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  1. After lying on the straw bed, you fall asleep, you sleep all night, morning comes and after you have all lined up and eaten your ration of soup, you are brought along with the other women to be washed,once arrived in the bathrooms as usual you are washed by the usual dunmer, who once reached with the sponge your anus tells you "every day you come here your ass is more and more open! continuing so soon we can use it as an object holder!" also this time you shut up, without answering, the man finishes washing you and then you go to the other girls, to be brought back to the room, but you see a guard who approaches you, and says "today come with me, someone asked for your presence "said that the guard puts a hood on your head and grabs you by the arm, starting to pull you somewhere, without resisting you follow her, after walking for a while, the guard stops, and takes your hood off and says "today you will serve rich customers, satisfy them maybe you will be rewarded, now get dressed and follow me" Behind the door you see a wardrobe, once opened inside you see several skimpy clothes. the guard tells you "fast, choose one and get dressed,move!" from inside the wardrobe you take a dress similar to those of the women who serve at the tables in the inns, but with a much shorter skirt, which leaves your private parts exposed, with that dress you also find a pair of thongs, you put one of them on immediately, who barely covers your vagina, once you put your clothes on, you realize that he barely covers your breast, probably as soon as you bend a tit he will jump out, but at least you will no longer have to walk naked once you are ready the guard also gives you a pair of thigh high boots with a high heel, once worn you get up and the guard says "now enter this room and don't try to do stupid things, we always see you" That said the guard opens a door behind him and lets you in, there is a corridor with another door at the end, you walk towards it every now and then you lose your balance because of high heels, once inside the door, you are in a room with four men, two of them you recognize them immediately, they are the ones who fucked you on the pillory, the other two are also dunmer, one of them in a gorgeous dress,says to you "I am the owner of this brothel, my two friends told me that you have a beautiful body and that you can do it with this job, satisfy us four and I will consider giving you a promotion ". In the middle of the room there is a round carpet, where the owner makes you kneel, once on your knees you are surrounded by the four men, who drop all their pants, pulling out their penises, the owner approaches you and puts his penis in your mouth,one of them lies under you and sticks his penis in your vagina, while the third kneeling behind you starts to fuck you in the ass, the fourth man says, "this whore has no more holes! what am I doing now?" with one of your hands you grab his penis and start to saw it, after having fucked you well the four men come, and the owner says "it's time to change positions, this time the anus is mine!" and then all four of them start fucking you again, changing holes every time. Several hours have passed, and every one of the four men has fucked you at least once in each hole, you are literally exhausted, but you hear the owner say "impressive, you made us all come several times! guard! take this whore to her new room" a guard approaches you and lifts you up, and after putting your hood back on, start walking.After a while the guard stops,take your hood off and thrown you on a bed, the guard says "this will be your room, from tomorrow things will change, now sleep!"then the guard leaves the room and closes you inside.
