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CHAPTER 12-New house



When morning comes, once you hear a knock, you are already posing for the inspection, but as soon as the dunmer enters, he says "this will be the last time that I will inspect you, yesterday's old customer insisted to buy you to go and serve him at his house ".quickly the dunmer inspects you and then says" dress and follow me, but put this on your head, we can't show you the way to his house "then he gives you a hood and you put it on, after walking a bit you are picked up to something, it must be a carriage, once you start moving you still feel you are indoors, as if you were inside a tunnel, after a while you are helped to get off and you are led somewhere, then your hood is removed and you you realize that you are already in a hall of a beautiful manor, in front of you you see the old man and next to him a beautiful woman, the old man tells you "from today she will take care of educating you and making you become a perfect courtesan ,Now I leave you women alone, good lessons "after the man has gone away the woman says" feeling your smell, even before starting with the lessons you need a good wash, come with me to my rooms, my servants will put you back fit "follow the woman up a marble staircase, until you get to a corridor full of paintings of elegant women, you and the woman enter in a bathroom, where there is a beautiful tub, helpers take off your clothes and make you a bath washing and cutting your hair, once they are done washing you the beautiful woman gives you a beautifully made dress, helps you put it on and gives you elegant shoes,necklaces and bracelets saying "now you starts to look like a courtesan, for today I will accompany you to your rooms and leave you the free day, tomorrow we will start with the lessons ".
Then the woman accompanies you to a room at the end of the corridor, once both inside she says "this will be your room from now on, for now rest a little, in a few hours they will come to call you for the dinner, see you later "then the womanleave and closes the door.
Your new room is much better than the one where you were before arriving here, in the room there is a nice bed, covered with well-made sheets, on the wall there is a fireplace with a table in front of it with two chairs, next to the fireplace there are wardrobes, with different types of clothes inside, then behind a curtain you see a tub full of clean water, and next to it some towels and some sponges, you decide to sit in front of the fireplace, above the table you will find the two books gifted by the old man, and so you decide to keep reading them, after a while you hear a knock on the door and a voice says "dinner is ready, please follow me" you leave the room and follow a servant who brings you up to a large hall, where in the center there is a table with a lot of food on it. at the head of the table sits the old man, next to him the beautiful woman,on the other side you recognize one of the two men who put their penis in your ass simultaneously,approaching the table the elder says "please sit with us and eat,it must have been difficult for you, but don't worry, you will live here, and you will never come back to any chaurus".While you sit you see that the other man is looking at you with contempt, but you ignore it and sit down to eat, once the dinner is over, the servants clear the table, and the old man turns to you saying "tell me your story, as did a beautiful woman like you ended up in that brothel ? " you tell him everything, about how you were used to give birth to chaurus and how you were fucked in every hole, after talking for a while, the old man thanks you and retires to his rooms, once the old man leaves,you hear the other man tell you "I don't care if my father likes you, I will never allow two whores to eat at our same table, once the old man is dead I will make you pay"
then you see the woman saying, "the time has come for us women to come back to our room, good night sir" she gets up and beckons you to follow her, you get up and follow her, greeting the man with a small ich.
Once you arrive in your room the woman says "he is the son of the lord, he thinks that women are only objects for pleasure, for this reason he is always in conflict with his father, who admires every aspect of women, not only the sex.that's enough for today, goodnight".
the morning comes, and you are awakened by a knock on the door, as every morning you get up and stand in front of the bed, spreading your legs, but through the door you see a servant enter ... who embarrassed says to you "please follow me, I take you to the room to start with the lessons "you follow them and you are taken to a large room, where in the center you see the woman approaching you and saying" today you will learn how to walk like a classy courtesan, start walking on this line and show me what you can do "you land you see a white line painted on the ground, and you start walking on it, but even after two steps the woman stops you saying" no no no, we are not really there, you have to walk in a more sensual way, move your hips more, walk in a composed way, one foot in front of the other! only your walk must make men excited! walking like you remember only a horker out of the water! ".
you spend all day learning now to walk in a more sensual way, and finally in the evening, you can walk properly, obtaining the approval of the woman, at a certain point you hear a servant knocking saying "dinner is ready, please , reach the master ".
You and the woman set off to reach the dinner hall, once you enter in the room and reach the table the old man says "I see you are walking very well now, good!" you two women sit down and start eating, once the dinner is over the old man says "tomorrow we will have customers at dinner, I expect you two to keep him company, and having said that also for this evening I take my leave, goodnight" and so the old man gets up and goes back to his rooms, after a short time the son also gets up and leaves, you two women also go back to your rooms, and after accompanying you to your room the woman says "tomorrow will be more demanding than today, sleep well, goodnight ".


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