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Chapter Fifteen: Home Plate



“I don’t know Piper. Mayor McDonough was mighty steamed about your article. He left orders that you weren’t to be let in.”


“You listen to me, Danny Sullivan…”


Nora stood back and watched with semi-amusement as the woman in the leather coat and hat argued with whoever this Danny Sullivan was over an intercom. The woman spotted Nora and her friends, and gave them a conspiratorial whisper. “You want in there, right? Then play along.”


I’m not sure about this, thought Nora, but then it was too late, and the self-proclaimed reporter was already spinning a story about Nora and friends being traders out from Quincy. The huge gate started to rise and Piper ran in, heading right for the stout man who was walking down a ramp.


Nora exited her power armor as soon as she stepped past the gate, climbing out so she could hear the entire conversation.


“Piper, you dishonest, rabble rousing..”


“Just keep it up McDonough. You like to hear yourself talk, don’t you?”


“I should shut that paper down..”


“Let’s ask our newcomer what she thinks. You believe in Freedom of the Press don’t you?”


“Of course. Always believed in keeping government accountable.”


“You don’t need to worry about this, ma’am.”


“What is this place anyway? And why do you place such importance on it?”


“Why, Diamond City, the Great Green Jewel of the Commonwealth. We have the most advanced services in the Commonwealth.”


Really, thought Nora, stifling a laugh. She would put the technology they were developing with the alliance against anything these people had to offer.


“You look like Diamond City material,” said the Mayor, going into a sales spiel so she would shop here. “And what can we do for you?”


“I’m looking for someone.”




“My child has been kidnapped. And I’m hoping I might find some help here.’


“Well, I sorry. Our security staff is much too busy. But I’m sure you can find some help here.”


Piper laid into the mayor, calling him names and making threats, which he returned. Nora really didn’t see how this was helping her, and she wandered over to talk to the Security Officer.


“You Danny Sullivan?”


“And you’re that trader out of Quincy?”


“I’m actually an officer with the Minutemen,” said Nora, looking the man in the eyes. “I sorry I got caught up in that. She kind of steamrolled over me at the gate.”


“So the Minutemen are back. I thought they were over and done for.”


“We’re rebuilding them from the ground up. Establishing settlements, building strongpoints, taking down Raiders.”


“Well, I have to say you’re very well armed. And that’s an impressive suit of power armor. So please don’t lose your temper while you’re here.”


“No problem. So, I can go in.”


“Yes ma’am. Don’t want the Minutemen pissed off at us. Go right on ahead.”


Nora climbed into her power armor and walked up the ramp she had seen the Mayor and the reporter going through.


“Goddam. That’s some impressive looking armor,” said a man in a Diamond City Security uniform. “Hope you don’t need that here.”


“Me too,” said Nora, walking toward the center of town and looking over everything. She spotted an empty power armor station and walked her suit into it, getting out and running a diagnostic on it. Several of the pieces were suspect, but most of the suit was sound. She still might want to think about bringing it up to mint condition. It wouldn’t hurt. But first she wanted to check out the city.


“You could use a haircut,” said the man standing by a barber’s chair. “Everyone needs a haircut.”


“What’s wrong with my hair?”


“We call what you have the Scaver Special. The blood and bits of bone add character.”


Nora glared at the man, pulling off her helmet and running a hand through her hair. She had washed her hair a couple of days ago, so while it might not be the cleanest it had ever been, it was not filthy. “I don’t want you to touch my hair. Anyone else?”


“I could use a trim,” said Barb, walking to the chair.




“What. I promised to follow you into battle, not let you decided how I’m going to dress or how I wear my hair.”


“True,” said Nora, looking down. “I’m not your mama.”


“Hey, newcomer. Tell my idiot son that Geneva is a synth.”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about, lady.”


“Dropped on your head as a child? I’m talking about Mayor McDonough’s secretary, Geneva. She’s too perfect. She has to be a synth.”


It seemed to Nora that too many people here were focused on synths, when they weren’t much of a threat to her. Not like Raiders and Supermutants. She waited for some minutes while the barber cut Barb’s hair. Barb seemed satisfied, looking at herself in the mirror and smiling. And Barb had to admit that her friend’s hair looked good.


“Okay. What are my options?”


“Alright. Take a seat in the chair and I’ll show you.”


