”


“Okay. Here what I do. You get this room for free for month of nights. And free food while you work. Fair.”




“Good. Then be here at six tomorrow and I have set up. If you want to you can work after. And I thinking of telling other whores to leave place alone. None can compete with you.”


“Don’t do that,” said Nora, staring at the man. “I’m not here to make enemies. I get men they can’t, and I’ll deal with that. But if they think I’ve banned them from their prime hunting ground? No thanks.”


“You smart woman. So we do it your way.”


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