  2. Once again you are in the same room as the other days, after a short time you hear the door open, from which you see enter the first day dunmer, the one that smelled like alcohol.As soon he entered he says "last time i was kind, today i want a complete service, for now starts with a good blowjob". Saying this you see him lower his trousers making his already hard penis jump out, now you already know what you have to do, you get closer to him and start doing your duty, sucking his dick, you start to get a little excited, maybe all these days of forced sex are changing you!You make him cum without too many problems, cuming he fills your mouth with his warm seed, obliging you to swallow all of it,after that he pulls his penis out of your mouth and says "I filled your first hole, now two are missing, bend over and open your legs, but first let me see what's inside my trunk ", behind you see the drunk man open the trunk and take out a bag, he says "inside this bag there are gifts for you, now you can bend and open your legs". Once you posed,you see the man pulling out of the bag a kind of small sphere with laces attached to the ends. he takes the ball and pushes it in your mouth by tying the laces behind your neck, making you unable to speak or scream, after having tied it well, you see that from the bag he pulls out another thing,about half an arm long whit a shape similar to a penis with at one of its ends a lace, the man with the object in his hand says "I wonder if it will enter all in your anus, or if I will have to push it a bit". But don't worry, inside the bag there is something good to help you " ,from inside the sack you see him pulling out a bottle with green liquid inside, which pours it over your anus,saying "with this lubricant everything should go in without problems".After saying this, the man picks up the long object, and from the side without the lace he starts to push it inside your anus, but thanks to the liquid poured before about half of the object enters easily, you start to feel discomfort only for the last part, it seems incremental but inside your anus there is an object as long as half an arm.------------------------------ the man amazed say "you never cease to amaze you, you are the only one that my toy entered without problems, with the other girls it was much more difficult , they never stopped wiggling! but now get ready to receive my dick another time "the dunmer puts his penis in your vagina and starts fucking you, pulling you every now and again, making you bend your back, making you feel the object in your anus bump against your inside. After fucking you for a while the man finally comes inside your vagina, filling it all with his semen, pulling out his penis he spills some cum,exhausted you fall to the ground, trying to catch your breath, lying on the ground you see the dunmer grab his pants, once dressed, you hear that he says "now I'm taking that thing out of your mouth,don't bite me huh!" The man bends and easily unties the ball tied to your neck, making it fall to the ground, then he takes it and puts it back in the bag,you see him get up and grab the lace dangling out of your ass, starting to pull, and a little little by letting the object come out from inside your anus, making your back stiffen due to the effort, luckily it manages to pull it off without problems, but leaving you with a decidedly enlarged anus, after today you will no longer have problems getting it in the ass! After putting everything back in the bag the dunmer spanks you and goes to the door, near the exit he says "it's always nice to play with you I hope to find you again next time" once he get out you hear that the dunmer tells to the guard "i guess the whore won't be able to walk for a while" Still lying on the ground you see a couple of guards enter the room, one of them lifts you by the shoulders and the other grabs you by the legs, and then carries you back to the cell, while one of them makes you drink another bowl of soup, which soothes you a little both pains and tiredness, after they throw you in the straw bed and one of them says "sleep! tomorrow you will have a special job!".
  3. hello Tirloque, I am happy that for now you like my work, I am very sorry for the defects that you have found, now I will pay much more attention in publishing the chapters, it is the first story I write, and I realize I still have a lot to learn, I hope you will continue to follow my stories, thank you very much
  4. In the cell there are fewer people than usual, many of them still have to be busy, taking advantage of the calm you lie down on the straw bed, a little rest can certainly not hurt,you get sleep quickly. After some time you suddenly open the eyes, you are gagged! you realize that above you there is the guard, with his penis in one hand, whith the other he is blocking both your arms, he says "I told you I would punish you! here is your big punishment!" he crushes you and stabs his penis in your anus, starting to bang you violently, you try to scream, but the gag prevents you from making even a single sound!The guard rapes you for a while, until it come in your ass, once finished he gets up and throws you a spank on the ass exclaiming "really a nice hole, too bad it's so wide!" then he gets up and leaves the cell, leaving you without strength, exhausted and with painful anus you collapse from tiredness, the next morning you wake up and you line up with the other prisoners, then you are given the usual green soup, which you drink it all in one sip, and that at least raises you up a little, then the usual dunmer arrives who takes you women to the shared bathrooms, where they start to wash you, but when the dunmer makes to wash your anus all the cum of the guard starts to come out, making the dunmer laugh, saying "someone filled you well yesterday!" , you don't answer, he finishes washing you and all of the women are led to the various rooms
