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CHAPTER 13-First day!suck it all the way down!



the night passes quickly and when you arrive in the morning you wake up a little before hearing the servant who comes to pick you up to take you to the rooms for the lesson, once you enter in the room you see the woman with two naked redguards next to her,the woman tells you "today you will begin to learn one of the most difficult things in our profession, you must be able to control yourself while having sex, the customer must tell you when you can come, when you can talk and when you can move,now come here and take the penis of one of these men and start sucking it, remember! you have to keep it hard for as long as possible, if it gets limp or it comes immediately the customer will not be happy, you have to make him get the maximum excitement, then it will be him to decide whether or not to come "you kneel and stick the man's penis in your mouth starting to suck, but the woman stops you immediately saying" what is all this haste! if you do this the customer will come right away, not good! look as I do, and then you try too "you get up and see the woman in front of the other man,she first moves her skirt, then kneels, then first she takes the man's penis in her hand, starting to massage it, then with the other hand you see that she moves her hair behind one ear, and then without putting the penis in her mouth she starts licking only the tip, you see the penis becoming very hard,you have never seen one so hard! the woman puts it in her mouth very slowly, massaging with her hand the man's balls, in the meantime you realize that while she is doing all this she is looking upwards, straight into the man's eyes, once she has put all the penis in her throat she starts to move her head up and down, but always looking the man in the eye, she continues to give the blowjob and you wonder how long it is lasting, then at some point you see the man who grabs the woman's head and presses it towards him, he probably will have come, see then the woman who swallows and with one hand cleans herself a little cum that was dripping from her mouth, then gets up and says "seen how I did it? even going slowly I always made his penis hard, always look the customer in the eyes, it excites them a lot, then when they want to come let them take the lead, and always remember to swallow their cum, they like it a lot too. now come on! try it yourself ". Then you try to aim the way in she kneel, then in front of the man's penis you start lick it a little, even if you don't know how to move your tongue well, and hear the woman say "lick it all around, from the bottom to the up, go under the skin too" try to perform the woman's orders at best, but it's not easy, it takes you some time to do it, finally you see the penis starting to get very hard, and then you decide to try to put it in your mouth, looking at the man in the eyes you start to put the tip in your mouth, slowly you stick it deeper and deeper,but at a certain point you realize that you can't put it in deeper, but still a good bit of penis is out of your mouth, you try to put a little more in it, but it gets to the entrance of your throat making you choking,you move away making it fall out, hearing the woman saying "I know they are long, try to make an effort, breathe and try to put it on until the end, I'll help you!"
You then decide to try again to put it on all the way, but at the same point as before you can't take it deeper, then you hear the woman say "take a deep breath, and resist a little" you take a deep breath and then you feel the woman, who put a hand on your hair pushing the head to the man , making you swallow the whole penis,you stay almost to suffocate when the woman releases her grip and so you get away your heand from the man,after catching your breath you hear the woman say "I apologize for pushing you, but it served to make you understand where the penis must go, by this evening you will have to be able to make it, now try again until you can" after a few hours finally you can put it all without suffocating, then you hear the woman say "now that you managed to put it all ,take it off, and start sucking it all the way down a few times, then let the man come", after you sucking it for a while , the man grabs you by the hair and presses your head towards him, coming into your throat, you try to swallow all the cum, but a little ends up on the floor, so you hear the woman say "there is still work to be done, but for now okay, now make one to the other man too .
Obediently you kneel in front of the other man, and this time you commit yourself more, you suck it even better, and once he comes you can swallow even more cum, the woman compliments you by saying "nice job, now let's do another one and then let's go wash, that today there are guests for dinner ".
