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Chapter Seventeen: Travis and Beantown Brewery.



The next morning Nora went shopping, first stopping at Arturo’s place to buy some good quality hand weapons and some more rockets, then some junk tech from Mirna. The Choice Cut Meat Market let her stock Home Plate, while the robots built some automated planters that she sowed with mutfruit, corn and tatoes. She needed the starch from the corn so that she could make adhesive, and tatoes and mutfruit could go into supply kits for the tech and salvaging teams she was planning to send out.


More settlers, tired of not getting by in Diamond City, had come in. She had eight that wanted to stay, and she set up enough work stations for all of them, as well as both a full bar and diner, using some of the vendor contracts she had been procuring through the last couple of weeks. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to open the settlement to outsiders. While she might be able to do a good bit of business, it would allow the outsiders to get a look into her business.


That left eleven who were ready to pack up and head out. Only three could be talked into Hangman’s Alley, which she decided would be a military outpost for controlling the west side of Boston, once it had enough people. That wasn’t for everyone though, and she thought it might take some time to recruit enough soldiers. So eight, four each for Oberland and Graygarden. After she dropped them off she would come back and see what she might have to escort of Starlight. While not sure how long she would be getting a steady supply of settlers, she could always hope.


“We need to get our hands on some more quality weapons for our settlers,” said Nora, sitting down with her friends and having a noodle cup at Power Noodles. She had suggested to some of the residents that she might have someone who could reprogram the robot, who could currently only speak Japanese, and not much of that. She had received the impression that people here liked the robot the way he was. He was a tradition, and he was to remain a tradition.


The noodle cups were delicious. She needed more than one cup, but she could afford it. Three of her settlements were turning out ration packs that gave a filling meal and drink, and they placed the excess in the QESS system for other settlements to draw on. They were producing excess water that she could also pull out of the system and sell here in the city. It was looking like the necessity of whoring was about to go away. That kind of saddened her. It connected her to her college days, when she could look at the world through rose colored glasses. And, of course, no one said she had to quit.


“The problem is the damn Raiders almost always use pipe weapons,” said Barb after slurping down some of her noodle cup. “When they do get military grade or good hunting weapons, they take such shitty care of them that they inevitably ruin them. Supermutants aren’t much better, though they sometimes have some mini-guns in good repair.”


“Gunners,” said Heather. “I know you said you don’t want to tangle with them, but they are the enemies of the Minutemen, and they mostly have good quality weapons and armor.”


“Which makes them harder to take,” said Nora, shaking her head. “And I want energy weapon parts for turrets. Even the Gunners don’t have many of them.”


“Synths, if you can find them,” said Heather.


For all the talk of Synths in Diamond City, everyone worrying that they were going to be spirited away in the night, she had yet to run into any. When she mentioned that to Heather the other woman smiled, then frowned.


“University Point. The Institute has some camped out there for some reason, so we would be sure to run into them. Of course, it’s a long way from here through some very hostile territory. Maybe you’ll just have to wait to luck out and just run into some.”


Nora wasn’t sure if that would be considered good luck. Robotic warriors with high end energy weapons might be too much for them to handle. She was beginning to think she was going to have to take on this Institute that everyone was afraid of, and no one knew the location of, sooner or later. But right now she would continue to go after Raiders and Supermutants. That was enough of a challenge for now. But Gunners? They were better trained than Raiders, but from what Nora had seen that wasn’t saying much, and the high-end mercenaries were not up to her standards.


“Any luck with the detective?” asked Barb.


“Not a bit. His office is locked up tight, no answer at the door. And the area is too well patrolled to risk picking the door.” The last thing she wanted to do was run afoul of Diamond City Security and end up in lockup, or having to throw down on a force that had almost two hundred police officers. They weren’t very well trained either, and mostly equipped with shotguns, but they were on the side of civilization, and she didn’t want to kill them for just doing their jobs.


“Well, no one in town seems to know where he’s gone,” said Heather. “Or his secretary. Ellie, I think her name is.”