Nora actually did feel better once the man worked her hair over. She looked more like the woman she remembered looking at in the mirror at her home, before the bombs dropped. She tipped him with a smile, then headed out to look over more of the biggest town I ever saw, as a few people had described it out in the Wasteland. She didn’t agree with that. Even Greater Boston wasn’t the biggest town she had ever seen. But these people were looking at a shrunken, reduced world.


“Buy a Swatter, Lady?”


“A what?” she asked the man who was holding an old-fashioned baseball bat. Moe gave her a spiel about how baseball had been played, all bullshit, and Nora walked away to talk to the weapon’s dealer set up next to him.


“You the new girl, huh,” said the man, who looked to be of Puerto Rican heritage.


“The new girl?”


“Word gets around fast. I saw you walk in with that sweet power armor. Was that a suit of X-01? I’ve never seen one in operating condition.”


“And you are?”


“Arturo Rodriguez. And I can answer all of your questions about weapons.”


“Do you have any Worsin’s programs for power armor?” asked Nora, mentally crossing her fingers.


“I have some, but there isn’t much call for them. The programs run a thousand caps each.”


“Well, that’s going to have to wait. What about heavy weapons?”

“I have a couple of standard rocker launchers, the same the US Army used in the war. But you might want an RPG. More accurate, longer ranged. With nuke rounds they are actually better than Fatman launchers. Of course, good luck getting those, huh.”


“How much for the RPG?”


“I can let you have a basic launcher for five hundred caps.”


“I don’t have it now, but give me a couple of days and you’ve got a sale.”


Next she went over to the stand of Mirna, who advertised that she had everything. She didn’t, and she was mad as a hatter.


“I don’t know you, so step back. Are you a synth?”


“No, I’m Jangles the Moon Monkey.”


“Just what a synth would say. I don’t sell to your kind, synth.”


“Are you stupid. I was using sarcasm. I’m as human as the day I was born.”


“Well, you do look human. But I’ll be watching you.”


Nora looked over the woman’s selection. While she didn’t have everything, she had quite a bit, and Nora made a mental list of what she could pick up here. Her window shopping done, Nora thought it time to look for a house.


*     *     *


“We have one house available,” said Geneva, the Mayor’s secretary, barely looking up from the book she was reading. “It has the looks of an abandoned warehouse, pre-war. The former owner left in a hurry, and all the tools and work benches are yours if you buy the house. Two thousand caps, firm.”


“Can I take a look at it?”


“Sure,” said the very pretty woman who probably got her job because of her beauty. She pulled the key from her desk and handed it over. “It’s the door right next to Mirna’s store. I expect the key back in an hour. No squatters.”


Nora took the elevator down, once again marveling at the view of the old Boston baseball stadium that had been repurposed as a city in its own right. There had to be two or three thousand people living here, most on the lower levels, the rich and famous up above looking down on the others. Well, she could care less about the rich and famous. The people living on the streets were who she was after. If she could recruit them to her settlements, it would be a win win for both her and them. And having a place to recruit them from was what she needed.


Her and her people looked it over and it seemed perfect, even though she couldn’t get at the majority of it, hidden as it was by a block wall. Still, what she could see was impressive. Plenty of room and several workbenches, including one of the big construction benches, a chem station and weapons and armor stations.


“I want it,” said Nora, looking at her two partners. “And I want to buy a bunch of shit from Arturo.”


“Well, we got just over a hundred and twenty caps between us,” said Heather.


“Then I need to make some money,” said Nora. “I really don’t want you two involved in this, so go to the Dugout Inn and get a room for all of us. Two days should do it.”


“Just what are you planning on doing?” asked Barb, raising an eyebrow.


“Nothing illegal, or immoral. Well, maybe a little immoral, but not unheard of in this day and age. Or mine.”


“Well, we’ll leave you to it, if that’s what you want. But be careful.”


The two headed toward the Dugout with the dogs in tow and the farmer they had rescued with them. She needed to get that citizen back to Oberland, but she wasn’t about to send her off on her own. She would be fine in Nora and company’s care for a couple of days.


“It’s perfect,” she told Geneva, the woman’s face still buried in her book. “Any chance we can get it on credit.”


“Hah. Nope. Cash only. If you have the two thousand caps it’s yours.”


She handed the key over to the secretary, disappointed. “I’ll be back. Don’t let anyone else have it.”


“Not likely. Not many people in the market for a place like that.”


