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CHAPTER 7-Strange long object



Once again you are in the same room as the other days, after a short time you hear the door open, from which you see enter the first day dunmer, the one that smelled like alcohol.As soon he entered he says "last time i was kind, today i want a complete service, for now starts with a good blowjob".
Saying this  you see him lower his trousers making his already hard penis jump out, now you already know what you have to do, you get closer to him and start doing your duty, sucking his dick, you start to get a little excited, maybe all these days of forced sex are changing you!You make him cum without too many problems, cuming he fills your mouth with his warm seed, obliging you to swallow all of it,after that he pulls his penis out of your mouth and says "I filled your first hole, now two are missing, bend over and open your legs, but first let me see what's inside my trunk ", behind you see the drunk man open the trunk and take out a bag, he says "inside this bag there are gifts for you, now you can bend and open your legs".
Once you posed,you see the man pulling out of the bag a kind of small sphere with laces attached to the ends.
he takes the ball and pushes it in your mouth by tying the laces behind your neck, making you unable to speak or scream, after having tied it well, you see that from the bag he pulls out another thing,about half an arm long whit a shape similar to a penis with at one of its ends a lace, the man with the object in his hand says "I wonder if it will enter all in your anus, or if I will have to push it a bit".
But don't worry, inside the bag there is something good to help you " ,from inside the sack you see him pulling out a bottle with green liquid inside, which pours it over your anus,saying "with this lubricant everything should go in without problems".After saying this, the man picks up the long object, and from the side without the lace he starts to push it inside your anus, but thanks to the liquid poured before about half of the object enters easily, you start to feel discomfort only for the last part, it seems incremental but inside your anus there is an object as long as half an arm.------------------------------
the man amazed say "you never cease to amaze you, you are the only one that my toy entered without problems, with the other girls it was much more difficult , they never stopped wiggling! but now get ready to receive my dick another time "the dunmer puts his penis in your vagina and starts fucking you, pulling you every now and again, making you bend your back, making you feel the object in your anus bump against your inside.
After fucking you for a while the man finally comes inside your vagina, filling it all with his semen, pulling out his penis he spills some cum,exhausted you fall to the ground, trying to catch your breath, lying on the ground you see the dunmer grab his pants, once dressed, you hear that he says "now I'm taking that thing out of your mouth,don't bite me huh!"
The man bends and easily unties the ball tied to your neck, making it fall to the ground, then he takes it and puts it back in the bag,you see him get up and grab the lace dangling out of your ass, starting to pull, and a little little by letting the object come out from inside your anus, making your back stiffen due to the effort, luckily it manages to pull it off without problems, but leaving you with a decidedly enlarged anus, after today you will no longer have problems getting it in the ass!
After putting everything back in the bag the dunmer spanks you and goes to the door, near the exit he says "it's always nice to play with you I hope to find you again next time" once he get out you hear that the dunmer tells to the guard 
"i guess the whore won't be able to walk for a while"
Still lying on the ground you see a couple of guards enter the room, one of them lifts you by the shoulders and the other grabs you by the legs, and then carries you back to the cell, while one of them makes you drink another bowl of soup, which soothes you a little both pains and tiredness, after they throw you in the straw bed and one of them says "sleep! tomorrow you will have a special job!".


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