“Just bad luck. I was hoping he might be able to start tracking whoever took Shaun. I’m beginning to think it a hopeless task. He must be older now, but I just don’t know how old. Will he remember me? How could he, when I was just a towering blob to his vision when I still had him in my custody.”


She still didn’t know how long it had been since he had been kidnapped. Ten years. Twenty. Hell it could have been fifty. He might be dead, subjected to some experiment by the Institute or even Vault Tech. Or he could be the member of the organization that frightened so many people across the Commonwealth. But she needed to know, no matter what the outcome was.


“Well, your settlement system is already on the way to becoming the second most powerful entity in the Commonwealth. After Diamond City.”


“Not mine, Heather. It belongs to the people who make it up. It just lead the military and exploratory arm of the alliance. And speaking of which, I need to get some more settlements on board so we can keep growing.” And we need to find out if there’s teleportation somewhere out there.


Sturgis had contacted her, sending a message through the QESS system. They had looked through the mass of holo-tapes she had dumped on them, and found one from a purported Institute Operative who had lived in Lexington thirty years before. He had discussed how the Institute had been working on teleportation and hit a dead end. Some researchers had been sent to Connecticut to look into a research institute that had been looking into that tech about the time the bombs dropped. They had never reported back, and it was felt that they must have been killed somewhere to the south of Boston. Vault Tech was also rumored to have teleporters in the same tape, though no one knew for sure. It would make things so much easier if they could hop on a platform and materialize twenty or fifty miles away in an instant. Of course, the whole concept was also frightening, and Nora wasn’t sure if she wanted to put her body into one until it had been well tested.


They spent the rest of the day looking around the town, Nora getting requests for help that she turned down for the moment. She didn’t want to be tied down before she moved her settlers out, though some of the requests intrigued her. And she wanted to check out Goodneighbor, said to be a den of iniquity, but also the home to some interesting tech and a few stores. It was at least a day’s walk to the East though, and if they met resistance it might be much longer.


“Well, let’s see about doing Vadim’s crazy plan to build up the frightened DJ,” she said as the clock started to tick down.


“You really want to do this?” asked Heather.


“Not really. But I gave my word, so I’m stuck.”


That was the biggest problem with being the face of the Minutemen. She had to be honest, lest people start to doubt her word. Whether it was wiping out a Raider settlement or giving a blow job, if she said she was going to do it she needed to follow through. So she started off for the Dugout Inn, her whoring clothes in her pack, dressed in casual jeans, t-shirt and tennis shoes.


She walked into the inn just before six, to see a frightened young man standing and waiting, looking like he was going to bolt at any moment. Vadim stood behind the bar as always, looking on, shooting Nora a smile and pointing to Travis.


Suddenly two hard looking men came walking into the inn, looking around for a second before heading straight for Travis.


“Well, what have we here, Bull?”


“I don’t know, Gouger. Looks like a quaking piece of shit to me.”


“Please go way,” said Travis in a shaking voice.


“And if we don’t wanna?” asked Gouger, the smaller of the two.


“Go away, or..”


“Or what, Travis? Were you going to say or else? Was that what you were going to say?”


Nora moved beside Travis and talked to him in a soft voice. “Are you going to let them do this to you, Travis? The only way it’s going to stop is if you make it stop.”




“I’m here to back you up. So stop letting them push you around.”


“What the hell are you up to, bitch?” asked Bull, stepping forward to point a finger in Nora’s face. Nora slapped the hand away, purposively slowing herself down so she would not frighten the two off. She was certain she could take them both no problem, but that wasn’t the plan. Travis needed to feel like he had handled this.


“Leave me alone, or I’m going to kick your ass,” said Travis, his voice firming up a bit.


“Big mistake. We’re going to fuck you and your bitch up.”