Nora headed for the place she had heard the music coming from, walking up the steps and entering the Red Seat district, named for the infamous bar within. The district was crowded with people, all looking for a good time. The small food booths were doing a great business, and the streetwalkers, same as out in the Market District, were busy negotiating. So I’ve got some competition, she thought, looking over the scantily clad whores. Of course, she had some advantages, including a sexual scent that would get a rise out of the dead.


Perfect she thought, pulling down the flyer that was advertising a job for a stripper. Dayshift wasn’t good, but perhaps she could strut her stuff and get a prime shift. She went into the loud club, taking in the multitude of customers sitting in the audience, men and women, while a tired looking blond in a gasmask, and nothing else, danced in clumsy steps on the stage, moving around the pole in the center. She walked up some steps to the bar.


“Who do I see about dancing at this fine establishment?”


“See Mr. Liemanto, up those steps.”


Nora thanked the woman and headed up the steps, to be stopped by the hand of a hard-looking man with long blond hair. She looked at the hand, tempted to cause the man who laid hands on her without permission pain. Instead she looked into his eyes and gave him a winning smile.


“Mr. Liemanto?”


“I’m his bodyguard. What business do you have with the boss?”


“I’m answering this ad.”


“Let the lovely lady come in,” said the fat man sitting in a chair that gave him a view of the stage, stogy smoking in his mouth. “So, you looking for the job. You ever danced in front of an audience before?”


“Sure have. And I daresay much better than that spaced out blond you have up there.”


“Okay. Give me and the crowd an audition. We ask that you wear either lingerie or nothing at all. You get the tips they throw on stage. Wait a minute,” the man said, doing a double take of her Pip-Boy. “You a Vault dweller?”


“I was. But those days are long past.”


“Let me see your body.”


Nora nodded and stripped down to nothing, glad that she had left her strap on armor with her followers. The Nanoarmor came off nice and easy, then she slid out of the bra and panties.


“Very nice. And you don’t mind getting on stage naked.”


“Nope. Not a bit.” Nora was feeling some butterflies, mostly because she hadn’t danced in the nude in front of lusting men for so long. She wanted them to lust after her, so she could make what she needed in a couple of nights.


“Okay. Go with Johnny here and he’ll show you where to put your items. I even have a lock box back there for your valuables, if you want to stow that Pip-Boy. And you can choose your music.” He waved to the bartender. “Tell Trudy that she’s on break until I say different.”


“How do you feel about prostitution in your club?”


“I have no problem with it. My current girls will have nothing to do with it, and our VIP room is out of order. If you want to fuck on stage, or out in the audience, go for it. And, as long as you’re bringing in the caps and getting them to drink, what you make with your pussy is all yours.”


Nora liked the sound of that, and followed the big bodyguard backstage. A naked brunette was cooking back there, and was silent as Nora greeted her. Drugs, thought Nora, deciding then and there that she would partake of no food and drink in this place. Well, maybe some bottled beer that she saw opened in front of her.


“Select your music on this box,” said the bodyguard. He set the machine, then showed her the lockbox. She stowed the Pip-Boy, knowing that she could track it on her implant if it came up missing. And then the thief would be well and truly dead. The bodyguard picked up a microphone and started to speak into it. “And tonight we have a special treat. A truly lovely flower. Let me introduce.” He looked at her and raised an eyebrow.


“Nora Jane.”


“Welcome, Nora Jane.”

Nora stood at the entrance to the walk, taking a deep calming breath, and sauntering out on stage. Giving the audience an eyeful of her swaying hip body. She got to the front of the stage and started to dance, moving to the music, letting the men get a good look at her. She lifted a leg into the air slowly, holding it up and giving them a good look at her pussy, then spun away and kicked the other leg high in the air.


The men started to go wild, yelling, catcalling, and she knew she would have them lining up to pay to get into that pussy she had on display. She ran around the pole with high steps, then jumped up on it and started to spin around it, opening her legs as she hauled herself up, then down.


“Will you look at that,” called out one old gentleman. “So that’s what that thing is for.”


Yep, she thought, doing a full routine on the pole, ending in a split on the ground. And I’m going to teach you what else it’s used for.


Caps started showering the stage, tens of them, then hundreds, as the crowd catcalled what they wanted to do to her. And I want you to do that to me as well, for a price.