So you both kneel in front of a different man and give him a blowjob again, making him come at the same time, then you get up and you both go to the bathroom, where you wash and then you go to the woman's room, once inside her tells you "these customers are very important for the owner, wear this dress and get ready" the woman gives you a beautiful red dress with a black corset, this dress is a little more provocative than those you normally wear, the corset makes the your breasts show off, covering just above the nipple, while the skirt is semi-transparent, once you are dressed you see that the woman is wearing the same dress too, she says "the owner produces these clothes, and the customers of today they came to buy some for their wives, remember what I taught you yesterday and now we reach the master down in the living room ".
you then go down the stairs and reach the master, who is at the entrance of the hall, talking to some men, seeing the master arrive, says "here my women have arrived !, these are my important customers, they will stop here to sleep for this night, it will be your duty to keep him company for this night, now let's sit down to eat "then you all sit down at the table and start having dinner, while you eat you often hear the two customers talking to the owner of you two, then when the old man finishes having dinner she says "now we can move into the living room, where we could talk about business, everyone gets up and goes to a large beautiful living room, with a very refined fireplace and three beautiful sofas, placed around a table, with glasses and wine on it, the master sits on a sofa while the other two men both sit on a different sofa, then you hear one of the old man's customers saying "beautiful woman, sit here next to me, keep me some company" you sit on the sofa next to the man,while the woman sits with the other client,the men start talking about fabrics, clothes and prices, negotiate the prices for a few hours, until the old man says, "now that we have finished bargaining, I think it is time to retire to our rooms, I have prepared for you two guest rooms, the women will accompany you "so you all get up and the master goes to his rooms while you women accompany the men each to a different room, while you are leaving the room the man inside says"stay here a while please , I want to know you better ".
so then you stop in the man's room, then after closing the door he says "I'm a jeweler, I saw that you have a beautiful body, please take off your dress, I want to admire it better" then you undo your dress, letting it fall on the ground, the man approaching you says "you would be a perfect model for my jewelry! tomorrow I have to ask the old man to let you come to my shop to pose as a model!"you notice that the man's penis is getting hard, you approach him and kneel down, placing a hand on his penis, he looks at you saying "I can't have sex with other women, I'm married now...but I don't think its a problem ifyou make me relax a little, my wife has been getting so heavy in the last few days " then you looking him in the eyes untie his pants and start massaging his balls, then you start to lick only the tip of his penis, inserting your tongue also under the skin, making his penis very hard, finally you start sucking it all to the bottom, making the man gasp, then after a few minutes he comes to your mouth, you swallow all of it,and you get up looking at him always in the eyes, while you get up he says "nobody gives me had never given a blowjob like this! please sleep with me tonight! ".
so the man goes to the bed and after stripping, he puts himself under the covers saying "you come under the covers too, let's lie down for a while". Then you decide to please the man, lying down under the covers with him, the man begins to talk to you about his life and his problems, then after a while he falls asleep and you go to sleep also in bed with him, you sleep for a few hours but then you wake up feeling something moving between your legs, it is the hand of the man, who is massaging your vagina while with the other hand he begins to touch your boob, you don't move, you stand still as if you were still sleeping, the man continues to touch you, when at a certain point he sticks two fingers inside your vagina, starting to masturbate you, you don't react, according to the man you are still sleeping, but you must be able to keep yourself from not make noise, or the man will notice that you are awake.The man continues to masturbate you for a while, until you feel his penis become hard, press against your ass, the man then pulls his hand away from your vagina and you hear in a very low voice "damn! i have to be careful or the woman wakes up! i'm exciting a lot, I want to have sex with her! " then you decide without turning to him to take his penis with one hand, and put it in your vagina, but the man says "I thought you were still sleeping! Excuse me! I didn't want to force you to do it" but you don't say anything, however, you start to move your hips starting to have sex with the man, the man comes inside you after a while, then says "my wife will never have to know what happened tonight!" you nod, and then you both go back to sleep, the morning comes and you wake up feeling the man getting ready to leave, you get dressed too and accompany him to the lounge, where the owner is already with the other customer, the owner says "good morning! your coach is already ready, when you want to do business don't hesitate to send me a message" the other customer thanks and goes to the entrance, but you see the man who slept with you who approaches the old man and says "I am I was amazed by the beauty of the body of the woman who kept me company last enening, please let her come to my house for a few days to be a model for my jewels! I am willing to pay for what you need! " but the old man she says "for now she can,t, she must finish her training as a courtesan, in five days she will be ready, then she will can come" the customer thanks the owner and says to you "in 6 days I will be here, I can't wait to see you again".


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