Bull came at Travis swinging, connecting with the young man’s face and knocking him back. But not down or out, and Travis returned the punch. It wasn’t a skillful blow, but it had some power in it. Gouger came at Nora, also swinging. Nora blocked the punch with a forearm, returning the blow and feeling the man’s jaw shatter. Gouger went down like a felled tree, out, and Nora cursed herself. She had forgotten how fragile normal people were, and she really didn’t want to kill either of these two. Then her concentration was on Travis and his unequal battle against Bull.


Bull hit Travis in the stomach, folding him over, then raising a hand to strike his opponent on the back of the neck. Nora slammed a hand into his back, interrupting the blow and staggering the man. Bull turned to throw a punch at Nora, easily avoided, and she sent a low power palm strike into his face. Travis grabbed Bull by the shoulder and spun him around, slamming a fist into his face, then another into the stomach. Bull staggered away, and Nora grabbed him by a shoulder and slammed him to his back on the floor, where he lay, groaning.


“If I were you boys I would go somewhere else,” said Nora. “Before Travis here kicks your ass.”


Bull staggered up, then helped Gouger to his feet, aiding his friend in stumbling out of the inn.


“So,” said Nora in a cheerful tone. “How’d it feel to be in your first barfight? And to end up a winner?”


“I didn’t like it. But I guess it had to be done. Thanks, and I’ll see you later.”


“Well, that went pretty well,” said Vadim. “Though I worry that you kill them for a moment.”


I could have very easily, she thought, realizing what a disaster that would have been. “I’m going to make some love, and forget the war,” said Nora, going into her room and changing into her slutty clothes.


Again this night Crocker was her first customer. She thought he was smitten with her, and she was willing to give him an organ to cum in, but nothing more. He again paid more than the asking price, giving her two hundred and fifty caps. With some people she would have felt bad taking that much, but the doctor could afford it, and it was going to a good cause. She fucked three more men, then one woman, Becky Fallon, before trouble came looking for you.


“So, what’s your pleasure?” she asked the man.


“Bull wanted me to give you a good beating, so that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll fuck you after, so I can get some enjoyment above and beyond beating you to a pulp.”


The husky man came at her in a fighter’s stance. It was obvious he knew what he was doing. It was just as obvious that he didn’t know who he was fucking with. Nora avoided the two punches he threw, then hit him with a knife hand to the neck, dropping him to the floor. She kicked him in the face as her tried to get up and the man was out.


“What happen?” asked Yefim, barging into the room.


“This asshole was here to beat me up, on orders from Bull,” she told the younger Bobrov brother.


“Shit. That’s Rhino. One of Tower Tom’s boys. He specializes in fuck people up.”


“Well, this time he got fucked up. So, please get him out of my room so I can get to work.”


So took one another four men before she called it quits, making fifteen hundred caps. Not her best night ever, but still respectable. Vadim motioned for her to come over and talk to him as she started to walk out of the inn.


“I guess you can have me if you want,” she said with a smile. She wasn’t here to give it away, but she wanted the goodwill of this man.


“No. Well maybe yes, after talk.” The bar had almost cleared out, people going home to get some rest before a workday. “I have second part of foolproof plan.”


“You want me to fuck Travis?”


“Hah, that might do the boy good, but I have something else in mind. You see Scarlet around here. She make eyes at Travis, and he make eyes at her. If no one gives them a push the eyes are all that are going to work. I can’t suggest to Scarlet that she go see Travis, since I her boss. But you could.”


“Okay. That’s easy enough that I’ll do it. But this ends it, okay?”


“Okay. I have to tell you that Scarlet sometimes whores for me, so if she won’t do it, give her a hundred caps. But to do without pay first off.”


Scarlet was actually excited to hear that Travis was interested in her, and went out of the inn as if she were walking on air. She hoped it worked out for them. They were both nice kids, and deserved some loving.


“Okay, now how do you want me?” she asked Vadim.


“I want to take you on bar. You okay with that.”