The price she had in mind was a hundred caps for a fuck, fifty for a blowjob, the going rate. Once she established a reputation here she would up the price, but right now she needed caps fast. She grabbed the pole and leaned, lifting a leg up and shifting her plant foot to show herself at all angles. As she made a complete revolution she jumped into the air, her hands reaching out to touch her toes, then landed and went back into a dance routine.


The crowd was on their feet, roaring their approval as the music stopped. Nora stood there with chest heaving, sweat rolling down her body, pheromones rising into the air.


“Mr. Liemanto wants to talk with you,” said Johnny, coming up to the front of the stage. As she hopped down the chorus of the boos started. “She’ll be back, gentlemen. Soon.”


“You were amazing,” said Liemanto, motioning her to a chair. He leaned forward and ran a finger between the lips of her labia, then thrust a finger inside her wet pussy without asking her permission. “And so wet. God, but I want to get inside you, but customers first. So, why don’t you go back up there, dance, and take frequent breaks to fuck customers. We’re going to make a mint on this lady, Johnny.”


Nora danced, then motioned for one of the nearer customers to come up with her one stage, where she whispered in his ear. “A hundred caps and you can fuck me, right here and now.”


“Hell yes,” hissed the man, pulling a bunch of caps from his pocket and dropping them on the stage.


Nora pulled his dick out, then assumed a doggy position on the stage, her opening pointed out. He got in behind her and shoved his dick into her, gasping with pleasure.


“I’ve never felt anything like you before,” he gasped. “Where have you been all my life?”


Where I’ll be when I’m not here servicing paying customers, she thought with a chuckle. The man wasn’t bad at sawing his dick in and out of her pussy, and he held on longer that she would have thought. She wasn’t going for an orgasm herself, not yet, and clamped down on the cock inside her. With a series of grunts he came in her, spurt after spurt, until he collapsed on her back. After a moment he got up and put his dick back in his pants.


“How was she?” called out one of the audience.


“Unbelievable. I’ve never felt anything like her.”


That was what Nora wanted to hear, and before she could get up more caps were dropped on the stage and another dick was inside her. She let herself go with this one, the feeling building inside until it burst out in a massive orgasm, and the second man shot his load into her. She held out her hands to stop the next one from mounting her, then went into a dance routine, hoisting herself up and spinning on the pole, her sloppy cunt dripping cum all over the place.


“Next,” she said as she landed in a split and opened her legs, laying back. More caps hit the stage. She hadn’t time to count them all, but from the sound each pile hitting had at least a hundred of the old bottlecaps in them.


A homely man with an average dick climbed on board, clamping his mouth on a nipple as he shoved his average dick into the dream woman. Nora had to admit that he wasn’t bad either, making up for lack of size with his motion. And Nora’s augmented body had come with vaginal muscles that could probably squeeze a dick off. She didn’t go that far, but she did give the man her best wet tight friction, making him cum deep inside her within five minutes. He must have liked it, because he was smiling when he pulled out, and he dropped another small pile of caps on the stage as a tip.


She eventually lost track of the men, but she was aware that her stomach was growling and she was feeling weak. “Short break, guys,” she said, hopping off the stage and heading for the bar. Despite her resolve not to eat or drink here she was just too hungry, and she wanted to work the night as long as she could. She was actually enjoying the sex, the variety, and making more money than she would have in any other profession.


After filling her stomach she was back up on the stage dancing, watching as more caps came flying up. She serviced gentlemen after that, using the pole to spin the cum out of her periodically, then laying back on the stage for more.


“Come back tomorrow evening, gentlemen, when Ms. Nora Jane will be back to see to your needs.”


Nora gathered up the caps, stuffing them in a large sack that the Bartender had given her. She didn’t count, but estimated that there had to be almost two thousand caps.  Maybe more. One more night and she would have more that enough for Home Plate, plus enough left over to stock it with food and water. Maybe enough for the Recon or Sniper Programs for her armor and the RPG. A little bit of building through a QESS station and it would be self-sufficient , and she could move on to the next project.


“Can you come back tomorrow, honey?” asked Liemanto as she again sat in his office, wiping the sweat off her body, as well as a whole bunch of cum. “I want to give you the night shift.”


“I can work tomorrow, but then I’m heading out of town for a bit. But whenever I’m in town I can work.”


Liemanto looked disappointed, and Johnny loomed over her. “It’s not good to disappoint Mr. Liemanto.”


“And it’s not good to crowd me and threaten me, bully boy. Not if you want to keep doing your job.”




“Leave her be, Johnny. We’ll just take her when she’s available.”