  5. The room is the same as yesterday, after sitting on the bed you hear the door open,seeing a dunmer man enter accompanied by one of the girls brought to the prison in your same cage, behind them you see the same guard of yesterday, who after entering locks the door, then heard the dunmer say to you "now i want you to start masturbating each other, I want to see some girl action! " you look at the other girl and say "better to start, I don't want to fail because of you" trying to get closer to her,she starts to get away from you, making the guard nervous, who grabs her by the hair and pushes her on the bed, exclaiming to you "start!before I get tired and send you both back to the chaurus!". In front of you there is a poor girl immobilized by the dunmer, you really don't want to go back to the chaurus, it doesn't matter even if you have to take advantage of a girl, you start kissing her, and in the meantime with one hand you start to masturbate her, and with the other the palpate her breast,in the meantime you see the dunmer who starts to jerk in front of you, you start to insist more and more with the girl, until she comes, she screams and,for the first time you notice that on the hand with which you masturbated her there is some blood, it was the first time that girl was fucked in the vagina, and it was you deflowering her, while a dunmer sawing herself looking at you. Looking towards the dunmer you realize that he is still sawing himself, with one hand he grabs your head and puts his penis in your mouth, coming into your throat, after having pulled your penis out of your throat you feel he says to the guard "I'm done with she, take her away, now I want to have some fun with the other girl" the guard comes up to you and says "get up, and follow me, that's enough for today" obediently you follow the guard and going out of the door you see the dunmer who is trying to fuck the other girl, hearing the guard saying "move! o I punish you! " you turn your head and start to follow the guard who brings you back to the cell
  6. Once they have finished washing you and the other girl are led along a corridor, where each girl is conducted in a different room, once inside your room you hear the door locking, taking advantage of the calm you look around in the room for a while, not and very large place, thanks to torches the whole room is well illuminated, in a corner you see a straw bed, behind you find a wooden trunk,on the other side you see a curtain, while you approach it you feel that someone is turning the key in the lock of the door, making you turn suddenly, from the door you see a dunmer coming in, while he approaches you you feel a strong smell of alcohol coming from him , step back but you find yourself back against the wall, the dunmer exclaims "today there is a new whore, it was time! the one before had lost the desire to rebel, today I will have fun with you" as soon as he finish talking he starts to palpate your breast , at first you try to get it off, but then the words of the dunmer come back to you, the last thing you want is to return to get pregnant by the chaurus. With the other hand the man begins to touch your vagina, inserting inside his fingers, making you emit a groan of pain, he star to masturbate you, once you have come, he says "it's time for the meal, kneel and open the mouth "obedient, you do what he told to do, the man drops his pants and you see his penis already become hard, he says" start sucking whore, satisfy me and for today I will be good with you ". You start sucking his penis, it is definitely bigger than the others, better try to satisfy it with this blowjob,the last thing you want is for nothing else to enter your vagina after spending all that time at the mercy of the chaurus. You put all your effort into sucking the dunmer's penis, making him come after a short time, once he comes, he tells you to swallow all his seed, as a good whore obey and thank for the meal, the dunmer looks towards you and she says "you were good, really a great blowjob, I will ask for you next time" and then put on his pants and leave the room,when he comes out you hear the door being locked again, taking advantage of the calm you get up and sit on the bed, to catch your breath, after a short time, you hear the door open again---, this time you see two dunmer enter, they seem like miners, behind them you see an armed guard who, approching you, exclaims "get up! it's time for a special service, follow me!" the guard begins to walk towards the tent at the end of the room, taking it and moving it, behind the tent you see another larger room, in which several tools are positioned, you see some yoke, a pillory, an x cross and a wooden horse. You start to be scared when you hear one of the two dunmer say to the guard "today we want the pillory, tie the whore on it",the guard approaches you and grabs you by the arm, making you approach the pillory exclaiming "kneel and put yourself in the pillory, better if you move, I don't have all day" terrorized you kneel and position yourself, with a rapid movement the guard blocks the your hands and your neck in the pillory, all of this will be less terrible than being impregnated by a churus. after making sure that the pillory is properly closed, the guard goes towards the exit of the room, locking the door, you only see a dunmer in front of you, the second must be behind you, behind your back you hear the sound of clothes fallen on the ground , and then a voice say "better plug her mouth, they get annoying when they start screaming",in front of you see the first dunmer lowering his pants and pulling out his already hard penis, that after taking you by the hair he slaps his penis in your mouth starting to move it in and out of your throat, while it makes you suck,you hear the