“No problem,” she said, hopping up on the bar and offering herself. Vadim slid into her and started thrusting away. Yefim soon walked up and presented his dick to Nora’s mouth. Soon she had both brothers thrusting away inside her, Vadim in her pussy, Yefim in her throat. They had some stamina this night, and she was wondering when they were going to cum so she could go to bed. She worked every trick she could, her pussy squeezing Vadim, her tongue working Yefim’s balls. Vadim finally had all he could take and roared as he shot his cum into the grasping pussy. Moments later Yefim came, his balls rising up in their sack as his cock expanded, then shot his load down her throat.


“You good friend,” said Vadim, smiling. “You come back tomorrow?”


“I have to run out of town for the next couple of days, but I’ll be back.”


“Good, having you here is pulling in customers. After they fuck they eat, drink like no tomorrow. You good friend.”


*     *     *


The next day Nora escorted thirteen settlers out of town, all armed to some extent. The people who were going to man Hangman’s Alley, and she hoping they would welcome more people, all had good quality weapons, the two men combat rifles, the woman a .357 revolver. The rest of them had mostly pipe weapons, some with rifles, though there were three shotguns and a couple of hunting rifles among the ten.


The robots had continued to work on the Alley, and two of the Handies had stripped every car in the neighborhood of their wiring, components and nuclear material. A second fusion reactor was up and running, while all of the entrances were now open for business and fortified to the extreme. She set one settler up with a full bar at the ground floor of the building on the right, the female as a doctor on the ground of the building on the left, the third to act as general supervisor and watch that the construction kept going as planned.


Kathy, the woman working the stand, saw the people Nora had with her and stopped the group. “I want to set up at Oberland. Can you help me move my stock?”


“Sure,” said Nora, detailing her people to grab what they could and pack it up. She called up three of her cargo bots and loaded up the rest, and they were off. Oberland had actually attracted another settler, and with the six people she was leaving them they now had ten. Nora set up the robots to build a trader stand for Kathy, then continued on to Graygarden.


Graygarden was not really ready, but the five settlers pitched in to help with the construction. By nightfall they had a two story house going, as well as the beginnings of a service core building. The next day there were bathrooms, generators, and water pumped up from the river. She selected a supervisor who seemed to have some brains and taught him how to run the robots and the QESS. And then it was the trek back into Diamond City.


“When are we going back to Sanctuary?” asked Barb.


“After we get another load of settlers. I want at least ten to drop off at Starlight so I can get that place going.” And I want to make some more caps for the kitty. Or maybe I should say caps from the kitty.


Nora had been thinking about her sexual response post Supersoldier Serum. She was sure it had been a minor consideration to the researchers, but it had turned out to be a big deal for her. She was constantly in a state of low-level arousal, juice flowing in her pussy. It was always wet. Of course, it was gushing when she was getting near an orgasm. Her clit was much more sensitive, and the inside of her vagina was almost as sensitive as her clit had been pre-Serum. And while she was gaining control of her pheromones, she still exuded a low-level of attractant that caused every eye to turn her way. Her vagina seemed infinitely stretchable, and returned to a tight pre-fucked configuration within minutes of the cock pulling out. She really didn’t know how many men she could take on, but hadn’t seemed to have reached that limit yet. On the adverse side, she could still dehydrate and swoon from low blood sugar, so she needed to watch out for that.


They reached Home Plate by four, and Nora showered and got ready to pull a shift at the Dugout inn. So she was surprised when she walked in to find a frantic Yefim approaching her.


“You’ve got to help. Vadim has been kidnapped. You have to get him back.”


“Calm down, Yefim. Who took him, and where?”


“Vadim owed money to the bosses of Gouger and Bull. They came back, demanding that he pay, and stupid Vadim refused. So they took him at gunpoint.”




“Travis might know. Vadim and him talk a lot.”


“Right. I’ll be right back.”


Nora ran full speed to the radio station, people moving out of the way of the blur that threatened to bowl them over. She burst into the station, to find Travis in bed with Scarlet, enjoying each other. She felt horrible interrupting them, but she needed Travis, now.


“Travis. Vadim’s been kidnapped. I need to know where they might have taken him. Now.”