“Good deal,” said a smiling Nora, getting up from her seat and checking the time on her implant. It was just past two in the morning, and she was very tired. But she thought she might give these two a treat. “So, you boys want to fuck me for free.”


*     *     *


“You did what?” hissed Heather, glaring at Nora.


“Heh, we needed money, and I’m good at getting money out of men that way. Exceptionally good.”


“That’s not the point,” said Barb. “Liemanto is a criminal and a kidnapper. You shouldn’t have put yourself at his mercy.”


“Well, I’m going back tomorrow evening to make some more caps. Then we’re heading back to Oberland with our rescued hostage.”


“Do what you want, Darling,” said Barb, shaking her head. “But tomorrow night you will have us along with you as bodyguards. Fucking you is okay, if that's what you want, but if they try to drug and kidnap you, we’ll be there to fuck them up.”


“Okay, you can come with me. Now, I need to shower and get into bed, so we can get Home Plate tomorrow. No offense, but I’m all sexed out for the evening.”


“We’ll take care of each other,” said Heather, still looking mad. “And don’t go doing dangerous things without us.”


Late the next morning Nora was the official homeowner of Home Plate in Diamond City. She opened the door once again, this time letting her Handies parade inside and check the place out. She used the scan function in her Pip-Boy to check out the connections of the home to the Diamond City Net. It had sewage, but no water or power. She made her plans accordingly, and set the Handies to taking down what she didn’t want, while one constructed a QESS station near the red workbench. In an hour the Handies had the concrete block walls down that had separated them from the interior, as well as the other blocks. All of the ratty old furniture, containers, garbage, taken apart and stuffed into the QESS station.


The room beyond was larger than the entry, with shelves and boxes, pallets of toilets and chairs. The boxes had tableware, plates and glasses. She set a robot to furnish the small bathroom off that room, then walked further into the complex. There was a side corridor, an elevated portion to the left that had sewer connections, stairs to the right that led to another raised area she thought would be perfect for an office. The very large room down from that platform was filled with more boxes, most with the Vault Tech logo on them, as well as a couple of forklifts. She was thinking of installing a couple of large fusion reactors on the far wall, her special workbenches along the left wall. The reactors would let her produce more electricity than all of Diamond City, and maybe she could work out a deal with them.


And then, doubling back and going straight ahead, the door mechanism of a Vault, permanently open, walkways leading to some small areas and one Vault room at the end.


“Looks like they never completed this one,” said Barb, looking up at the Welcome Home sign over the entrance to the tiny Vault facility.


“Obviously not,” agreed Nora, thinking that the room would be perfect for a bedroom for the settlers.


“What are you going to do with this again?” asked Heather, poking into all of the recesses of the complex.


“Recruitment station. We recruit prospective settlers here, train and vet them, then move them in groups to the other settlements. Seems to me that a lot of people are looking for opportunities to get them out of here.”


“Not the Great Green Jewel,” said Barb in a sarcastic tone. “They have every service conceivable to man. What a crock of shit.”


“They offer security, all right,” said Nora, marking the spaces for the robots to start construction as soon as it was cleared. “And maybe for the rich and stuck up in the Upper Stands it’s a great life. For people squatting in the Market without a roof over their heads, not so much.”


By early evening, when it was getting time to go to work, Nora took a shower in the new bathrooms that had been constructed by her robots. There were two Constructrons working alongside three Mr. Handies. The larger robots and two of the smaller would be left behind when she went back to Oberland to finish the work there.


Dressed in a t-shirt that left a good portion of her breasts exposed, crotchless jean panties and tennis shoes and stockings, Nora thought she looked slutty as hell. Since she had seen some streetwalkers showing just as much she thought she would be fine.


“You do look damned good,” said Heather, looking her friend over. “And damned slutty.”


“That’s what I’m going for. Got to wet the appetites of the customers if I want to get paid.”


“And you used to do this in your world?” asked Barb.


“Well, not at the end. I was a happily married mother by that time. But it did pay the bills when I was in college.”


“Well lookie here,” said one of the Diamond City Security guards as she walked by. “You wanna have some fun. Follow me home, give me a cold beer, and help me to relax.”


“For the right price, sure,” she told the man, walking on and catching more catcalls.


“I have never seen anyone so beautiful,” said a drifter.


“Follow me to the Red Seat and you can see more of me. And fuck me if you want to.”


