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Day 1 - The day my world reset.



blog-0561022001426350598.jpgDear Diary,




I needed to escape. From the ache in my shoulders and the ball in my mouth. From the straps that contort my feet and the corset that shallows my breath.

I needed to escape. I have resisted this long and to give up now would be suicide.

My world is blackened, my hands are bound, but a fire burns in me. Bright as the day I was taken from my home.


War makes the lawless reign. The only comfort, the only blessing I had was a belt. Fashioned for me at request of my father. Troubled times and rumors of bands of marauders pillaging and raping their way across the holds were reason enough. I would wear it gladly. Father sent the keys away to family in Solitude. Mere weeks had passed before... I hope my family is safe.


Frustrated they tried to have their way with me, but my forged steel protector defeated them all. They would instead sodomize me, but many were bloodied as my guardian punishes any but the most delicate advances. They were defeated and scorned. I was beaten and choked. They were bitten. I was beaten again...


I didn't know where I was. I could feel nothing but the pain in my body and the cold of the floor.

I don't know where I am, but I will get out of here.




Struggling with my arms seemed to effect my bindings. It wouldn't release them, but they loosened to a state where I had limited use of my hands again. As I struggled to right myself I banged my head against a steel bar. As wormed my way beside it and explored around, it became clear to me that I was in a cage. Bound and caged, but not hopeless. The poor craftsmanship on the bars could be felt. uneven shape, tapering ends and sharp edges were a sheer joy to me. Never had I praised poor quality, but there is always a first.


I think it was just before I abraded the leather binds that the first shock hit me. Those bastards had filled my person with a blasted plug, roughly tied in place with rope. I buckled on the second jolt. And the third. I would have screamed at the to of my voice, but all I could manage was a muffled moan. The fourth shock... I think it was the fourth one... I blacked out...




Away with you accursed bonds! After I had awoken and had found myself in a puddle of my own doing I did away with the bonds that held my arms together. Followed swiftly by the bag over my head. I managed to move my blindfold up just enough to see my surroundings, but there would be no way of removing it until I got the head harness off. My sore jaw would greatly appreciate that.


I could finally take a look and see what, up until now, I could only feel. My legs were wrapped in high-heeled boots that seemed to have locks everywhere. The corset that fights me for my breath and that gloves that dull my sense of touch are of the same design as the boots. These do seem like high quality goods though... Unlike the poor quality straps used to bind them together.


My cell turned out to be in a dim lit prison. Cold stone all around and a wood frame with iron bars of irregular shapes and sizes. To the right I could make out a more solid looking door, but it might as well have been a low fence. I couldn't possibly keep anyone but the most hogtied person from escaping... A single simple wood bar held it closed, but not secure...


To my left I noticed a bucket... a quick fondle at the ropes that kept me from expelling that blasted plug release it from its bonds. As I relieve myself of its oppression, a gush of my captors foul enjoyment leaves my person. Freed from its tyranny and relieved of its burden I decide to hang on to it... The nights did get a bit lonely since the belt... I had saved myself for the day I'd wed, but the farmhands never said no to a little rough and tumble through the back door. Somehow... I guess I'm glad Hadmir's 'little friend' had been frequent on my to-do list. At least I was accustomed to big boys now...




Though I could barely keep balance on these silly boots, my escape was going well. The prison was empty, the guards were asleep...


Dear Diary, I have killed two men.


I killed them in their sleep.

I slit their throats without a single ounce of hesitation.

I doubt they were expecting to meet a warriors greeting in Sovngarde, but I fail to see this earning me points with Tsun when my day comes... But today is not that day.

My gloves are bloody... My everything is bloody... Man has lots of blood to be shed... Like cattle... Father taught me to butcher cattle... I'd be a good Nord wife when I grew up... Skilled in farming the rough land and protecting home and hearth from the denizens of the wilds... Back then civil war was not expected. I went hunting with uncle Thorm a few times. He'd kill a few hares with his bow and then let me bleed them to save them from going bad. Mother told me bleeding any animal is all the same... She was right and man is just an other animal.


I took their clothes and all the supplies I could carry. Damned be these boots. My luck seemed to hold as I made my way out of the prison. The final door opened up to the night's sky. I was greeted by fresh air, the smell of pine trees and a full moon in the sky. Never had the stars seemed so close as the day I found my way out of that prison.


I don't know where I am. I don't know where the prison is anymore. I just picked a direction and ran. I have naught but a few lockpicks, 20 gold coins, a blunt dagger, an empty journal, a few scraps of food and the dirty, bloodied clothes on my body. But dear Diary, I am free.








This writing follows a play-through using the following mods for the core experience;

- Alternative Start - LAL

- Immerslave

- DD assets, integration, expansion

- DD Cutting

- Fill Her Up


Also used, but not essential at this point:

- Death Alternative - YMOYL

- Sanguine's Debauchery Enhanced

- Sisterhood of Dibella

- SexLab Solutions

- SexLab Romance

- The DD Manual

- Xaz Prison Overhaul


The world this all takes place in:

Using Hydragorgon's Slavegirls, Slaves for vanilla Bandit Camps by pchs and Valadarius' DD for the Masses II to create a setting where slavery is commonplace. Bondage is an integral part of society in Tamriel. A slave owner is obliged to provide basic needs by law. However, like everything in Skyrim, the law outside of the holds is upheld by honor... and there are enough honor-less lowlifes to fill the fields of Whiterun...

My set-up is tweaked to be more Amazonian in nature than Gorian.


Disclaimer (thanks to thebookdesigner.com ;) ):

This is a work of (pure adult) fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


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