“Shit. I need to see about this, hon.”


“Of course you do,” said Scarlet, rubbing her hand over his face. “Go with her, but make sure you come back to me.”


Travis was out of bed in an instant, getting into his clothing as fast as he could pull them on. Scarlet got out of bed as well and walked naked over to a chair. Nora thought the young lady looked cute as hell, but now wasn’t the time to admire a good body supporting a pretty face.


“They’re at Beantown Brewery,” said Travis, pulling a N99 from a drawer in his desk and checking to load, then getting some spare mags out. “That was what Vadim told me. They’re just Raiders, and their boss, Tower Tom, runs them from there.”


Nora was noting that Travis seemed much more confident and forceful, though he was nowhere near a dominant male. “You don’t have to come.”


“Of course I do. Vadim is my friend.”


“Okay. I’m going to stop over at Home Plate and gear up, get my people, and head out. Meet me in front of Diamond City and we’ll go.”


It only took minutes to get into her gear and arm, hustling her followers to come along. Travis was waiting, nervously, pacing back and forth.


“Stay in the center of our group on the way there. We’re walking, fast, but stay alert for trouble. That’s wasteland out there, and there is always a chance that something deadly is going to come along.”


“Do you think we can save him?”


“Of course we can. Just have faith.” And if we don’t rescue him, we can still end the bastards who kidnapped him.


It took several hours at a fast walk to reach the Brewery, passing through Oberland. Nora checked in quickly with the settlers then moved on, thinking about the best way into the Brewery. She finally decided on the northwest entrance, the one that entered through the front office.


“Let us lead,” she told Travis, looking into his frightened eyes. “We do this for a living. So stay close and behind and watch our rear.”


Travis nodded and Nora patted him on the shoulder. She eased the door open and slid inside like a ghost, night vision engaged. The office was entered through a short hall, and a long desk was ahead. A couple of Raider kids were sleeping on bags to the right, while she heard the sound of snoring coming from the officer proper. Nora crept over to the children, who for some reason were started to stir, and put a round into each of their heads, the suppressed rifle making barely a sound.


“What the hell?” cried out a man’s voice from the office, and Nora moved to the entrance and shot him once in the head.


There was a lot of interesting things here, but they were on a rescue mission, so that could wait until they had freed Vadim.


“How many people does this Tower Tom have?”


“You killed them all,” stammered Travis. “Even the kids.”


“These are bad people, Travis. Any we spare will just move on and make life miserable for some other poor suckers. Even the children. If they were younger they might be salvageable. At their age, they're already warped. So how many people are we facing?”


“Twenty. Thirty. Maybe more.”


“And where do you think Vadim is being held?”


“I’m guessing the office up the stairs on the other side of the plant.”


“Then we slaughter everything on the production floor and the walkways. Stay behind us, and take out anything that tries to come up our ass.”


Nora primed her grenade launcher, hoping to get in a couple of shots before she had to switch to her rifle. She thought they could get out there and start taking down groups before the Raiders could react. Some shouts and movement beyond the corridor let her know that her plan had gone out the window.


“There’s something out there,” called out a voice, and what sounded like a herd of Raiders poured up the stairs.


Nora let fly with a grenade, killing most of the first wave, the survivors going to the floor injured. She quickly jacked another round into the launcher, slamming it shut and firing from the hip, hitting the wall of the cross corridor and sending more shrapnel out, to the cursing of those hit. A hand grenade came out of the cross corridor, rolling toward Nora, who backpeddled, waving her people to retreat. The grenade went off, some shrapnel bouncing from Nora’s armor, and a swarm of Raiders came running into and up the corridor.


Nora held down the trigger on her assault rifle, mowing down Raiders like ripe grain. As her rifle clicked on empty Barb opened up, sending a flood of rounds into the enemy. They stopped coming, and Nora finished switching her magazine and stepped forward, waving her dogs to come along with her.


