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CHAPTER 11- Good old man



the morning comes and as usual you are woken by the knock on your door from which you see the usual dunmer enter, here to inspect your hole, after checking that everything is alright he says "I knew that you are becoming a really good whore, nice job! today a rich client asked for your presence at his party ", then the dunmer gives you a package with a long, high-looking dress inside, saying" put this dress on, the customer you are going to serve is very influential on this place, your task will be to serve him in any way, do this work well and you will be rewarded, fail and you will return to the chaurus, never forget it ".
Once you put on the dress, the dunmer fixes it, tightening the laces of the corset, which raises your breast, the man also gives you another pair of boots, of finer workmanship, once they are also worn, the dunemr tells you to follow him, once you arrive at the inn, go up the stairs behind a door and arrive in a very well-kept room, with tables with a lot of food on it, after a short time you hear that someone else is going up the stairs, you see going up an old man with fine clothes, behind him other people always well dressed, once all in the room the dunmer says to the old man "it is always an honor to have her here, here is the woman I promised you, now I leave you at your party , if there are any problems don't hesitate to call me "then the dunmer leaves the room.
the old man comes up to you and says "you have a beautiful body, my son was right to want to ask you", then all the guests sit at the table, starting to eat, at a certain point the elder turns to you saying "please, pour more wine" you with all the gallantry you know take a bottle of good wine from a shelf and carefully pour it first to the old man, then the rest of the guests. pass the rest of the evening as a waitress, once everyone has finished eating the old man says "my dear guests thank you for coming today, please go downstairs and choose a woman, I'll pay for everyone today" once all the guests are gone the old man she says "come here girl, sit here near me, let's talk a little" take a chair and sit next to the old man, he starts talking, telling you about his wealth, when a little at a time he starts massaging your thigh, getting closer sometimes to your vagina, then at a certain point he says "good girl, you would be so good as to have a massage on the shoulders of a poor aching old man".
You get up and start massaging the old man's shoulders, after a while the old man rests his hand on your hand saying "you have massaged my shoulders enough for now, come to me and let me massage you a little" you stand in front of the old man and he lifts your skirt and puts a hand in your thong starting to massage your vagina, you immediately notice that the old man has more experience than the other people who have fucked you, only by massaging your vegina he is almost about to make you come, then as soon as the old man sticks a couple of fingers in you he makes you come immediately, making you fall sitting on the chair, the old man says "even if I'm getting old I don't lose strokes, women always melt when I touch them! " after a few minutes that you took a breath the old man tells you "the one before was just a taste, lie down on the table, and I will make you enjoy like no one has ever done" you after moving some dishes you lie on your back on the table, lifting your skirt and opening your legs in front of the old man, who after taking off your panties starts to lick your vagina, moving his tongue in extraordinary ways making you aroused a lot, at some point he leans on you and starts kissing you, while with some fingers start moving them inside your vagina making you come several times, you have never enjoyed so long during a foreplay, once the old man has stopped and got up, you see between his legs his hard penis pressing against his pants, he sees where you are looking and says "I know you would like it, but I don't give it to anyone, show me that you are a worthy woman and we will meet again" then he turns and goes down to the stairs, after a few minutes the inspector dunmer approaches
you and say "the customer was very satisfied with your service, you did a good job, I'll take you back to your room for today, rest "once you came down the stairs, crossing the inn you see a waitress running towards the dunmer and with a knife she tries to stab him screaming "I have nothing more to lose! I was a rich woman! now for your fault I have to get fucked by drunkards, die!", but she is immediately intercepted by two guards who immobilize her on the ground, tying her hands, then the dunmer nearby you kneels and says to the woman "you did a very stupid thing, it was better to get fucked by a couple of drunks than to get pregnant by insects,no? now you will go back there, and so you have lost your only chance to do a slightly more decent life "then the dunmer gets up and says to a guard, "undress her and bring her back to the breeding rooms" the guards pick her up and tear her clothes, then start dragging her down the hall, then the dunmer turns to you "you never happened to see what happens to those who do stupid things, which serve as a lesson "then the man accompanies you to your room and closes you inside, it is still too early to go to bed, and the food has yet to arrive, it is the first time you have any free time, in the end, however, you decide to lie down a little in bed, after a few hours you hear the door open, and you see a woman enter, who, without paying much attention, enters the room and places the usual soup on the table, a plate with some fruit and some sausages and a bag with a ticket attached to it, once the woman has left the room you get up and read the ticket on which it is written "I allowed myself to offer you something to eat and something to pass the your free time, from tomorrow you will need it .. .your favorite old man "first of all eat all that food, and for the first time in a long time you feel full stomach, then decide to see what's inside the bag, inside you will find a couple of books entitled "how to become a perfect courtesan part 1" and "how to become a perfect courtesan part 2" you start leafing both books, after sitting on the bed you start reading a little the first book, in the first chapter explain how to satisfy men without becoming vulgar, after reading a little you decide to go to sleep,better to sleep enough, probably tomorrow there will be some news.


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