other dunmer say "now it's my turn! it will hurt a little! but don't worry, after a while it will start to like you" suddenly you feel his penis being pushed by force inside your ass, you try to scream in pain, but because of the penis in your throat no scream comes out,the two elves spend some time fucking you, occasionally they switch positions. You are defenseless with two elves who are filling every your hole with their cum, after coming several times the two elves call the guard, saying that they have finished, and then get dressed and leave the room, the guard opens the pillory and lifts you up, you are too exhausted to react, and with difficulty you stand up, the guard begins to drag you along the corridor until you return to the cell, where he throws you over a straw bed, your eyes close with fatigue, making you fall asleep immediately, after having slept for a few hours you are suddenly awakened by the scream of a guard,who is telling you to stand in line, still exhausted and staggering you stand next to the other prisoners, once all in line a guard passes by each of you and gives you a bowl with some strange green soup inside, saying "for the new girls, this is your meal, eat! " once handed over the soup to all the prisoniers,the guard leaves the cell and goes away. Hungry and thirsty you drink the soup all in one sip, it has a bitter taste, but after having drunk it, you feel the strength go back,after a while you see the dunmer who orders all the women to follow him,again take all of you to the common bathroom, where they wash you again and then come again led each one of the women into the various rooms, who knows what terrible thing will happen to you today
  7. CHAPTER 3--You spend some time being raped and then lay chaurus eggs several times, now you are getting used to it, but one day after laying eggs you see some falmers approaching you and some other girls, untiing you and then throwing yourself in a cage on a cart, which is dragged by some chaurus, after having loaded all of you, put a sheet over the cart as if they didn't want to show where they are taking you, after a while the cart stops and you see the door of the cage open, outside you see a dunmer, who tells you to go down, obediently you all go down, you realize you are in a prison, like those of a castle, but with a single large cell, where inside you see other humans, both male and females, once you get off the cart they have you all lined up to put on your neck a collar of a material very similar to the armor of the chaurus. After that, both the dunmer and the falmers leave the prison, leaving you with the other prisoners. You separate from the group of girls and start walking around the prison, trying to talk to someone, maybe they will know why they brought you here, even if no one seems to want to talk, only after trying to insist a male argonian says with tone annoyed "stop bothering us, if if you are so curious to know why you are here don't worry, they have come to get you now, enjoy!" At that moment he heard the cell door open, a dunmer and two falmers entered, the dunmer exclaims "the newly arrived girls come here, and you don't resist, so it will be easier" once you have all approached, they make you put again all lined up, after which the dunmer says "now we will take you to a shared bathroom, where you will be washed!"following the group you arrive in this bathroom, where there are some male dunmer, who approach you and begin to rub your body with sponges, and then move on to your intimate areas, washing your vagina and your anus, in the while you hear the dunmer who brought you here that says "you have to be cleaned to satisfy customers, we do not admit a failure, if this happens you will go back to being a container for chaurus eggs.
  8. You try in every way to free yourself from the Falmers grip, but nothing, they are too strong, and the effect of paralyzing magic still has to end completely.unable to do anything, your body is pushed back against the wall, one of the falmers ties your arms to hooks attached to the wall, and then goes away together with the other flamers, you are now alone, you do not have time to try to move that immediately you see a chaurus approaching, you try to chase it away with your feet, but you can't even move it, it starts to climb on you clinging with the paws to the wall, with its pincers clings your head obliging you to open your mouth in which it starts to pour a strange liquid forcing you to swallow it so as not to suffocate, you clearly feel the liquid coming down your throat, suddenly you feel that the chaurus is forcing its penis in your vagina, after pushing a little it makes it enter without problems, and then start rape you,after some time the chaurus comes, filling your womb with its seed, making some of it come out of your vagina, after which the creature get off from your body and disappears into the darkness. After all that happened you collapse exhausted. As soon as you have reopened your eyes you feel something strange to your body, still a little numb you notice that your belly has grown, the chaurus must have impregnated you! Over time your belly grows more and more, every now and then you feel that something is moving inside, after a few days the movements become more intense, until you feel that something is pressing to get out of your anus, in that moment a falmer arrives in front of you and begins to press your belly, doing this you see chaurus eggs starting to come out of your hole, you are really giving birth to chaurus eggs !! You have given birth to several eggs, the falmer collects them and goes away, you finally have some time to recover from the effort, but unfortunately after a short time you already see another chaurus approaching, which, like the one before, goes up on you and begins to rape you, putting you pregnant once again.