There were more Raiders in firing positions. Nora gunned down some, switched out her grenade launcher to hit clusters, and kept moving forward. The Raiders fought like always, stupid, eschewing cover with only one thought on their mind. To kill. And they were slaughtered by the three experienced warriors.


“Look out,” yelled Travis as a woman with a sword came dropping down from above, aiming a cut at Nora. She was sure she could have gotten out of the way, but Travis gunned the Raider down with his pistol.


“Good job. Buddy. Now keep a watch.”


Nora ran over the catwalks, shooting the Raiders that showed themselves, running into the office.


“I’ll kill him,” shouted a Raider with a pistol, aimed in on Vadim’s head. Nora blew his brains out with a short burst, then ran up and knelt to free Vadim.


“I didn’t think anyone was going to come,” stammered the man. “Thank you.”


“Is that the big boss I gunned down?”


“That was Tower Tom, yes. And it looks like you took down most of gang. Travis. You came.”


“He saved my life out there,” Nora lied, wanting the young man to feel good about himself. “Now, you two get out of our way while we loot this place.”


They packed in dozens of cases of beer and a ton of empty bottles, as well as a load of electronics and machines parts, all going into Wilson, currently set to deliver to Oberland. She found another Picket Fences magazine, and a number of holo-tapes to take with. And she looked over the terminals. Reading the story of Tower Tom and how he had organized this brewery. After reading part of it she ordered all the beer dumped, since it had been fermented with the body of the sister of a famous Raider boss. It talked about the death of Jared, and the holding of Red Tourette’s sister Lilly to get food, and Lilly’s accidental death at Tower Toms hands.


That needs to be a priority target, thought Nora. Red was said to be a big boss with a lot of people, and removing her, along with Tower Tom, Jared, Boomer and Ack Ack, would have severely weakened the Raider infrastructure in the Commonwealth. Maybe it wouldn’t get rid of all of them, but it was a good start.


“We’re going to spend the night at my settlement at Oberland,” she told Vadim and Travis. “In the morning we’ll head back to Diamond City.”


“So you built this place,” said Vadim as they sat down to a meal.


“Tanja and her people started it. I just came in and added some comforts.”


“Don’t let her fool you,” said Tanja, passing a pot of stew around the table in the common room of the house. “She and that magical tech of hers is what made this place what it was.”


“How are the new people working out?” asked Nora, looking around and spotting the new faces.


“Well, we planted another acre of crops today,” said the leader of the settlement. “And we are so much more secure with ten than three. So thank you again.”


“You do so much. Why you whore in my bar?”


“To get the caps to build up places like this,” said Nora. “Not that I don’t enjoy it, and see absolutely nothing wrong with charging men to use my spectacular body, but the mission helps motivate me, a lot.”


“I think you should give it a break at the Dugout,” said Vadim. “Not that you can’t do it again, but it might be a good idea to not attract attention for a little while.”


“Well, I guess its back to the Red Seat for a return engagement.”


*     *     *


“Where the hell have you been?” asked Liemanto, glaring at her from his chair.


“Out of town. But I’m ready to work a couple of nights, if you want me.”


“Hell yes, I want you,” said the boss of the club, his eyes straying to take in Nora’s Bodyguards.


“When you want me to start?” asked Nora, looking at the stage, where Trudy was clumsily staggering around. There was a small audience, showing how much Nora had done for the club.


“Right now. I’ll send someone out to trumpet that you are back.”


“Good enough,” said Nora, walking to the back room and stripping, then coming out on the stage to the cheers of the men. More were flooding into the club, and she started dancing with her hands in the air, the symbol of victory. She had loved the Dugout, but this, dancing, then fucking, in front of an entranced audience, set her heart a beating and her pussy a flowing. This made her feel alive, and she was looking forward to her two night here.


“Where the hell does she go?” asked one of the men in the audience of Heather, sitting at a table and watching the crowd as well as her friend, taking her job seriously.


“Saving the Commonwealth,” said Heather.


“Yeah, right. A whore saving the Commonwealth.”



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