“You really have this act down, don’t you?” asked Heather, eyes wide.


“Hey, it’s all about luring them in with a fantasy, then fulfilling their wildest dreams. I have too much pride to not give them a good time. If they come away thinking I’m the best they ever had, it’s a win for both of us.”


“You dancing tonight, Nora Jane?” asked a man in the worn suit that many Diamond City men wore to work.


“Sure am. And other things as well.”


“Who are these?” asked Liemanto when she walked into the club.


“My friends, here to watch out for me.”


Barb and Heather were covered in their Kerrigan bodysuits, pistols holstered by their sides.


“You really don’t need them here.”


“Well, if they’re not needed, then there won’t be any trouble.”


“Okay,” said the Night Club Boss, clearly disappointed. “You go on when you want.”


“Then how about now.”


Nora ascended the stage, making sure the audience had a good look at her pussy through the crotchless cutoffs. She moved around to let her breasts bounce, revealing the bottom of her nipples with each motion. Then she danced around the pole, looking out at all the lust filled faces staring at her, relishing the control she had over these men. There were new faces out there, though many were familiar from the night before. She saw Arturo, the weapon’s dealer, sitting at a ringside table, his eyes staring at her. She shot him a smile, then went into her routine.


She swayed to the music, then moved around the pole, grasping it and raising a leg, exposing her pink pussy to all eyes. The lubrication was already flowing, and she wanted the audience to see it dripping from her. Reaching down she ran a finger along her slit as she kept her leg in the air, then pushing her finger inside and fucking herself, moaning over the music. The leg came down and she danced across the stage, showing her body off to its best advantage.


“Take it off,” yelled a voice, followed by others telling her to disrobe completely. She thought she was already showing enough, for the moment, and ignored their calls as she ramped up their lust. Finally she stopped, reached with crossed arms for the high hem of her shirt and quickly lifted it off, letting her tits bounce free. Some high step dance moves and they were really bouncing, small and firm but still soft and pliant. She went for the pole, pulling herself up and spinning around, while the caps began to hit the stage in job lots. A dismount had her on her ass, legs spread, as she rolled down first one stocking and removed one shoe, then the other.


Nora jumped to her feet, going high into the air, her legs spread out as she touched her toes, coming down in a sideways split, then raising herself up to stand still for a second before going back into a dance. She worked at her cutoffs as she moved, pulling them down, then up, then all the way down, dropping them to the stage and standing totally naked in front of the lusting men, who continued to fling caps at her.


She danced naked for about fifteen minutes, using the pole to expose herself, then coming back down. Finally she froze in place, holding the pole with one hand while she grasped her heel and held her leg up in the air.


She looked over her shoulder and licked her lips. “Any takers?” she asked, in a position she thought some discriminating gentleman might like.


A couple of them were out of their seats in an instant, the younger one getting onto the stage first.


“You can go next,” she told the older. “Now take me,” she told the one standing in position, his hard dick ready.

The young man lined up, bending his legs just a bit. At five foot ten Nora was tall for a woman. As tall as most men, and the six-foot-tall man had little trouble getting the tip of his cock into her. He started to move forward, but Nora beat him to it, sliding herself back and gasping as the nice cock slid all the way home.


“You feel so good,” said the man, sawing his cock in and out of Nora.


“You do too, lover. Keep giving it to me. Take me as you want me. Fast or slow. Right now my body is yours.”


More caps clattered to the stage, and Nora started gasping as the dick hit all the right places inside her. Sure, she was making money, but she wanted to enjoy being fucked, and have the man taking her enjoy it as well. He started to swell up, grunting his passion, and she reached down with her free hand to attack her clit, quickly sending herself over the edge while her pussy contracted and expanded on the dick inside her. The man cried out, sending a series of shots into Nora’s pussy, starting off her night with a bang. The man kissed her on the neck, then pulled out, letting his cream pie drip down her leg.


“Anyone else want me in this position,” she said, looking over her shoulder. The man who had just missed out climbed onto the stage and pushed his cock into her, gasping and groaning as he went to work. This one wasn’t as good as the first, but he still sent shivers of pleasure up her spine before shooting his load. Nora turned and kissed the man, thanking him for a good time, then motioning for Johnny.


Johnny and the Red Seat Security Guard hauled a couch up on stage and set it up in front of the pole. Nora sat on the couch, opening her legs up, feet high in the air, an open invitation. Arturo was next on stage, his well-muscled olive-skinned body shining in the lights. He had a long thick cock, not the largest of her stint at the club, but definitely the way she liked them.


