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CHAPTER 14-Second day!Bomb the vagina!



Then both customers leave the house, once greeted the woman says to you "come with me, even today you have a lesson, let's go to the usual room".
so you women head to the room, where again you find the two redguards standing next to two beds, once you enter the woman says "today you will learn how to achieve maximum pleasure for customers using only your vagina" then turning towards the two men says "we can start, lie down on the beds" the two men each lie on a different bed, then the woman says "now look how I do it, then you will try to do it too" the woman after undressing sits on and rests her vagina on the man's penis, without inserting it inside, but starting to move the pelvis, making the penis and the vagina rub together, then she says "it is not very elegant to immediately slap the penis inside you, first get it excited with these tricks, then once you see that he can't take it anymore then you can put it inside "you see that the man's penis becomes very hard, and then the woman gets on her knees and slips the penis inside her vagina,and for the first once there you hear moaning ,turning to you and she says "I always forget how long the penis of this servant is, it's always a pleasure to take it all!"
You see the woman then bend her back and lay her breast over the man's chest, starting to move only the pelvis, see that she makes the penis come out and back inside her vagina several times, every time you see the man who is always excited to more, until at a certain point he takes the woman by the buttocks and pulls her towards him coming into her vagina, with breath the woman rises and turning towards you and she says "you saw how I did it, I recommend you, there want some practice, but you have to learn to put the penis inside the vagina without using your hands, now try it yourself! ".
then you decide to try to sit on top of the man and you start to rub your vagina against the man's penis, which becomes easily hard, you are amazed at how you just need to rub to get so excited, then you hear the woman say "come on! now put it in, for now help yourself with your hand "then by opening your hole a little with your hand you insert the man's penis inside your vagina, his penis is really big, maybe even more than that of the chaurus! you hear the woman say "I know it's big but make an effort and put it all the way in" then you let yourself go and let the penis slide all the way into your vagina ending up bumping into your womb, making you jump, but you try to hold you back, it will be even wider than that of a chaurus, but it will never be as long as they do, it seemed to you that they wanted to pierce your stomach, starting to move your pelvis you get a lot excited, you try to hold back as much as possible, but after resting your breast on the man you start to moan, but you keep moving anyway, so after a while the man finally comes inside you, without pulling out the penis from inside your vagina you lift the back and look at the woman who tells you "not bad, hold the moan and it will be perfect, now try again!" you spend several hours trying and trying again to have sex with the man but always because of the excitement from you some moan escapes, after a few more hours you can hold back and make come man without that you emit no moan,you start feeling very tired, when luckily you hear the servant knock on the door and tell you that dinner is ready, getting up from the man a little of his cum comes out of your vagina making the woman say "after dinner it's better if you go to wash it, it is not elegant to see these things, now get dressed and let's go to eat "you get dressed and you two go to have dinner, the master and his son are already sitting at the table, dinner passes quickly, and when the master goes to his rooms, you two women also get up and go back to your rooms, walking you still feel some cum coming out and you decide to tell the woman to accompany you to the bathrooms, you arrive and start to undress, noting that now your panties are full of cum, the woman says "quiet, in your room you have as many as you want, throw those too" then you undress and crouch on a bucket with water inside and with both hands you widen your vagina, thus making all the cum easily come out a, turning around you see that the woman also undressed, and crouches behind you saying "today was a heavy day for you, let me help you relax" the woman then starts to massage your back making you relax all your muscles and then say "now I'll teach you something, take it as a special evening lesson!"
so the woman kneels in front of you and starts kissing you, she moves her tongue in fantastic ways, you feel the energy lacking again, you wonder how it is possible that only the kiss of another woman can excite you so much, but just when you are reaching the maximum excitement the woman gets up and says "you saw how much it was enough to get you excited so much, every time you say goodbye to a customer kis he in this way, so even if he will be very tired next time he will ask the owner again about you, to that's enough today, dry yourself and go to bed. "
both of you dry yourself and go to yours rooms, once you throw yourself in bed you can't stop thinking about that kiss, no man had ever kissed you like that, then immersed in your thoughts you fall asleep.


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