  9. You are the dragonborn,the hero of skyrim, the other day you received a request to disinfest Shimmermist Cave from some falmer, nothing difficult, after preparing you go to the cave, once you enter, immediately with a couple of blows you already kill some chaurus , weak as usual, you decide to go deeper, noticing significantly more chaurus eggs than usual, killing both falmer and chaurus, you finally arrive at the end of the cave, where you notice a treasure chest full of treasures, you start trying to put as many treasures as possible in your backpack, when suddenly you hear the sound of footsteps behind you, probably some enemy has escaped you before, you see a couple of falmers and some chaurus arrive, without problems you kill them almost all, there is only one falmer left, note that his skin is a darker color, almost black, try to hit him with the sword, but easily avoid your attack, making you unbalance and fall to the ground, quickly try to get up, but in this the moment you see that the falmer is casting a spell, which immediately casts in your direction, the spell hits you, paralyzing your whole body,taking advantage of your paralysis, the falmer binds you hands and feet together making it impossible to move. After he puts a sack on your head,making it impossible to see. You feel that the falmer is carrying you somewhere,you try to move,but the paralysis spell is still active,you can't do anything,after a while you are transported, you realize that the falmer has stopped, starts communicating with someone else, after that you hear a door open, then the falmer starts walking again, for a while longer, and then throw you on the ground, you feel the floor cold and sticky, as if it were covered with slime,after a few minutes,you feel that someone is untying you and then take the sack off your head,it's the falmer that tied you earlier,after looking around you realize that you are still underground, but in a much larger cave, it is quite dark, in the distance you can see silhouettes moving, but you cannot understand what is going on there.suddenly you feel that something has grabbed you by both arms, lifting you up to make you stand,after that, the falmer that was in front of you begins to tear away pieces of your armor, you struggle wriggling to flee but the grasp is too strong, now you are completely without armor, naked and immobilized in front of the falmer, who sticks a finger inside your vagina,then start moving it up and down until you start getting wet.After that they begin to drag you, towards the darker part of the room, getting closer you start to better distinguish what is happening in the room, there are several women tied to the walls, some are being raped by chaurus, others have a swollen stomach , as if they were pregnant, at the foot of one of them you see some churus eggs...you start to be very afraid, you know that if you don't do something, all this will happen to you too.
  10. I wrote a story about the adult adventures of the dragonborn, I would like to publish it, but I don't know under which forum to publish it, can you tell me please? thanks
  11. How i can resolve this?i need ti reinstall MNC?
  12. ScreenShot17.bmpsomething strange happened to all the penises of creatures, do you know how to fix it?
  13. I had a problem with the quest "dampened spirits", the quest does not start, reading in the various sites I noticed that it is a bug encountered by many, unfortunately even using the command consoles I can get it started, I was forced to skip te entire quest and move on to the next quest of the guild, the problem is that having skipped dampened spirits quest does not enable the dialogue with VEX to become the guild cumdump, is there any way to activate this status through consoles command? or to make the dialogue appear to become the cumdump?
  14. ok,in some way i pass this scene,but now i have another problem,the Walkthrough say i need to wait a few days after his trial,i see him walking across the mai hall,sometimes he sit down an sometimes he give me son coin for his win in the arena,but i dont see any dialog to continue the side quest,anybody know how to proced? i missing something?
  15. I found a strange problem, in the arena of the skunkway, the various fighters, once the fight started, turn and run towards the entrance, and after a few seconds they go through the bars and the fight stops, in this way also ends the fight between the guard and the executeners, it is as if once inside the arena they did not generate threats and if the fight stops, is there a way to solve the problem?
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