“Ready to do a little shooting, eh?”


“You really enjoy this, don’t you?”


“What’s not to enjoy. Now, shove your gun in my holster and fire away.”


Arturo was very good, and Nora thought she might want to try him one on one without pay sometime. He went a good ten minutes, his lips locked on hers while he drove his groin into her, massaging her clit with each in stroke.


“That is too damned good,” he said, sweat sheening on his forehead.


“Glad you’re enjoying it,” Nora said with hissed breath. “You know we’re neighbors now.”


“No, You buy Home Plate?”


“Sure did. So come on by sometime for a housewarming freebee.”


The man laughed, freely, then grunted as he shot his sperm into the willing receptacle holding his cock. “I’ll definitely take you up on that,” he said, kissing her, pulling out and standing up. She blew him a kiss as he walked away. Such nice neighbors, she thought, waving off the next trick and taking some spins on the pole to help the juices fly out of her love tunnel.


“Okay, I’m ready,” she told the next, lying back on the couch.


“I want you to ride me,” said the man, eagerly motioning for Nora to get up for a moment. He plopped down, his hard cock standing at attention. Nora smiled, leaning down to kiss him then positioning herself to lower her pussy onto the cock. He gasped as her wet sleeve engulfed his cock. When she had seated herself she started moving up and down, leaving only the head of his dick inside her before plunging down again. The man had some stamina, and Nora started playing with his balls to hurry him along. It was all good, and the man shot a massive load into her that dripped around his cock to coat his groin, while Nora shook from another orgasm.


“That was wonderful,” he said, and Nora smiled her thanks at the compliment before getting up and letting his dick flop out.


She fucked over twenty men on the couch, then took some more standing, as the caps piled up on the stage. Finally, hunger was driving her to distraction and it was getting late, so she bowed out.


“I’ll be back in a few days,” she told the disappointed men who hadn’t had her. She wished she could take all of them, but she only had so much stamina in her, and she thought she had gone above and beyond. And she’d had as many orgasms as she wanted this night.


“I should be back in three days,” she told Liemanto, looking into the man’s cold eyes. “I can promise you three nights at that time. Okay.”


“If you insist,” he said, his eyes straying to Nora’s two bodyguards.


“You really put on a show,” said Barb as they walked out of the club with the bag of caps in hand. “And you seemed to enjoy it. But God, you are a mess. You’ve got cum all over you.”


“Of course I enjoyed it,” she told her disbelieving friend. “I got a lot of orgasms out of it, always a good thing, and spread a lot of joy. And to have that much control over men is a rush.”


“I’d like to try it someday,” said Heather. “Not tonight, and probably not tomorrow. I think I want to start out with some threesomes before I move up to that kind of group fuck.”


“Give me those caps,” said a man’s voice, as a figure stepped out of the shadows, a pipe pistol covering the women.


“You really don’t want to do this,” said Nora in a tone that would have had most men quivering in their boots.


“The caps.”


Nora moved at full speed, a hand reaching out in a blur and knocking the gun away, while she pivoted her body and drove a side kick into his chest. The man hit the wall, his eyes rolling up, and collapsed onto the ground.


“What’s going on here?” asked a woman in Diamond City Security garb.


“He tried to take my caps,” said Nora, looking down on the unconscious man. “I earned them, fair and square.”


“Trying to rob a Diamond City working girl, eh,” said the woman, squatting down and clapping the cuffs on him. “I think a little time in lockup will do you some good.” The guard straightened up and tipped her helmet. “Good night to you, Ladies.”


“I think we need to make you our bodyguard,” said Heather, eyes wide.


I already am, thought Nora as they walked back arm and arm to Home Plate.


*     *     *


By morning Home Plate was set up like she wanted it, at least for now. She popped on by Mirna’s and Arturo’s to spend some caps, supplying the base with food and weapons, getting the Worsin’s Recon software and the RPG, along with a half dozen rockets, then headed out for Oberland.


“If you’re looking for those red things, there’s one at hangman’s alley,” a Diamond City resident had told them. “Down by the Charles.”


“You feel like taking a side trip?” she asked their guest.


“I just want to get home,” said Alyson, shaking her head. “I’m sure that Tanja is worried.”


“Okay. We’ll get you home, then stop at the Alley on the way back.”



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